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Found 14 results

  1. Increasingly, homepages of popular pirate sites are disappearing from search engines. In some cases, however, search engines help pirate brands to stand out. Bing, for example, highlights YTS movies with a fancy poster reel and it even manages to spot some full-length pirate releases on YouTube and the Internet Archive. For years, entertainment industry groups have been frustrated by the fact that “infringing sites” show up in search results. In fact, some see search engines as a fertile breeding ground for new pirates, as they can direct ne
  2. Here’s the new method to disable Bing integration in Windows Search I can count the number of times I clicked on a web result in Windows Search on the fingers of one hand, if I had an accident which lost me all my fingers. Yet the feature is involved in every search you make, slowing down the rendering of the interface and the delivery of local results. You used to be able to disable Bing integration with a “BingSearchEnabled” registry edit, but Microsoft removed this with the May and October 2020 update. Tha
  3. I've been mainly using Bing search engine in the last 3 months. this is my honest opinion. I enjoy Bing more than Google because Bing has a better layout, Bing has so much more features, like when I want to reverse image search, It shows me the name of the person in the picture or in cases where there is a text in the picture, it uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to let me copy the text from the pic and automatically search for it. Bing also gives me lots of categories in image searches. I did a side by side comparison of a subject just yesterday. in Google there was no
  4. Microsoft’s Bing search engine is facing heat for reportedly including images of child pornography in its search results. The issued was described on Thursday by TechCrunch, which said it commissioned a study on the images propagated by Bing from AntiToxin Technologies, an Israeli startup focused on online safety, in response to an anonymous tip. Images of child pornography, the definition of which does not require a minor to be engaged in a sexual act, are considered illegal contraband under U.S. federal law and is further considered illegal in at least 93 other coun
  5. Bing Ads delivers first ever 3D ads to desktop search, for Samsung Galaxy S10 Microsoft is getting ready to test something new on Bing for desktop users—3D ads (via Search Engine Land). To start, the company has partnered with Samsung to give users a 3D rendering of its newest S10 series of phones, as well renderings for the Galaxy S9’s for those who search for them. It’s certainly an interesting way to target ads, nonetheless, and a method Microsoft says is exclusive to their platform. We’re not able to see the ads on our end, but the gist
  6. After identifying the official VLC media download page as “unsafe” with its Bing search engine, Microsoft now suggests it was done in error. Microsoft’s Bing search engine warned its users the official VLC media player website was “suspicious” and dissuaded users from visiting the popular destination, suggesting the site contained “malicious software.” The site is no longer listed as unsafe. In a red warning message presented to users in the search results for “VLC” (videolan[.]org/vlc), Bing had stated: “Site might be dangerous. We suggest you choose anoth
  7. Bing Visual Search now available on the desktop Microsoft has freed Bing Visual Search from the web and brought it to the desktop. Now included as part of Windows Search, the feature allows you to search images which are currently on your desktop in other applications and browsers for related content on the web. Microsoft has freed Bing Visual Search from the web and brought it to the desktop. Now included as part of Windows Search, the feature allows you to search images which are currently on your desktop in other applic
  8. Opposition grows to Microsoft's make-Chrome-use-Bing plan for Office 365 customers Customers rail against Microsoft's 'overreach,' calling it 'browser hijacking,' 'adware' and 'malware.' Craig Adderley (CC0) Resistance has mounted over the last several days to Microsoft's decision to change the default search engine of Google's Chrome to Bing on personal computers running Office 365 ProPlus. Microsoft quietly announced the move Jan. 21 on its Microsoft 365 Roadmap page, then on Jan. 22 pu
  9. Bing hopes to change the way search engines index the web: wants publishers to submit new and updated content Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has announced that it hopes to change the way search engines discover new and updated content. At the moment, search engines generally find new and updated content by crawling pages. When a search engine’s bot lands on a page, it crawls the links on that page and then follows them, crawling the links on the pages that is has followed. This essentially creates a fairly robust index of a website. But Bing wants
  10. Bing rebuilds Home page on Amazon tablets using React/Redux Perhaps due to the outlying operating system Amazon employs in its line of Fire devices, Microsoft has gone back to the drawing board for a redesigned Bing experience on Amazon tablets. According to a new post on Bing Blogs, the team has focused its redesign efforts around a combination of React + Redux. This is the first major browser experience on Bing that is completely rendered on the client using React, while Redux handles the state management across tabs.
  11. Microsoft launches its Bing Coronavirus Tracker Keeping track of Coranavirus news can be quite the time-consuming process and a burden as well considering that you need to find reliable information. Microsoft just launched its Coronavirus tracker on Bing. COVID-19 Tracker provides statistics and information about the spread of the virus in the world. The startpage lists the total confirmed cases, cases by country, and each of these divided into active, recovered and fatal cases. There is also a map which highlights how individual regions are impacted
  12. Microsoft to start changing Chrome's search engine to Bing for opt-in customers Microsoft has revised its schedule for rolling out a Chrome browser extension to Office 365 customers; it plans to begin adding the extension to Google's browser this month. Microsoft Microsoft this week revised the schedule for rolling out a Chrome browser extension to Office 365 customers, which at one point would have forced users to switch to the company's own Bing search engine. Rather than deliver the Chrome add-on to version 200
  13. You can ask "How tall is the tower in Paris?" and it knows what you're talking about. Enlarge / The Eiffel Tower. Pedro Szekely Search engines today are more than just the dumb keyword matchers they used to be. You can ask a question—say, "How tall is the tower in Paris?"—and they'll tell you that the Eiffel Tower is 324 meters (1,063 feet) tall, about the same as an 81-story building. They can do this even though the question never actually names the tower. How do they do this? As with everything else these
  14. Bing is now very much the Microsoft search engine Microsoft is rebranding its Bing search engine to Microsoft Bing today as part of a rebranding effort. While the vast majority of people are likely to still just call it Bing, Microsoft unveiled its shift toward Microsoft Bing in a blog post today. Microsoft doesn’t go into detail about why it added the company’s name to the Bing brand, other than it reflecting “the continued integration of our search experiences across the Microsoft family.” This rebranding means Bing is now using its own updated logo and a
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