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Which Shows Do U Follow These Days


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@mp68terr post removed if your not interested then no need to reply...   Wolf creek...And old school i no but it has to be the Xfiles still watch them on a regular occasion...

waiting for Better Call Saul to return this fall! i dont watch too much TV but i like Saul.

isn't too trashy as previous seasons but...still is

i watch general hospital

vampire diary's

smallville ( but its over with :( )


america's next top model

dance crew


and few other not much about tv stay on computer more lol

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i actually anxiously wait for most of these shows to air,thats how much time i have :lol:

dual survival

bizarre foods

bobs burger

30 rock

mr sunshine


the big bang theory

mordern family

wwe raw



tough enough

river monsters

swords life on the line

deadliest catch

scooby doo mystery incorporated

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id like to see a third season of Rome however HBO cancelled it way too early. one of the best written shows ive seen, the story was just so raw, sophisticated and "in your face". not to mention some of the most epic TV end-of-episode hangers I've ever seen too bad the general public only likes crap, mind numbing TV. huge budget too 1st season cost around 100 million. :(

I liked it so much i bought the Blu-ray "series" for those looking for a good show to watch, i suggest to download it off your favorite torrent site. this is what I downloaded:

Site: http://isohunt.com/

Sharecode: torrents/?ihq=Rome [?]

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I watch man vs. wild, everybody loves Raymond, CSI Miami and Bones. I never miss a single episode on them and sit correctly on time when it’s about to start.

if ur a man vs wild fan,"dual survival" and "man women wild" are a must watch :D

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I don't really "follow" any show. I just watch what comes on. I think that if I have to watch every episode in the right order, or even just watch every episode, it's not a show for me.

The shows I watch the most are:

-Pawn Stars

-South Park

-Big Bang Theory


-King of Queens

I think that's about it :/

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added "suburgatory""new girl" and "HIMYM" to my watchlist,know i am hooked,i wasnt following HIMYM before but it does live up to its popularity,pretty funny :D

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1. The mentalist

2. Spartacus: Vengeance

3. House M.D

4. Once Upon a Time

5. Amazing Race

6. The Walking Dead


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Just discovered Breaking Bad,watched all 86 episodes (I think),great programme,right up there with Sopranos and Band of Brothers which would be my all time top 3.

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I'm not sure if they count, but I'm into lots of documentaries, specially scientific which deal with Comos & the multi/uni-verse. Mostly, I follow the PBS Nova Physics/Comos documentaries, they're awesome! :D

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I rarely watch shows on the TV. I do, however like to download the whole thing and then treat myself with a marathon. XDDD

So, here's what I have brewing at the moment:

Poirot, downloading s10+

Burn Notice, downloading s3+

Game Of Thrones, downloaded and watched s1, now waiting for the complete s2.

Farscape, downloaded everything, currently watching like a maniac.

House M.D. - up to season 5, refuse to go further. XD

How I Met Your Mother, 2.5 men, South Park, Bones, Numbers, about once a week on average, on TV, can't say I follow them, as I tend to miss out on a lot of episodes. XD :P

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In these days I mostly follow The Simpsons shows. That is really good show. This is a animation and comedy show. In these show animation is to good directed by Matt Groening...

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