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Hello to all here,   here is the PrivaZer Team developing PrivaZer, the free PC cleaner & Privacy tool. We would like to provide support to users here as we do on Wilders and Malwar

OK. If some of you, long time members of Nsane are interested in getting a Donors version, just start a private conversation here to give me an email where to send you a license. 

Thank you for supporting nsane long time members, and for that we will add your software to our FrontPage software news to support you further.  After we add your software to our FP, please inform the

I already tested this software. 

People can use it without fear. It`s absolutely safe and does a great job. 

Mine is Win10 x64.

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is this really a Privazer team developer acc ??


if yes than welcome to our nsane world.... we will share our likes ,dislikes & if any bugs regarding this soft.


btw i (mostly all of us) are Fan of the CCleaner from ages...

Nearly 2 yrs back i come to know abt your soft..privazer... I try it and till now using it..

really impress with its cleaning style... so using both these MUST have soft....


i mostly like these features  Residual traces of old files/names, Traces of MFT ..etc... nice fast wipe out



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First of all, greetings and welcome @PrivaZer Team.


I just gave the portable version a try (just scanning) and I'm really interested in this app.  I see that some options are not available yet and are due to be available in future releases.

I'm looking forward to have the completed app and test it extensively.


Just a humble reminder: like other powerful deep cleaning apps, you have to be very careful to clearly point out and warn basic and novice users of possible tricky options and safeguards to be used and applied (restore point, backup, etc.).  You never know when a noob like me get hold of your software ;).

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On 7/6/2020 at 6:02 PM, PrivaZer Team said:



Welcome to Nsane Hat Off.gif 


Long time user here this is the only cleaning app I recommend or would ever use I gave up on the other so called cleaners and system breakers with hidden spyware long ago I use as an Advance User with all selected and either of the One click options every day and so sorry to tell you I've never had any problems and have nothing to report except I love your product and recommend it to everyone :clap:

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start /max explorer.exe "C:\Program Files\"
start /min explorer.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)"
start /max explorer.exe  "C:\Program Files\PrivaZer.exe"



from my point of view, it would be nice if you could improve the GUI :

  • apparently there is nothing to define the size (such as fullscreen or maximum)
  • as today, I can't select directly each disk (2 SSD and and the total number of partition = 4)
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Hi Privazer team,

I am a Donor and love ur soft.I had to reload the software again but it didn't recognize my email and/or password.

I acut and pasted the deytails too.I contacted thru ur website 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing!

I am now having to use the free version.☹️

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@PrivaZer Team


Welcome to the forum.


> It would be great IF users could Exclude Registry entries

by Copying-Pasting the respecting addresses into an Exclude from Registry area.


> It would be great IF users could Defrag Registry and Not Only Clean it.


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Thank you @pc71520


1. ok for the copy-paste of registry keys to exclude.

2. I'm not sure it is necessary to defrag the registry. To gain speed ?
When PrivaZer cleans registry keys or values, it overwrites it to make it unrecoverable.


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