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[Personal Giveaway] KTS 91 days code [PC | Mac | Android]


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I am opening this thread for sharing the legit Software licenses in the form of lucky Draws...

nSsaners feel free to conduct his/her legit Lucky Draws/ in this thread..

Open to all nsaners who are part of this forum...member(s) will be selected by lucky draw using Random.org ..and prize(s) will be given to him/her/them..

The no.of prize(s) and winner(s) would depend on the software for which the giveaway is held...

Please note that you are not compelled to participate/enter into the lucky draw..

Read the posts carefully...

Let's start....

(All the above Lucky Draws were Organized/Managed by NSFfan) :)

Note: - This thread is handed over to SlimRock by NSFfan (0p) upon his request to Staff!

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Member's name list for the lucky draw of IDM

  • Roger D
  • Bryan
  • slimrock
  • sirri
  • truemate
  • SceneDL
  • sanjoa
  • lyldz
  • loyal
  • speedy57
  • Lyon275
  • RobrPatty
  • geeteam
  • GreenMan
  • whoraclez
  • Mohamed atif
  • tezza
  • F3dupsk1Nup
  • nanoman
  • gren
  • DarkSlayer
  • shuma
  • Reyes
  • ramiz0
  • kedareshwar
  • cowboy5709
  • akbarri
  • shanijee
  • evan12
  • w9999
  • xanax
  • nIGHT
  • rusirucreat
  • hakah
  • kuls
  • rach
  • mushakis
  • fccard
  • ngbaoha
  • don2
  • 7boy
  • MasterZeus
  • webby
  • NexusG
  • Juhi
  • XorRanger
  • akshay
  • n0_risk!
  • kakuro
  • vitorio
  • Diego T.
  • donkey-girl
  • rcn29
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Please note that some nsane members have replied earlier in other thread..so if your name is not in the lucky draw list for IDM...then please reply to the question..

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The first giveaway is for IDM(Internet Download Manager)...

One lucky member of nsaneforums will receive a genuine license for IDM(Internet Download Manager) on Jan 1,2014...

To enter into the lucky draw...please answer this following question..

The winner will be chosen randomly...using http://www.random.org/lists/

  1. Which feature of IDM do you like the most?

Please count me in!

I like IDM just because its the fastest downloader available(to my knowledge)

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"Internet Download Manager can accelerate downloads by up to 5 times due to its intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance."

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The feature I like most about Internet Download Manager that it has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate downloads.

Please include my name for Lucky Draw. Never won any giveaway.

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Count me in

I like IDM because of Resume support Faster Downloader other than any DM can download videos and audios and many other features

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Count me in too.. :rolleyes:

I Like IDM as so it completes most of my downloading tasks in a jiffy.. Very helpful for a person like me with a sluggish internet :)

Cheers pal :showoff:

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Count Me In

IDM is just the easiest download manager to use. Just basically "Set it and Forget It". :D :o :lol: :( :unsure:

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They (posters above) almost left me with nothing to say here and they did said it much better than I can.

Here is one feature that makes it top of my list.

The Queue feature option can be independently configured from the default user custom settings.

This allows a set of files in the queue to be downloaded to its desired settings.


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