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Recently, from some time now, we have had to make some changes to the forums and how forums work, affecting the members and visitors of the forums.


All of this started with a malicious member trying to harm the users of the forums. Then, we had to remove some topics which violated the Guidelines of the forums. Which lead to some members spamming the forums after which, we had to make some changes in the ViP promotions. Something which has made our forum members unhappy and rightfully so, but we do have reasons behind it.


We would like the whole forums, it's members, it's visitors know that the forum is going through some really though time right now. For various reasons, we can't really tell you guys right now. All we can say that all the changes have one root of the problem, the problem that started with the malicious member creating an issue here - as the first link mentions above.


Everyone who's a part of this community, whether from years or from recently, knows that we have always tried our very best to make this the finest place on the internet. This aim of us has not changed. We know that things seem very unpleasant and uncertain at the moment and we know you're concerned. But please believe that we are trying very hard to make everything better for everyone. We hope that in time, we will be able to restore everything to normal. Meanwhile, we request patience and support from everyone here.

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