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(Guide/Review) Move tabs between windows, detach tabs, save your browsing session with the SplitUP extension for Firefox and Chrome

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Move tabs between windows, detach tabs, save your browsing session with the SplitUP extension for Firefox and Chrome


Tab Manager Plus has been my go-to add-on for finding, managing my tabs. Combined with OneTab for saving my sessions, it has made my browsing life quite easier. But I'm always on the lookout for interesting plugins.




The latest one that I have been testing is SplitUP, this is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that allows you to move tabs between windows, detach the tabs, save your browsing session, and more.


Install the extension, click on the new icon that has appeared on the toolbar, and a modal should pop-down. This is SplitUp's interface. It lists all tabs that you have open, with the favicon and title of each tab. In case you have multiple windows, the tabs will be listed on a per-window basis, you'll have to scroll down to view the other windows. Click on a window's name to collapse its list.




Want to move a tab from one window to another? You can do this by dragging and dropping the tab to the window's list. Moving multiple tabs is possible too, check the boxes next to the tabs, or use the select all button on the toolbar, click on the SplitUp button at the bottom of the interface, and the tabs will be moved to a separate window.




Mouse over a tab in the list, and an X button will appear next to it, click on it to close the tab. You can close multiple tabs at the same time, by marking them and clicking on the trash can button. The search bar at the top can be used to find specific tabs. It supports fuzzy search, so you can enter the partial text of the website's URL or the tab's title. The results appear instantly as you type. Select a tab in the list to jump to it.


SplitUp can be used to save your browsing sessions, click on the Save button (Floppy Disk icon) to save the session. Your saved sessions can be accessed by clicking on the ribbon (Bookmark icon) at the top. To restore tabs from the session, select them and click the SplitUp button to load them in a new window. Here's the best part, you can select specific tabs and save them as a session. And yes, you can save multiple sessions.




The extension also allows you to export your session (2nd icon from the top right) to a plain text file. There is no option to import a session from the text document, thought it can be handy if you're using an extension like OneTab.


SplitUp will display a speaker icon to the left of tabs that have some video/audio playing. Click on the icon to mute the tab, to unmute hit the icon again. The default color scheme of SplitUp is the Dark mode, but you can switch to a light theme. In my opinion, both seem flashy with the bright colors. The add-on does not have a settings page, so you can't customize its appearance or behavior.


SplitUp is an open source extension. It is available for Firefox and Chrome.


The add-on's menu was very slow to appear in Chromium based browsers, I tested it with Edge and Brave. The Firefox version didn't have this issue for the most part, it only happened once. I kind of stumbled on to a fix for this. I had been experiencing some network issues, and had disconnected from my Wi-Fi network (to switch to a different one) from the system tray, and for some reason this also caused the extension's menu to pop-up instantly. It worked normally after I re-enabled the primary network. This also worked with the Chrome extensions, but the pop-up delay issue seems to occur consistently with those browsers.


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