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  1. Google makes sharing websites opened with Chrome Custom Tabs easier Chrome Custom Tabs are a widely adopted — with one notable exception — staple on Android that allows third-party apps to use the default Google browser when opening links. With Chrome 88 released earlier this week, Custom Tabs are gaining an experimental share button. Third-party developers are able to customize Custom Tabs so they match the style of their app. One tweak allows them to add a button to the app bar, just left of the overflow menu. For example, Twitter has a “TWEET” button to
  2. Google to add new password protection features in Chrome 88 Google announced today that it is rolling out new capabilities that will allow you to control your passwords. The new updates will be released as part of Chrome 88. One of the new capabilities will let you identify and replace weak passwords with stronger ones. To get started, after you have received the Chrome 88 update, you can simply check your password strength by clicking on the key icon below your profile image. Alternatively, you can type chrome://settings/passwords in the address bar to jum
  3. Google Chrome 88 released: RIP Flash Player and FTP support Google has released Chrome 88 today, January 19th, 2021, to the Stable desktop channel, and it includes security improvements and the long-awaited removal of Adobe Flash Player. Chrome 88 is now promoted to the Stable channel, Chrome 89 is the new Beta version, and Chrome 90 will be the Canary version. Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop users can upgrade to Chrome 88 by going to Settings -> Help -> About Google Chrome. The browser will then automatically check for the new update and
  4. Google Images Restored restores the classic Google Images web interface Google Images Restored is an extension for Chromium-based and Firefox-based web browsers that restores the classic Google Images web interface and its functionality. Google started to tinker with the interface on Google Images in 2018 when it removed the "view image" button from the site. The feature allowed users to view the selected image in a new tab in the browser. Workarounds were discovered, but many users still missed the simplicity of the button. Search engines such as Startpage continue to
  5. Save webpages as an EPUB file with the Save as eBook extension for Firefox and Chrome Add-ons like SingleFile, Save Page WE and tools like wkhtmltopdf are handy when you want to save a web page for offline reading. You can of course use Microsoft's PDF Printer option to download pages as ebooks. Save as eBook works similarly, it is a Firefox and Chrome extension that can save web pages in the EPUB format. You could use it to save a Wikipedia page for reference, or tutorials, recipes, reference pages, etc. Let's see how it works. Visit a page tha
  6. Chrome will soon try HTTPS first when a user types an address in the browser Google plans to introduce a change in the company's Chrome browser that switches the browser's connection logic from HTTP to HTTPS. Google Chrome users have several options when it comes to loading sites and web applications in the browser. They may click on links, use bookmarks, or type in the address bar to open sites directly. If a user types a full domain name with protocol, it is opened as it is, but what happens when the user does not specify the protocol? When you type ghacks.net an
  7. Google Chrome fixes antivirus 'file locking' bug on Windows 10 Google Chrome has fixed a bug that enabled antivirus programs on Windows 10 to lock newly created files. The patching of the bug means antivirus programs running on Windows would no longer block new files generated by the Chrome web browser, such as bookmarks. Antivirus programs briefly lock new files As a safety precaution, oftentimes antivirus programs temporarily lock newly generated files on a system until these can be scanned and ruled out for malicious activity.
  8. Manage your web shortcuts from a dual-pane interface with the Bookmarks Commander extension for Firefox and Chrome If you're a regular reader, you may know I'm a fan of dual-pane file managers. They're very convenient when you want to multitask or organize your folders and files. Well, if you have ever wanted to manage your browser bookmarks like that, your wish has been granted. Bookmarks Commander is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that has a dual-pane interface. The developer's page indicates that the addon was inspired by Norton Commander and Total
  9. Google is testing larger cache sizes in Chrome to reduce cache partioning impact Google introduced support for partitioning the cache of the company's Chrome web browser when it launched Chrome 86 earlier this year. The feature changes how web browsers cache content. Previously, web browsers like Chrome used a single cache to store content. One benefit of this approach is that all sites may make use of a cached resource, say a web font or image to speed up the loading of a page or application. Use of a single cache opened up the door for attacks as sites coul
  10. Save the title and URL of your tabs in different formats with the CopyTabTitleUrl extension for Firefox and Chrome Maybe you want to save your session, or send the links to a friend, or share a page on social networks. Copying and pasting a link is ok if the service has web previews to display what the URL is for. But if it doesn't support it, you may want to share some information about the page. Including the title of the page should give the recipient an idea what the link is about. But then, you will need to copy 2 things. This isn't a prob
  11. You may soon save Chrome passwords to your Google Account, even if Sync is disabled Google is testing a new feature in the company's Chrome web browser currently that allows Chrome users to save passwords in Chrome to a Google Account; this will work even if sync is not enabled in the browser. Google Chrome supports saving passwords locally regardless of sign-in state of the user or sync-state. The option is enabled by default and users may disable it, e.g. when they are using a password manager to save passwords. Chrome users may sign-in to the
  12. How to create multiple profiles in independent Chrome instances Google Chrome is the most used browser available on the internet, and leads the market share race by quite a huge margin. While Google keeps adding new capabilities to it after testing them via multiple release channels such as Canary, Dev, and Beta, the browser already has a decent feature set. One decent capability Chrome offers is setting up persistent profiles in a new and independent instance. While most people with multiple accounts sign in to them via the same browser instance and switch when req
  13. Google enables controversial extension Manifest V3 in Chrome 88 Beta Google unveiled plans to upgrade the extension Manifest that Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome use to version 3 in early 2019. The initial draft was criticized heavily, especially for Google's plan to limit the webRequest API that content blockers and other extensions use. The new API, declarativeNetRequest, had filter limits and other restrictions that would mean the end for many ad blockers for Chrome. Companies like Brave or Vivaldi voiced their concern over the proposed changes and let
  14. Block specific websites in Google Search and other search engines with the uBlacklist extension for Firefox and Chrome One of the biggest problems with search engines is their accuracy. Google is good for the most part, but sometimes you may find that the results are irrelevant, clickbait, and generally not what you were looking for. There are a few ways to tailor the result settings to your needs. Maybe you dislike a website for some reason, or Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter results, and you don't want these to appear on the results page. UBlacklist is a Firefox
  15. This hidden Chrome menu lets you easily test the latest browser experiments Chrome Labs lets you try out future options early (Image credit: BigTunaOnline / Shutterstock) Google has added a new menu option to Chrome, which will make it much easier for you to preview experimental browser features before they're officially released. Until now, trying out Chrome features that are still in development has been a bit of a hassle. You could opt to use Chrome Beta or Canary for a glimpse of things to come, but these are unstabl
  16. Google is making password management and payments easier in Chrome Google is making it easier for users to use and save credentials on their Google accounts in Chrome, even if they choose not to use Chrome's sync service. The company has announced new features making their way to Android and desktop versions of the browser that let users access information on their Google account more easily. Starting with Android, it will soon be possible to sign into websites using login information saved to your Google account, so if you have one linked to your phone, yo
  17. Podstation is a Chrome extension that lets you listen to podcasts and download episodes I'm a huge fan of radio, and also like listening to talk shows and podcasts. It's always interesting to listen to other people's opinions about my favorite topics. There are many podcast apps on mobile devices, I use the open source app, AntennaPod. On PC, you can use something like gPodder or even use MusicBee. Podstation for Chrome If you want to listen to podcasts in your browser, Podstation is a Chrome extension that works flawlessly.
  18. Chrome has a new way to warn you about weak passwords The browser's Safety Check tool gets an important upgrade (Image credit: Shutterstpck) Google Chrome is getting an update that will warn you if any of your passwords are particularly weak, so you can change them before disaster strikes. We all have a huge number of online accounts these days. From email accounts, social media and accounts with online stores, this means we all have a massive number of passwords to remember. To make life easier, web browsers ha
  19. Fast forward: What's coming in future Chrome updates? Every time Google updates its browser, it publishes release notes aimed at enterprises to highlight upcoming additions, substitutions, enhancements and modifications. Here's a sneak preview of what's coming. geralt (CC0) Chrome remains king. With almost 70% of the world's browser user share — a measure of browser activity calculated by analytics company Net Applications — Google's Chrome has led the rankings for more than four years. Rivals, from Microsof
  20. Find the tab you're looking for instantly with the Search All Tabs extension for Firefox and Chrome Browsing sessions can quickly get cluttered, which makes it difficult to find what you're looking for. I use OneTab to clean up my current session and save the list. I then analyze it to restore important tabs. It's not the most efficient way, because of the manual effort involved, not to mention the time it takes to check the tabs. Search All Tabs Search All Tabs is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that helps you find the t
  21. For a while now you've been able to stream games using NVIDIA GeForce NOW in your browser, however it looks like NVIDIA will be making that a bit more official for Linux. Currently on certain platforms like Windows and macOS, NVIDIA have a dedicated downloadable application for their GeForce NOW streaming service. They expanded support into the browser for ChromeOS / Chromebooks in the Summer, which initially needed other platforms to spoof their browser string to ChromeOS but that hasn't been needed for a while. In a recent announcement about support for G
  22. Get the definition of a selected word in a floating pop-up with the Dictionaries extension for Firefox and Chrome What you do when you come across a new word? You may look it up to find out about its meaning. There are many add-ons that help simplify the task like the Dictionaries extension for Firefox and Chrome It could use a better name for sure, but its features more than make up for it. Once you have it installed, visit a webpage and double-click on a word that you want the definition of, and presto, a floatin
  23. Google extends support for Chrome on Windows 7 by six months, to now end in 2022 Google today announced that it is extending support for the Chrome browser on Windows 7 by another six months, with the end-of-support now set for January 15, 2022, moved from the earlier July 15, 2021 timeline. The new date makes it exactly two years since Windows 7 reached its end of life. The company says that the decision was based on the feedback received from its enterprise customers and data about companies’ migration plans to Windows 10. The search giant adds
  24. Chrome 87 launches with tab search, performance improvements and new Chrome Actions feature Google published Chrome 87 Stable to the public on November 17, 2020. The new version of the company's Chrome web browser is a security and feature update. The update is available already, and while Google rolls it out over time, users on the desktop may run a manual check for updates to get it right away. Just load chrome://settings/help in a desktop version of Google Chrome to check for updates manually. The page displays the currently installed version of the browser as well.
  25. Google Chrome will use its own Root Store in the future Google plans to transition from using the operating system's Root Store to the Chrome Root Store, that is maintained by Google and included in the Chrome browser. Google Chrome uses the operating system's Root Store currently to access Certification Authorities (CA). All operating systems maintain a list of root certificates that the operating system and applications that run on it use for various purposes. The browser uses these to establish secure connections to websites, and
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