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  1. Load new tabs in the same container as the first one with the Sticky Window Containers extension for Firefox Multi-Account Containers are one of the best extensions/features in Mozilla Firefox. It helps enhance your privacy by isolating websites, thus preventing cookie-based tracking. But you may have noticed that sometimes it's hard to tell which container is open. The colored lines on container tabs, that's how I know which containers are being used. Color coding the containers helps a bit, and so does the container name in the address bar. But it can get
  2. No, the Firefox logo isn't being changed Recently, there has been a rise in memes that mock the Firefox logo. You may have come across some of these images that tell you "they killed the fox", and the new "Firefox minimalist logo". Well, Mozilla finally had enough of this and published an article at its blog to clarify the situation. Here's what happened. The story goes back to 2019, when Mozilla experimented with a new logo. It almost looked like they reversed the browser's iconic (pun intended) imagery, and just took the fox's face away, so it
  3. Tile Tabs WE makes it easier to display tabs side-by-side in Firefox and Chrome Remember Tile Tabs in Firefox? The classic extension for the browser added capabilities to it to display multiple sites in a single tab. Tile Tabs WE is the successor of the extension, and since it is based on WebExtensions, compatible with all recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. WebExtensions APIs don't provide options to display multiple sites in a tab, and that is the reason why Tile Tabs WE uses the next best thing, windows, for its operations. T
  4. Brook is a simple RSS Feed management extension for Firefox I rely on RSS Feeds to catch up with news from multiple tech sites, news sites, and other sites that support RSS. It's simpler, faster, and much more efficient than visiting sites or even waiting for newsletters to drop. There are plenty of good add-ons that you can use for getting feeds right from your web browser. Brook is a Firefox extension that keeps it simple, and offers a quick way to access the latest articles from your favorite websites. When you install the add-on, a sidebar will appear
  5. Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 86.0 Mozilla released Firefox 86.0 Stable and Firefox 78.8 ESR to the public on February 23, 2021. The new versions of the browser are already available as direct downloads from the Mozilla website and as in-browser updates. All development versions of Firefox are updated as well around the same time. Firefox Beta and Firefox Developer are moved to version 87, Firefox Nightly to version 88, and Firefox Android to 86.0 as it follows the stable channel's versioning. You can check out the Firefox 85.0 release overview
  6. Manage windows, and move tabs between them quickly with the Winger extension for Firefox Do you have several windows open in Firefox? Many people do, it's a good way to categorize tabs or run two Firefox instances side-by-side on a widescreen display. Having all your work related tabs in window, social stuff in another, personal interests, news, etc., does help, but it may be difficult to manage. Firefox allows you to detach or move tabs to new windows, but it can't send them to a specific window. Other browsers, Chromium-based ones, support this natively.
  7. Firefox 89's user interface will be leaner and less convoluted Mozilla is working on a refresh of the user interface of its Firefox web browser under the codename Proton. As it stands, Proton will land in desktop versions of the web browser in May 2021 when Firefox 89 gets released. Work is ongoing and many things are not final at this stage in development. We previewed the modernized tabs interface and the new main menu of Firefox already. While not final, it is clear that Mozilla is not just changing the color scheme or making light interface modifications.
  8. Firefox 87: find on page highlights matches in scrollbar Mozilla plans to introduce a new usability feature in Firefox 87 that improves the web browser's find on page functionality. Currently, when you use find on page, e.g. by invoking it with the shortcut Ctrl-F, you get a few options to customize the search and one visual option to highlight all matches. Select "highlight all" in the interface at the bottom to highlight all matches on the page. Starting in Firefox 87, visual highlights are shown on the scrollbar as well to indicate the position of matches on the page
  9. Another glimpse at Firefox's upcoming Proton design refresh: the new menu Mozilla is working on another design refresh for its desktop version of the Firefox web browser. Some may fear the worst, others may be looking forward to design changes. The refresh is a work in progress, and that means that things may change along the way, may not change at all, or may look totally different from what the current state shows. The screenshot below was captured on a Windows 10 device running the latest version of Firefox Nightly with all the Proton preferences e
  10. Firefox 85.0.2 is out with a single deadlock fix Mozilla has released Firefox 85.0.2, a stable channel update for the organization's Firefox web browser. Released for all supported desktop operating systems, Firefox 85.0.2 fixes an issue that is exclusive to certain devices running Apple's Macintosh operating system. The official release notes are published already, stating that the new version of Firefox "fixes a deadlock during startup". The linked bug report on [email protected] provides additional details about the issue. The issue was reported two months
  11. Manage browser tabs efficiently with open source TabMerger extension TabMerger is a relatively new browser extension that is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The extension should install fine in other Chromium-based and Firefox-based browsers as well. TabMerger's main aim is to provide users with better tab management functionality and resource management. How it compares to existing solutions such as Tabs Outliner for Chrome, OneTab, Tab Manager Plus or Tab Manager V2? Let's find out! TabMerger is a cross-browser
  12. Firefox 85.0.1 fixes a critical security issue and bugs Mozilla released Firefox 85.0.1 Stable and Firefox ESR 78.7.1 to the public on February 5, 2021. The new browser versions are already available and will be installed automatically on most systems thanks to the build-in updating functionality of the browsers. Standalone downloads are provided on the Mozilla website. Select Menu > Help > About Firefox to display the currently installed version of the browser. Firefox 85, the last major release of the browser, was released on January 26, 2021. F
  13. Mozilla Firefox gets open to display modified preferences only on about:config Mozilla Firefox users will soon be able to display only modified preferences on the browser's advanced configuration page about:config. All desktop versions of Firefox as well as Firefox Nightly for Android come with options to modify preferences using the browser's advanced configuration page about:config. Firefox Stable and Beta for Android don't support it. Mozilla launched a redesign of the about:config page in Firefox 71. All it takes is to load the address in the browser's a
  14. Read pages in a distraction-free mode, print or save them with the Reader View extension for Firefox and Chrome Many modern browsers have a feature called reader view, that presents web pages in a distraction-free layout. So, if a page has a cluttered sidebar, annoying ads, or a lot of elements which take the focus away from the article, you can enable reader view to get a better experience. Now, the thing about this feature is that it's pretty bare bones. You either use it or you don't, there are just a couple of extra options like changing the font size o
  15. Firefox Top Sites to be renamed to Shortcuts. New Design launches in Nightly Mozilla confirmed some time ago that it is working on an interface refresh of the Firefox web browser under the codename Photon (not to be confused with Proton, a previous design refresh codename). First non-final bits of Proton landed in Firefox Nightly in January 2021. The first change altered the design of tabs in the browser, including a new display and controls for media playing tabs. The change is hidden behind a preference currently, and it will take some time before it is finalized and
  16. Write notes in a new tab and save them locally with the TextNotes extension for Firefox Found something interesting and want to save it for future reference? You could save the web page, or copy the content and save it in Notepad, or a cloud-based note taking service. But if you would like to save the note directly in Firefox, you'll probably like the TextNotes extension. Before you get your hopes up and think this is an add-on that saves notes to specific tabs, let me tell you that it doesn't. Click on the extension's button on the toolbar and
  17. Firefox 85 for Android released with DRM stream support and usability improvements Mozilla released Firefox 85.0 Stable for all supported desktop operating systems last week. Firefox 85 is the first stable version of Firefox without Flash support, and Mozilla did add a number of usability features to give users better control over certain areas of the browser. Firefox 85.0 Android is now available as well. The new version of Firefox for Android is already available via Google Play and may be pushed to user devices via the built-in updating functionality. A tap on Menu &
  18. Firefox discontinues work toward Progressive Web Apps on desktop One of the better recent features of the web is the ability for websites to be upgraded into standalone apps — called Progressive Web Apps — on your phone or desktop. Unfortunately, it seems Mozilla has discontinued the development of supporting Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on desktop versions of Firefox. While part of the beauty of the web is that you can expect a fairly consistent experience across different browsers, each browser has its set of differences. For instance, Chrome and Chromium
  19. Jobik

    Firefox auto updates

    Hello to all First, I apologize not to be in the right place. I have some difficulties to navigate in this new presentation. I didn't find where open my topic... Sorry for the inconvenience. Tired of looking for solutions that don't work, let me explain a proglem I have with Firefox. While I understand that automatic updates allow for patches and improvements, I would like to stay in control of these updates. The first thing i did, of course, is to check the "check for updates, but leave you decide..." in the options. But - i don't know why - Firefox changes the setting by itse
  20. Mozilla launches Firefox 85 with supercookie protection Mozilla has announced the availability of Firefox 85. The new update brings supercookie protection, better bookmark management, and an option to remove all of your saved logins in the password manager with one click rather than having to delete them one at a time. Today’s update also marks the first Firefox release to ship without support for Adobe Flash which recently reached end-of-life. For years now, Firefox has been positioned itself as the go-to browser for the best privacy protections
  21. Mozilla Firefox 85 Is Now Available for Download, This Is What’s New The Mozilla Firefox 85 web browser is now available for download, ahead of its official unveiling on January 26th, for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows. Firefox 85 has been in development since mid-November 2020 when it entered the Nightly channel and landed in the beta channel on December 15th, when Mozilla released the Firefox 84 web browser as the last release to ship with support for Adobe’s now deprecated Flash Player plugin. Therefore, Firefox 85 is the
  22. Firefox Nightly uses a new skeleton UI on start on Windows If you are using Firefox Nightly on Windows 10, you may have noticed a new more-or-less blank user interface that gets loaded on the very first start of the browser. Mozilla calls it a skeleton UI, and it is designed to give users early feedback that Firefox is indeed starting up. The bug report on Mozilla's Bugzilla website highlights that Firefox's startup is very slow on some systems. According to the lead developer, Firefox would take 19 seconds on a reference system before it gave any indication that it was
  23. Search and Manage tabs from multiple windows with ease using Tab Manager V2 for Firefox and Chrome Do you have too many tabs open in your browser? Sometimes it can get really difficult to locate the tab you need, and the more tabs you have, the worse it becomes. Before you discard all the tabs, give Tab Manager V2 a try. It is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that lets you search and manage tabs easily from a pop-up UI, and alternatively from a separate tab of its own. Tip: check out my reviews of Tab Manager Plus, Search all Tabs, and
  24. Rounded corners comes to Firefox with their Proton redesign While the 2010s were dominated by sharp concerns and a flat user interface, the 3rd decade of the 21st century is going back to a softer, more dimensional look, which for Windows means rounded corners, layers, gradients, opacity and colours. Those new design ideas have now percolated to 3rd party browser Firefox, as part of its Proton redesign. In the latest Nightlies you can now see the first implementation of the softer look, which can be seen below:
  25. First look at Firefox's Multiple Picture-in-Picture video feature Most web browsers support a picture-in-picture video feature to watch a video in an independent window on the screen. One of its main purposes is to watch a video while doing something else in the web browser. Moving the video page in a separate window and resizing it may work as well, but picture-in-picture's solution is more elegant most of the time. Mozilla revealed some time ago that it was considering lifting the one-video limit for the Firefox web browser's Picture-in-Picture mode. While
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