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The staff of nsane.forums are making this important announcement to clarify on some matters.


It has been made aware to us, through many member notices about an issue on the forums. Recently, about a couple of days ago. A malicious member made an topic for a security software for a company called Sophos. In it, he posted links in which he claimed users could download a free copy of Sophos through them.


That member fooled users into downloading what is claimed to be a pirated copy of it - we cannot verify so, by claiming that it was a free copy of the software officially from Sophos themselves. Unaware to the users, that it was not an official copy and the files contained harmful badware such as ransomware in them.


We at nsane.forums want to make it clear. We do not allow people to post links to pirated versions of softwares and doing so is completely forbidden by our Guidelines:



Members are reminded to respect copyrights. As such, any links or posts containing illegal content are not permitted. This includes and is not limited to cracks, keygens, serials and "licensed" software materials.


Not only that, strict actions are taken and will be continued to be taken against members who break this rule.


Having said, the Guidelines also makes it pretty clear:



Posts made on the forum are the sole property of their respective poster. The nsane.forums staff cannot be held responsible for the actions of its user base.


Meaning, the actions thereby of that malicious member were of his own, we do not support nor condone pirating of any software by Sophos or Cylance or that or any other support groups of Sophos or Cylance nor do ever support spreading of any badware, ransomware or otherwise that this particular member tried to do so.


We at nsane.forums respect copyrights and try our best to keep the rights of original creators intact. At the same time, we also keep reminding everyone to buy the softwares they like. Because buying a software is the only way a software developer earns and can continue to make the product.


We also like to remind everyone that if they have any complains to the things posted on the forums, the staff will look into them and if there is any illegal in it, we will remove it. We respect and take action on every complaint, no matter small or big.


Another thing, because of the above. We also request whoever that was fooled into downloading those malicious files to completely remove them from their computers with immediate effect. In addition to that, run scans on their computers from multiple AVs and other softwares as such.


It is also worth mentioning that the said topic where this software of Sophos was posted was in violation of the above mentioned Guidelines and has now been completely removed by the staff. In addition to that, the member responsible to fooling the members into downloading into claimed free copy of the software filled with badware has now been banned.


We also request members do not download anything without checking especially if the member in question is new and only download official files from official trustable sources here. Failure to do so or failure to follow the Guidelines will not be the responsibility of the staff of nsane.forums.

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