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This topic is dedicated to all nsane related graphic design, its members, and their creativity.
This is the ' Designer's Corner '... for nsane.down and nsane.forums.
All related work can be posted/shared here.
This is open to everyone from Novice to Advanced.
Do not be afraid to share!

Accepted work:

  • Wallpapers
  • Banners
  • Avatars
  • Website Graphics
  • Ads and Buttons
  • Icons
  • Visual Styles
  • Themes
  • Program Skins
  • TrueTransparency Skins
  • Rainmeter Configs
  • Litestep Themes
  • Sidebar Gadgets
  • Videos
  • Mods
  • Resources
  • Stock Images
  • Templates
  • ...anything else you can come up with...

Reasons why this thread is good for you:

  • show off your skills...
  • show your creativity...
  • show your support...
  • finally put your software to good use...
  • share with your friends...
  • give nsane your own creative twist..
  • be a marketing specialist...
  • impress the neighbors...
  • bring peace and goodwill to mankind...
  • have fun...
  • be a fanatic! :w00t:




Questionable material may be moderated...
Submission Guidelines:
Use 800 x 500 size previews, for large images ( Preview as Attachment )
Smaller images can be placed as previews ( 500px wide or less )
Include short description
Sharecode links to questionable resources and material

* This post is being revised and updated 12.14.15

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@Katzenfreund They say 'good old times' for a reason!     We had those things too but now nobody has the time. There was even the snowstorming script around that time.

I offer you a simple wallpaper about our beloved space   dimension 1920 x 1200.     

The Windows 7 Collection,                                                                      

Contributors and Submissions



Click the Post(s) Name/Number under each name to see their work and download the submissions!











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  • Administrator

You're doing great. :D

I've hardly done anything good but I'll surely contribute a bit. I'll post a wallpaper that I made when I was very new on PS. Will post it after some touchup. :)

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I'm not going to lie guys, I have very good taste when it comes to creative designs especially with modern graphics and those signatures are very classy and look fantastic.

Good job on whoever came up with the designs and is another step in showing this internet world we have a strong group of talented and friendly forums members.

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:D :rolleyes: Thanks..! Just remember the previews posted above are lower quality JPG's...they actually have white backgrounds to show the shadow.. the ZIP files under them are the nice, high quality PNG's.. with transparency.. that will work on different color backgrounds..without being too bulky... most are only slightly larger... If I had better hosting with direct linking.. I would host those, having one link means they are cached and loaded from cache no matter how many people are using them.. so that means no slow down and fast serving.. ( but then you have the issues with having that many images on one page...overall size to download before loading the page.. )

Can't wait to see what others have to offer as well.. :thumbsup:

Edited by heath28m
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Thanks for +1! :thumbsup: nivrid05... Added an ' nsane.graphic.design ' icon/badge/emblem JPG to first post yesterday and did a redo this morning.. few small changes.. color shift, layout change, and a few effects... PSD and Original 667 x 462 PNG available.. Edited by heath28m
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Well, this question is really down to personal preference, skill, and resources. I mean I have seen some do more, with less simply because they have a better understanding of the tool they are using. My personal preference right now, is that of Adobe Master Collection Suite CS5. I also like Corel Draw Graphics Suite. Those are the two that come to mind first off. There are also quite a few OpenSource applications available, GIMP.. and many others.. so really, it can be any program. I created everything in Photoshop and Fireworks...but it can be in any program.. as long as the submission guidelines are followed... Host large items off-site ( for instance - large originals in a ZIP file with resources and instructions, if needed; while posting a preview optimized for web usage - wallpaper preview resized to maximum dimensions of 800 x 500 respectively - not to be specific but maximum for either number )... keep previews to a certain size.. and have a description.. Makes it better for a thread like this and still allows the page to be loaded quickly.. while still allowing people to see what they are getting..

But yeah.. anything you want to do.. complete autonomy in this area.. :thumbsup: Freedom of design, tools... You get the picture.. :D

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I made this with a little online help. the background looked familiar. It was a wallpaper that i had long ago and when i found it on that site i created a banner.


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