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Changes in ViP promotion


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It has come to our notice recently that some members are incorrectly thinking that becoming a ViP grants them some sort of extra ordinary right to the forums, something completely different from the common members, which I must mention, is completely incorrect. We at nsane.forums treat each member equally and whatever decisions we take, we take it for the benefit of whole community.


Because of the above thinking, some members are thinking that it's possible to spam the forums and become a ViP. Spamming the forums is against the basic principals of the forums which is to contribute to the community. This spamming will not be allowed.


Due to the above mentioned spam, we have decided to make changes to the ViP promotion method of our forums. From now on, no new members, no matter how much spam, will be promoted to the ViP rank automatically - it will be only be done through a manual method, that too if the staff feels the member is worth attaining the ViP rank. In addition to that, we are also considering demoting members who have or are going to reach the rank of ViP by just spamming.


This all is done for the better of the whole community and the forums.


Also, just an reminder to everyone:



Like on most online forums the use of the 'Like / Thanks' button is preferred over simply posting 'Thanks' or something similar. Making an excessive amount of posts which add little to nothing to a topic might result in a post count reduction.



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