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  1. Browse YouTube from a side panel with the Sidebar for YouTube extension for Opera and Firefox Picture-in-Picture mode is useful if you want to watch videos while you browse. Both Firefox and Opera support PiP, and some of you may be using it for that purpose. One of the shortcomings of the mode is that some functionality needs to be performed in the YouTube browser tab, as the functionality is not available in the PiP window. What about browsing YouTube when you're on other sites? Sidebar for YouTube is an extension for Opera and Firefox, that makes
  2. Can Firefox’s new look save the web browser? Enter the Gecko Firefox released version 89 recently with a new look named Proton. It brings a major change to the user interface in its colors and looks, giving the web browser a more modern feel. Web browsers look incredibly similar these days, with the tabs on top, a menu accessible to the right, and a bookmarks bar if you so choose. However, Mozilla has been unique in these browser wars, working on improving its own Gecko engine instead of m
  3. Firefox now autoupdates on Windows even when not running The Windows version of Firefox can now automatically upgrade itself to the latest version in the background when the web browser is not running. "Background Update is now available on Windows. This feature will allow Firefox to update, even if it is not running," the Firefox 90.0 Beta release notes read. "Until now, Firefox has only downloaded and installed updates when the user runs it. This means that users that use Firefox infrequently are often out-of-date," according to Kirk Steub
  4. Firefox 89 ships with interface changes Firefox 89.0 is the latest stable version of the Firefox web browser. Released on June 1, 2021, it ships with major interface changes, a new custom theme, and more. The focus of the release is the interface redesign that is affecting major interface elements such as the main toolbar, address bar, menus, prompts that the browser displays, and tabs. All Firefox channels are bumped a version at around the same time. Firefox 88 Stable receives the update to version 89, Beta and Developer editions are updated to version 90,
  5. Firefox now blocks cross-site tracking by default in private browsing Mozilla says that Firefox users will be protected against cross-site tracking automatically while browsing the Internet in Private Browsing mode. This is because, starting with the Firefox 89 version released today, the Total Cookie Protection will be enabled by default in Private Browsing windows. Total Cookie Protection is designed to force all websites to keep their cookies in separate "jars," thus preventing them from tracking you across the web and building browsing p
  6. Select multiple tabs of the same site with just two-clicks with the Select Tabs extension for Firefox Tab Management extensions are handy when you want to switch between tabs, find a specific one, organize them, etc. Things get slightly difficult if you want to select several tabs from the same domain. Select Tabs is a new Firefox extension that helps you select multiple tabs of the same site, with just two-clicks. With the add-on installed, right-click on a tab, and you should see a new menu item called Select Ta
  7. Mozilla integrates Firefox Translations into Firefox Mozilla has integrated Firefox Translations, the upcoming privacy-friendly translation system, into the latest Nightly version of the Firefox web browser. Translations happen locally on the system, and not in the cloud; this is the main distinguishing factor between the translation feature and popular solutions such as Chrome's Google Translate integration. We have followed the development of Firefox Translations, previously known as Project Bergamot closely, ever since the project was revealed back in October 2019.
  8. Create tab groups, stash and unload tabs in Firefox with Tiled Tab Groups When you have dozens of tabs open, it becomes difficult to find a specific tab. You may not even need some of those, and yet they are open. Tab Groups are a great way to organize your tabs, and the Tiled Tab Groups extension makes them easy to manage. Install the add-on, and press F2 to access its sidebar. You'll only have one group now. Click on a tab to switch to it. Firefox will tell you that the extension has hidden your tabs, the add-on doesn't. The reason you see thi
  9. Mozilla working on several macOS improvements for Firefox It is weekly Firefox Nightly news, Mozilla has said that it’s working on a number of items in the macOS version of Firefox to improve how native it feels. The changes outlined include scrollbars squishing during rubber-banding (hitting the bottom and top of web pages), the arrival of native fullscreen, and improvements to enhanced dark mode handling. The latter two items can be toggled on in Firefox Nightly for testing. The current version of Firefox on the Nightly channel is version 90, the release after the big
  10. Mozilla starts rolling out Site Isolation to all Firefox channels Mozilla has started rolling out the Site Isolation security feature to all Firefox channels, protecting users from attacks launched via malicious websites. Until today, Site Isolation could only be enabled by users of Firefox Nightly, the release channel used by Mozilla to test new features not yet ready for a wider rollout. Site Isolation has been under development since April 2018 under the Project Fission codename, with Mozilla first announcing plans to add it to the Firefox web brows
  11. View and access your recently closed tabs with the Undo Closed Tabs Button extension for Firefox and Chrome Did you know that Firefox has a hotkey to reopen a closed tab? Press Ctrl + Shift + T and the tab comes back. This can be a lifesaver, but if you close several tabs, and then realize you need one of them back, that's when it becomes a problem. You have to keep using the keyboard shortcut several times, until you get the tab you wanted, or you could open the recently closed tabs folder in the browsing history. Besides being unable to see th
  12. Hide Twitter Trends and other sidebar suggestions Twitter displays a sidebar with regional trends and other suggestions when you use the service's web version. Some Twitter users may find these useful, others that it is a distraction or not of interest. Trends usually list politics, music or sports topics, and that is fine for some Twitter users. If you never use the trends, or find yourself distracted by them, you may want to hide them on Twitter. Thankfully, there are extensions out there that let you do that. If you do use a content blocker, you may also use it to bl
  13. Manage your Firefox tabs, unload them from memory, with the Tab Center Reborn extension The problem with having one too many tabs in a web browser, is not the impact on performance for many. I'd say its actually finding the tab to switch to. Scrolling through the tab bar doesn't make things any easier. That's why I like the vertical tabs panel in Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi, its convenient. Tab Center Reborn gives you a simple way to manage your Firefox tabs, from a sidebar. The web extension is a fork of the discontinued Tab Center Redux add-on.
  14. Save WebP images as JPG or PNG with this Firefox extension You may have come across an image format known as WebP, it has been around for about a decade now. This image container was developed by Google, and is used by many websites, including shopping portals. The annoying thing about WebP is, not a lot of image editors support the format. So, when you download a WebP image you may have some difficulty using it. You can't save it into a different format directly, but there are a couple of workarounds. The simplest way, which I had been using un
  15. Mozilla is working on Firefox background updates on Windows This week, Mozilla enabled a new feature in the Nightly version of the organization's Firefox web browser designed to improve the updating functionality of the browser on Windows. The new functionality enables background updates for Firefox on Windows, even if the browser is not running at the time. Mozilla plans to introduce the new updating functionality in Beta and Stable versions of the web browser when these hit version 89. Firefox 89 Stable will be released on June 1, 2021 according to the official releas
  16. How to access the old PlayStation Store to browse, download and buy games and DLC Late last year, Sony announced that it would remove access to classic PlayStation games and add-ons from the official PlayStation Store. Systems affected were the Sony PlayStation 3, The PlayStation Vita, and the Sony PSP. Sony customers could not purchase games and add-ons for these systems anymore on the PlayStation Store, and Sony rolled out a new Store interface that did not list supported games or add-ons for these classic systems anymore. PlayStation 3, Vita and PSP users can still u
  17. Custom Scrollbars is a Firefox and Chrome extension that lets you set the color and width of the scrollbar Do you like customizing your web browser? A lot of people use themes to give the browser a new look. Some take it up a notch and use a custom CSS file, to make it unique. Most themes don't change all elements of the interface, especially the scrollbar. Custom Scrollbars is a Firefox and Chrome extension that lets you set the color and width of the scrollbar. Custom Scrollbars will not change the color of the bars by default. Go to the add-
  18. Perfect Home is a Firefox and Chrome extension that lists your bookmarks as speed-dials in new tabs Speed Dials are a must-have feature for me in any browser that I use. While I prefer Group Speed Dial for my regular usage, I often jump through other add-ons every month or so to test them. That's how I landed with my current choice, Perfect Home. This is not your usual speed dial add-on, in that you can't add dials on your new tab page directly. Rather, Perfect Home uses your browser's bookmarks folders and displays them like speed dials. It's not the first
  19. Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 88.0 Mozilla plans to release Firefox 88.0 Stable and Firefox 78.10 ESR to the public on April 19, 2021. The new stable version patches security and non-security issues, and introduces new changes to the browser. All Firefox channels receive updates at around the same time. Firefox Beta and Developer are updated to Firefox 89, Firefox Nightly to 90, and Firefox for Android will be updated to version 88 as well, but the release will likely be delayed somewhat. Check out our Firefox 87.0 release overview in case you miss
  20. Mozilla will remove Leanplum tracking from Firefox for Android and iOS Mozilla will remove the Leanplum integration of its mobile web browser Firefox for Android and iOS soon. Two new entries on the official GitHub project page highlight that Leanplum integration will be removed because Mozilla won't renew the contract with the company. Mozilla has decided to not renew our Leanplum contract for 2021-22. The current contract will expire on May 31, 2021. We need to turn off any Leanplum integrations in our products by that date. Mozilla describes Leanplum as a
  21. Firefox 90 won't handle FTP sites anymore Mozilla announced today that Mozilla's Firefox web browser won't support the FTP protocol from Firefox 90 onward. It was clear that FTP support would be removed from the browser, but it was not clear until today when that would happen. Rumors about the removal of FTP support in Firefox and Chrome emerged back in 2015, but it took Mozilla until 2018 to introduce a preference in the browser that would disable FTP support. Confirmation that FTP support would be removed from Firefox came in 2020. Mozilla planned to remov
  22. Firefox Stable gets option to show modified preferences on about:config only Mozilla added an option to the about:config page of Firefox Stable that allows users to list only modified preferences. The organization launched the option in Firefox Nightly in February 2021 initially. Firefox's about:config page can best be described as a treasure trove for users who want to modified browser preferences that are, for the most part, not displayed in the user interface options. The configuration enables Firefox users to customize the browser heavily, for instance b
  23. Firefox's Drag Space Customize Option will be removed for most users Mozilla is working on a visual refresh for the organization's Firefox web browser. Called Proton internally, it is an attempt to modernize the user interface of the web browser. Tabs, the address bar, menus, modals and other areas are changed visually. The organization plans to release the visual refresh in Firefox 89, out in June 2021, to the stable population. Besides adding a different kind of paint to Firefox, Mozilla engineers are also removing features from Firefox, mainly the customize menu, tha
  24. Firefox 89 to receive longer beta cycle to prep for Proton Mozilla will be lengthening the beta cycle for Firefox 89 according to the FX Trains website, it will see the release pushed back to June 1 as opposed to May 18 when it was supposed to be released. The alteration to the schedule was noticed by German Firefox blogger Sören Hentzschel who said that the delay has been put in place so Mozilla can have more time to test its new Proton user interface. With Firefox 89 undergoing a six-week beta cycle, Firefox 90 will also see its nightly cycle length exten
  25. Mozilla decides to hide Compact Mode in Firefox for new users but keep it for existing ones If you follow Firefox web browser news you may have read some time ago that Mozilla planned to remove the browser's compact mode from the customization options. Compact Mode is one of Firefox's three density modes for its main interface; it is the smallest layout option and leaves most room for webpages displayed in the browser. The other two modes, normal, which is the default, and touch, which is for touch-capable devices, display a bigger interface. Mozilla's original plan was
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