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Which Shows Do U Follow These Days


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Since I watch alot of TV here are some of my favorites:

Alien Mysteries
America Unearthed
Ancient Aliens
Falling Skies (returns June 9,2013 @9:00pm on TNT)
Game of Thrones
The Event (canceled)
The Following
The Killing
The Walking Dead (returns 10/6/2013 @9:00 pm on AMC)

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@mp68terr post removed if your not interested then no need to reply...   Wolf creek...And old school i no but it has to be the Xfiles still watch them on a regular occasion...

waiting for Better Call Saul to return this fall! i dont watch too much TV but i like Saul.

isn't too trashy as previous seasons but...still is

South Park. biggrin.gif

CID (Indian show)

Some other Indian shows with class....

Well, only one daily for now. There was a time I used to watch about 5 shows everyday, but not anymore.

You know Indian? :O

OT : Nothing,I'm either outside...playing....with gurls or here doing nothing but fapping.

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I too watch Person of Interest though he only has one suit :)

I also had started watching The Blacklist, mainly a fan of rewatching old shows like Fringe, Battlestar Galactica (2003) and The West Wing, tried watching Lost twice and am still none the wiser but it is hard to take Michael Emerson seriously in Person of Interest.

The Tomorrow People is mildly entertaining but im old enough to remember the UK original, I also watch Continuum but im not sure if its been renewed for a 3rd season.

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Does someone see Orange is the New Black?, any opinion on that show?.

Only seen the pilot and it didnt grab me it, then again im one of the few that didnt see the fuss over Breaking Bad

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Air Crash Investigation


The Simpsons

The Blacklist

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Believe (Upcoming)


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