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    • Here are the top features and changes that Microsoft is bringing to Windows 11
      Last month, Microsoft finally unveiled the much-anticipated Windows 11 update. The new update comes with an updated UI, performance, and productivity improvements. Microsoft has also released the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 which includes Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 among other things, but the latter can be bypassed for now.
      Windows 11 will look familiar to those who followed Windows 10X development closely before its untimely demise. When Microsoft ditched Windows 10X, the Redmond giant said that it plans to bring elements of Windows 10X to Windows 10. While we have already taken a look at the first Windows 11 Insider Build, this article will provide a deeper insight into top Windows 11 features.
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    • Microsoft unveils its "Cloud PC" service Windows 365
      Rumors about a new cloud-powered Windows by Microsoft circulated for quite some time. Microsoft put an end to the rumors with today's announcement of Windows 365 Cloud PC, a "hybrid personalized computing" experience.
      The core difference between regular versions of Windows and Windows 365 is that the latter is streamed from the cloud, in this case using Microsoft Azure. Personal settings, files, programs and content is streamed from the cloud to any device that supports Windows 365 Cloud-PC.
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    • Gmail update will go some way to eliminating phishing once and for all.

      Verified logos in Gmail will make it harder for scammers to impersonate brands

      The days of cybercriminals using spoofed logos and lookalike email addresses to trick unsuspecting users into falling for phishing scams could soon be over as Google is adding a new security feature to Gmail to make it harder to impersonate brands over email.
      While the search giant announced last year that it would begin its Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) pilot, in a new blog post the company has said that it will begin rolling out BIMI support in Gmail over the coming weeks.
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    • Hidden option brings cool 3D Parallax effect to Windows 11 lock screen
      New Windows 11 features are still being discovered, and the latest is a hold-over from Windows 10 Mobile.
      Windows hacker ADeltaX has discovered that Windows 11 will have a cool 3D parallax effect on the lock screen if your device has the right hardware.
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    • Windows 11 includes the DNS-over-HTTPS privacy feature - How to use Microsoft has added a privacy feature to Windows 11 called DNS-over-HTTPS, allowing users to perform encrypted DNS lookups to bypass censorship and Internet activity.
      When connecting to a website or other host on the Internet, your computer must first query a domain name system (DNS) server for the IP address that is associated with the hostname.
      DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) allows your computer to perform these DNS lookups over an encrypted HTTPS connection rather than through normal plain text DNS lookups, which ISPs and governments can snoop on.
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