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Lost in translation....

A Junior In An Office Dialed His Boss Number By Mistake And Said  “Send Me A Coffee To My Desk In 2 Minutes” 

Boss Shouted: “Do You Know Who You Are Talking To?” 

Junior: “No” 

Boss: “I Am The Boss Of This Office” 

Junior In The Same Tone: “Do You Know Who You Are Talking To?” 

Boss: “No” 

Junior: “Thank God”  And Disconnected The Phone.

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Wife To Husband On The Phone, 

Wife: “Hey Baby, How Are You Doing?” 

Husband: “Listen, I Am Really Busy, Don’t Have Time To Talk At All” 

Wife: “Well Baby, I Have A Good News And Bad News For You.You Want To Hear Them?” 

Husband: “Just Tell Me The Good News, I Don’t Have Time For The Bad!” 

Wife: “Okay, Good News Is The Air Bags Of Our New BMW Work Absolutely Fine“

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I hate it when I see some old person walking down the street.



Then I realise I went to school with them.


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At a wedding in Queensland I whispered to a guy next to me... "Isn't the bride a right ugly dog"

"Do you mind. That's my daughter you're talking about"

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were her father''...



"I'm not . . . I'm her frickin mother.


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