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  1. Here is how you disable FLoC in Google Chrome The latest version of Google Chrome Canary has a new feature to disable FLoC -- Federated Learning of Cohorts -- in Google's Chrome web browser. FLoC is part of Google's controversial plan to change the world of advertising. The core idea is to change the way users are tracked on the Internet. Instead of tracking individual users, FLoC introduces technology that allows advertisers to track users based on cohorts, groups of users who share the same interests. FLoC is beneficial for Google, but not so
  2. Restore "Open in Tab" In Google Chrome on Android (disable Tab Grouping) Google introduced Tab Groups in the company's Chrome web browser some time ago. The main idea behind tab groups is to improve the manageability of tabs in the browser by grouping them automatically. Say, you open the Ghacks website, and then two articles in new tabs in Chrome. Instead of displaying the articles as individual tabs, all three tabs would form a group automatically. When you are done, you may close the group and with it all of its tabs. Tab Groups are not liked by all Chrome
  3. Google rediscovers RSS: tests new feature to ‘follow’ sites in Chrome on Android It isn’t Google Reader, but it could be the start of something Google is testing a new feature for its Chrome browser on Android that lets users “follow” sites to create an updating list of new content they publish. The feature is based on RSS, an open web standard that’s been the backbone of many popular web aggregation tools in the past. That includes Google’s own, much beloved (and now defunct) Google Reader. The test is small-scale: following sites will only be an option for some U
  4. Chrome now uses Duplex to fix your stolen passwords Image Credits: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek / Getty Images Google announced a new feature for its Chrome browser today that alerts you when one of your passwords has been compromised and then helps you automatically change your password with the help of… wait for it… Google’s Duplex technology. This new feature will start to roll out slowly to Chrome users on Android in the U.S. soon (with other countries following later), assuming they use Chrome’s password-syncing feature.
  5. View and access your recently closed tabs with the Undo Closed Tabs Button extension for Firefox and Chrome Did you know that Firefox has a hotkey to reopen a closed tab? Press Ctrl + Shift + T and the tab comes back. This can be a lifesaver, but if you close several tabs, and then realize you need one of them back, that's when it becomes a problem. You have to keep using the keyboard shortcut several times, until you get the tab you wanted, or you could open the recently closed tabs folder in the browsing history. Besides being unable to see th
  6. Custom Scrollbars is a Firefox and Chrome extension that lets you set the color and width of the scrollbar Do you like customizing your web browser? A lot of people use themes to give the browser a new look. Some take it up a notch and use a custom CSS file, to make it unique. Most themes don't change all elements of the interface, especially the scrollbar. Custom Scrollbars is a Firefox and Chrome extension that lets you set the color and width of the scrollbar. Custom Scrollbars will not change the color of the bars by default. Go to the add-
  7. Perfect Home is a Firefox and Chrome extension that lists your bookmarks as speed-dials in new tabs Speed Dials are a must-have feature for me in any browser that I use. While I prefer Group Speed Dial for my regular usage, I often jump through other add-ons every month or so to test them. That's how I landed with my current choice, Perfect Home. This is not your usual speed dial add-on, in that you can't add dials on your new tab page directly. Rather, Perfect Home uses your browser's bookmarks folders and displays them like speed dials. It's not the first
  8. Chrome 90 is here with an AV1 encoder and new augmented reality APIs Google released Chrome 89 over a month ago, offering a bunch of new features and improvements including enforcing developers to offer offline experiences for progressive web apps (PWAs) and new APIs for content sharing. Now Chrome 90 is here, headlined by enhancements such as support for read-only files in clipboard, a new AV1 encoder, and blocking of HTTP port 554. Chrome 90 includes an AV1 encoder that is optimized for video conference calls. The AV1 codec offers better compression effic
  9. Customize your new tab page with random wallpapers, quotes with the Mue extension for Firefox and Chrome I like to spruce up my desktop with a new wallpaper now and then, just because. I don't do this as often with my browser, because I have many speed-dials in my new tab page, so you can barely see a background. I wanted to try something else for a change, and decided to go with the Mue extension for Firefox and Chrome. Besides the cool background, it displays some additional content in every tab. This includes a greeting, a clock widget, and a random quot
  10. Chrome Incognito to get complete dark mode It doesn’t matter whether your Windows or macOS using a light or dark theme, the whole Chrome Incognito window including menus and other parts to go as dark soon. What you need to know: To differentiate between normal and private windows, Chrome uses a separate dark theme for the Incognito window. In Incognito Mode, the avatar menu that shows the number of incognito windows open and the three-dot main menu still look white Google is planning to turn the elements in Incognito UI that appe
  11. Web Translate is a Firefox and Chrome extension that displays the translation of the selected text Every once in a while, I visit websites which are not in a language I'm familiar with. While translating the entire page is a good idea, sometimes I may only need just a sentence or two to be translated. Normally, I paste the lines into a translation extension that I use. But you know how it is, sometimes the translation makes no sense, and you may want to try a different one. Web Translate is an extension for Firefox and Chrome, that displays the translation
  12. Move tabs between windows, detach tabs, save your browsing session with the SplitUP extension for Firefox and Chrome Tab Manager Plus has been my go-to add-on for finding, managing my tabs. Combined with OneTab for saving my sessions, it has made my browsing life quite easier. But I'm always on the lookout for interesting plugins. The latest one that I have been testing is SplitUP, this is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that allows you to move tabs between windows, detach the tabs, save your browsing session, and more. Install the extension
  13. Google is pushing 64-bit Chrome on Android If you are using Chrome on Android devices, you may run a 64-bit version of the browser after the upgrade to Chrome 89 on the device, instead of the 32-bit version of the browser. Google started to push the 64-bit version of Google Chrome for Android to devices that match specific system requirements. In other words: not all devices will see the upgrade to Chrome 64. The following minimum requirements need to be met (all of them): The device needs to run Android 10 or newer. The device needs to have at least 8 Gig
  14. Chrome for Android can now preview a page before opening a link Risky clicks no more “Preview page” now appears an an option when you long-press a link. Screenshot by Jon Porter / The Verge Chrome’s Android app now lets you preview a webpage before committing to clicking on a link, 9to5Google reports. The feature appears to have been enabled via a server-side update to version 89 of the browser, and can be accessed by long-pressing on a link and then tapping “Preview page.” It seems to be Android-only for the time being. It’s a small,
  15. Google makes it easier to test experimental features in Chrome The company wants to collect more feedback on future updates. Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images It turns out increasing the cadence of Chrome updates isn’t the only change Google has planned for its web browser. In a tweet spotted by 9to5Google (via XDA Developers), Chrome design head Alex Ainslie detailed a new feature that makes it easier to try out any experimental functionality that Google is working on. As of this week, the browser’s Canary version includes a beaker icon where you can e
  16. Chrome extension turns on YouTube captions when eating noisy chips A new AI-powered Google Chrome extension will automatically turn on YouTube extensions if it detects you are eating noisy chips. I doubt few people have not experienced hearing a movie, TV show, or video while someone next to you is loudly eating chips. To make it easier to watch YouTube videos, creative agency Happiness Saigon partnered with Frito-Lay to create the 'Lay's Crispy Subtitles' browser extension that automatically enables YouTube captions when it detects
  17. Google speeds up its release cycle for Chrome Image Credits: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto / Getty Images Google today announced that its Chrome browser is moving to a faster release cycle by shipping a new milestone every four weeks instead of the current six-week cycle (with a bi-weekly security patch). That’s one way to hasten the singularity, I guess, but it’s worth noting that Mozilla also moved to a four-week cycle for Firefox last year. “As we have improved our testing and release processes for Chrome, and deployed bi-weekly security updates to
  18. Chrome 89 rolling out: Reading list, Tab Search, Profiles redesign, and more Following version 88’s release on Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, the next release of Google’s browser is rolling out. Several user-facing enhancements will start rolling out with Chrome 89. For those that share computers (and browsers), version 89 is revamping Chrome profiles. It starts with a modernized page for selecting profiles “when Chrome opens.” A picker is also available in the dropdown menu that appears after tapping your avatar image next to the Omnibox. Th
  19. Tile Tabs WE makes it easier to display tabs side-by-side in Firefox and Chrome Remember Tile Tabs in Firefox? The classic extension for the browser added capabilities to it to display multiple sites in a single tab. Tile Tabs WE is the successor of the extension, and since it is based on WebExtensions, compatible with all recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. WebExtensions APIs don't provide options to display multiple sites in a tab, and that is the reason why Tile Tabs WE uses the next best thing, windows, for its operations. T
  20. Google Chrome's FPS meter shows frame rate again after complaints Google has brought the FPS (Frames Per Second), or frame rate, reading back to the Google Chrome FPS meter after users were upset about its removal. Google Chrome includes a tool called 'FPS Meter' that allowed users to see the frame rate of a web page they were visiting. Developers used this tool to help fine-tune the performance and smoothness of their websites. To open the FPS meter, you can go into the Chrome Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I), then open the command m
  21. Chrome uses 10x more RAM than Safari on macOS No surprises there then... What you need to know New research from the creator of Flotato suggests Chrome uses 10x the amount of RAM that Safari does on macOS. In one stress test it was as high as 24x... Source: iMore New research from Flotato creator Morten Just has revealed Chrome uses 10x more memory than Safari when browsing on macOS. In a recent blog post Just stated: I reached a point where I could barely hear the podcast I was trying to listen to. That's how loud the fan
  22. Chrome for iOS test locks Incognito tabs behind Touch or Face ID The feature will blur that tab you want to remain private. No CaptionThomas Trutschel via Getty Images Google is working to make private web browsing on Chrome for iOS a little more secure by letting you lock Incognito tabs with Face or Touch ID. The update, detailed in the app's beta version for iPhone and iPad, essentially blurs Incognito tabs in the tab switcher so that they remain hidden until you authenticate with either a fingerprint or facial unlock. It's a helpful li
  23. Chrome has a secret scrollable tabstrip option – here's how to enable it You can also customize the width of tabs (Image credit: BigTunaOnline / Shutterstock) You're running Chrome and you've got your number of open tabs nicely in check, right? No... we thought not! If you're anything like us, you probably have downs, scores, or even hundreds of tabs open, and there are various extensions you can turn to to help make them a little easier to managed. But Google is also working on bringing
  24. Turn any web article into a podcast with Sent as Podcast for Chrome Sometimes, listening to something is more comfortable than having to read, or maybe the only option. Say, you want to go to the Gym, buy some groceries, or take the train back home, but still want to read a couple of interesting articles that you had saved as tabs in your browser for a long time. The Google Chrome extension Sent As Podcast offers a solution, as you may use it to listen to any web article using a computer generated voice.. The extension works with any podcast application but also as a st
  25. Manage browser tabs efficiently with open source TabMerger extension TabMerger is a relatively new browser extension that is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The extension should install fine in other Chromium-based and Firefox-based browsers as well. TabMerger's main aim is to provide users with better tab management functionality and resource management. How it compares to existing solutions such as Tabs Outliner for Chrome, OneTab, Tab Manager Plus or Tab Manager V2? Let's find out! TabMerger is a cross-browser
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