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I've been mainly using Bing engine for the past 3 months and this is my review


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I've been mainly using Bing search engine in the last 3 months. this is my honest opinion.


I enjoy Bing more than Google because Bing has a better layout, Bing has so much more features, like when I want to reverse image search, It shows me the name of the person in the picture or in cases where there is a text in the picture, it uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to let me copy the text from the pic and automatically search for it.

Bing also gives me lots of categories in image searches. I did a side by side comparison of a subject just yesterday. in Google there was no categories to suggest but Bing suggested lots of categories at top, they were so specific that I was surprised how far it went.


Bing has Microsoft Rewards and what it means is that you get points when you do normal searches, you don't need to go to Bing Rewards dashboard to do any additional tasks, but if you want you can and get even more points.

These points accumulate and once they reach a certain amount, you can redeem them for a wide range of prizes. I usually redeem them monthly to get free Xbox game pass which I can use to play all news AAA games on PC and Xbox. so basically I always and forever have free game subscription.


Bing is integrated into Cortana on Windows 10 which means I don't have to open a browser to type anything, I simply press Windows key and start typing and it shows me search results, when I click on a result, it opens it on the new Edge browser which is my default browser and it's also better than Google Chrome for a long list or reasons. (de-googled browser, Tracking Prevention, Collections, Reading view and all of its features, Read Aloud with custom natural voice etc etc..).


Bing also gives me peace of mind knowing that my data and privacy is being handled by a company that revolves around providing services and not data mining.


Bing search results, the default search, is also very relevant. at first I used to open a Google search and compared both results for a specific keyword because I was skeptical that I might be missing some results but nope, I was getting exactly the same relevant results.


Bing also has rich snippets appearing in searches, like when I search for a specific subject, it tells me that hey you also searched about this related subject yesterday and many other little info.


Bing's privacy dashboard is also very streamlined and easy to use. I like that it shows me all of the searched queries I've done from the beginning and allows me to delete them if I want to, but I personally like to keep them as a record.


Bing Also has all of the features that Google offers, I know this because I've been using Google for a long time.



Bing has really and i mean REALLY improved in the last few years and that's why I'm writing this because I'm simply impressed. this is my unbiased honest opinion about Bing. feel free to read or ignore it but if you read I hope you enjoy it.


Have a nice day and stay safe! 😀

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I think you are happy that Bing collects your data. Not everyone happy about that. In my opinion Google and Bing are on equal terms. They both collect your data. They give you different benefits. How they use your data that is different so you get different services from each.

I use google more frequently maybe i give try for Bing. Reverse image search seems improvement on their part.

BUT i don't like when companies not respect their customers opinion and treat them as testing bed for their new products. eg. If you you turn off Bing search it shouldn't send data anymore. It shouldn't be active in the background. It shouldn't be in the memory.

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@zigzag everyone collects data, your VPN, your ISP, your country, your browser, your OS, the websites you browse. what matters is that how they Use the data they collect.

also if something is in memory doesn't mean they are gathering information from you. it can mean lots of things.

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There is a difference in OS level data collection and browser based data collection. They get access to your life in what extent?

Why people still use Windows 7 ( 25% of the market share)? We can install linux so Microsoft cannot collect more data than what we allow.

You can make your own VPN server. You can use different browser that has no data collection. You can restrict data collection pretty much to what you send through browsers for websites. Why would we allow or agree with everything they enforce on us?

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@zigzag Your ISP or VPN if you use, gets a lot more data. do you use smart phones? if you do then you are already compromised, you don't even have to worry about Windows because your mobile phone actively sends your location using cell towers and they get saved in your simcard provider's server. just watch Edward Snowden, you will see that Windows or Microsoft is Not the problem, it's so much bigger :)


This is really a great thorough Interview, I hope you watch it entirely



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