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Which Shows Do U Follow These Days


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On 1/2/2019 at 10:23 PM, dMog said:

Vikings, Ray Donovan .... Waiting.... waiting and waiting for game of thrones



Hello Dear, long time No See ,,, Just watched some clips of a Show called  TITANS which was hosted by Qwayne The Rock Johnson .. Sorta of a Strong man and woman contest showing Strength and physical abilities ...    have a Lovely Weekend ..  Regards and Cheers ..

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@mp68terr post removed if your not interested then no need to reply...   Wolf creek...And old school i no but it has to be the Xfiles still watch them on a regular occasion...

waiting for Better Call Saul to return this fall! i dont watch too much TV but i like Saul.

isn't too trashy as previous seasons but...still is

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I just started watching Game of Thrones.  I know-I am very late to the party compared to everyone else who has been watching it, but better late than never! 

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At the moment I tune into Brooklyn Nine Nine or Trailer Park Boys for some casual fun. And for more serious viewing I'm currently really into The Boys - the pessimistic and somewhat realistic outlook on the superhero genre is definitely a breath of fresh air.

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Been watching a bunch of Simpsons lately. Also keeping up with new episodes of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind dubbed as they air Saturday nights. Patiently waiting for the new season 5 of My Hero Academia dubbed (will be a while), as well as new episodes of One Punch Man, Promised Neverland, Fire Force, Food Wars, and Dr. Stone, all dubbed.

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The new season of Aggretsuko, Narcos and House of Cards. I'm also a bit sad that Altered Carbon has been cancelled, on the lookout for shows with a similar futuristic/cyberpunk vibe.

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