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Found 21 results

  1. Why we need to rebuild internet search, putting user privacy first To use the internet is to consume advertising, but it doesn’t have to be this way (Image credit: Shutterstock / HaseHoch2) Everyone who browses the internet is familiar with advertising. Regardless of what browser, search engine or social media app we use to search the web, every day we are peppered with ads that prey on our aspirations and insecurities to sell us products. An entire generation has grown up believing that if you want to che
  2. Searching your Gmail inbox just became much less traumatic Gmail update helps you rifle through your inbox more efficiently (Image credit: Shutterstock) Google has released an update to its email service Gmail that should help users locate specific messages more efficiently. In a blog post, the company details a tweak to the Gmail search function, which will now also collect results linked with email aliases, often used to create shared inboxes. “When you search for an e
  3. Microsoft Edge may soon get Google Chrome’s Search tabs feature Back in October 2020, Google Chrome introduced the new ‘Tab search’ feature that allowed users to instantly search the list of open tabs. Even though this feature was not available on Microsoft Edge, users were able to enable this feature using a command line flag. In the recent Edge build, Microsoft has now disabled the old “–enable-features=TabSearch” command line option. To enable the Tab search feature, you need to now use the “–enable-features=msTabSearch” command line flag. In
  4. 9 Browser Extensions to Help You Search the Web Better Search results can be cluttered with ads and other less-useful information. These add-ons strip out the junk to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Illustration: Sam Whitney; Getty Images The web is a big place, which is why we need search engines. But given that virtually every popular search engine now heavily weights its top results in favor of its own products, services, and ads, it's gotten
  5. Motherboard obtained IRS documents describing the sale of a database of smartphone movements. The IRS was able to query a database of location data quietly harvested from ordinary smartphone apps over 10,000 times, according to a copy of the contract between IRS and the data provider obtained by Motherboard. The document provides more insight into what exactly the IRS wanted to do with a tool purchased from Venntel, a government contractor that sells clients access to a database of smartphone movements. The Inspector General is currently investigatin
  6. Search engines generally aim to return the most relevant results, but that's not always the case. Earlier this year we reported how popular pirate sites were dropping from Google's top results and the same appears to be happening in DuckDuckGo as well now, with Bing not staying behind. Over the past few years the entertainment industries have repeatedly asked search engines to step up their game when it comes to their anti-piracy efforts. In addition to processing takedown notices, Google and Bing are now also actively working with rightshol
  7. How to disable the display of recent searches in Windows 10's Search Box When you run a search on Windows 10, you can do so using the Start Menu or the dedicated search box if it is displayed. Both search options use the same Windows Search component to display search results to the user, but the front page of the services differ. The Start Menu displays installed programs and tiles by default, the search box a list of quick searches and recent searches that the user ran previously. Some users may find the list of recent s
  8. Here’s the new method to disable Bing integration in Windows Search I can count the number of times I clicked on a web result in Windows Search on the fingers of one hand, if I had an accident which lost me all my fingers. Yet the feature is involved in every search you make, slowing down the rendering of the interface and the delivery of local results. You used to be able to disable Bing integration with a “BingSearchEnabled” registry edit, but Microsoft removed this with the May and October 2020 update. Tha
  9. Latest Steam experiment aims to improve Search on the platform Valve unlocked a new experiment on its Steam platform with the aim to improve search functionality on the gaming platform. The company launched Steam Labs in July 2019 on Steam to give Steam customers the opportunity to test certain features and provide Valve with feedback and data at the same time. Valve Software launched three experiments in July that added micro trailers, interactive recommendations, and an automatic daily show that highlights new and popular games to users.
  10. Google “De-Indexes 832 Pirate Sites” From Australia Search Results Google has voluntarily agreed to remove 832 pirate sites from its search results after reaching a "voluntary" agreement with content owners and ISPs in Australia. That's according to Village Roadshow chief Graham Burke who described the move as "Google doing the right thing". The news appears to come with some caveats, however. Section 115a of Australia’s Copyright Act allows copyright holders to apply for court injunctions that compel local ISPs to block subscribers from accessing ‘pirate’ sites
  11. Find the podcast you're looking for quickly. Google continues its push into the world of podcasts, not only through its own podcast app but also by adding a new podcast feature to search. If you enter a search term like "grilling podcasts" into Google, you'll now see playable podcast episodes right in the results page. In the future Google plans to tweak the feature to allow search to include podcast results even if you don't specify "podcast" in the query. In addition, later this year Google Assistant will begin suggesting podcasts
  12. This is a keystroke launcher for Windows and macOS. Program Search You can search for installed programs Press Enter to launch the selected program Press Shift+Enter to launch the selected program as Admin (Windows only) Files and folder search You can search files and folders Press Enter to open the selected file/folder You can customize the folders which are scanned for files and folders Open URLs with your default web browser Type in a URL Press Enter to open the URL with your default web browser Open defaul
  13. Google is working on improved on-page search in Chrome All modern web browsers support functionality to search for content on the active page. Most map the functionality to Ctrl-F, some also to F3 or just the dot-icon on the keyboard. Google Chrome marks all matches on the page when you start to type automatically; the active match is highlighted in a different colour (orange), the other hits on the page in yellow so that it is easier to find the current location on the page. That's important, as you may use the shortcut or up and down search control
  14. Microsoft released a new preview build of the upcoming Windows 10 version 1903 feature update yesterday; it included, among other changes, a new top apps listing in Search. Windows 10 users who run the build get a list of popular applications that they use the most on the device on top of the search results. The top apps are displayed when users open the results so that they may be launched right away without firing off a search first. The very first question that came to my mind after seeing that was why. Why would Microsoft add a list of applic
  15. New Windows 10 Search Console experience now rolling out Microsoft is currently rolling out a new Search Console experience to Windows 10 users on version 1809 and above. The new experience offers a new two-column layout which Microsoft says offers easy readability, as well as fast access to Quick Searches, where you can see local weather, top news, and more helpful info. To find other web results or navigate directly to a website, users can still type in the search bar like normal. To see the new console click o
  16. Microsoft says server-side fix is in place for most users for Windows 10 search issue Windows 10 users began reporting last week that Search on Windows was broken, where clicking on the search box or icon on the taskbar would result in an empty screen. This seemed to be an issue with the server-side of things, and to many people’s surprise, even searching for local files could not be done. While there was a workaround for the issue, it involved tweaking registry entries, something that is always a risk. Now, an official response on Microsoft Tech Community r
  17. I've been mainly using Bing search engine in the last 3 months. this is my honest opinion. I enjoy Bing more than Google because Bing has a better layout, Bing has so much more features, like when I want to reverse image search, It shows me the name of the person in the picture or in cases where there is a text in the picture, it uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to let me copy the text from the pic and automatically search for it. Bing also gives me lots of categories in image searches. I did a side by side comparison of a subject just yesterday. in Google there was no
  18. PowerToys Spotlight-like search reportedly coming in May It's no secret at this point, but Microsoft is working on something similar to Spotlight Search on Apple's Mac. It's a refined way to search for apps and documents, and it will even be extensible. It's been working on what's currently called Power Launcher since January, and according to the roadmap, it's going to arrive in May. Power Launcher, which isn't its official public name, is a replacement for the Win + R and will ship as part of PowerToys. And like everything in PowerToys, it's meant for power
  19. The agency collected a staggering 534 million domestic phone records last year, up threefold on the year earlier. New figures reveal a sharp increase in the number of searches of Americans' calls and messages by the intelligence community during the Trump administration's first year in office. The figures, published Friday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), show a rise in targeted surveillance and searches of people's data. It's the latest annual report from the government's chief spy, which has faced calls to be more transparent in the wake
  20. Hi, I'm looking for a software/tool to do this for me: I wanna give it a picture, it should reverse search for it on Google/Bing/Yandex (Google is the first priority) and if it finds it in those image search results, automatically downloads the largest version of it for me.
  21. werty12345

    UltraFinder 16.00

    UltraFinder 16.00 Find any file, word, text string, pattern, duplicate and everything else you need in seconds...on your hard drive, on your shared and network volumes, on your removable drives, or even on a remote FTP/SFTP server! UltraFinder is a quick and lightweight Windows search program designed to find text in files anywhere. UltraFinder also allows you to find duplicates and eliminate or delete duplicates, keeping your computer clean and uncluttered while conserving hard drive space. Search your way with a variety of settings to tweak your search to perfection.
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