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Microsoft Wants You to Call Windows 10 Devs About Edge and Outlook


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Microsoft is asking Windows Insiders to schedule an anonymous call with Microsoft developers to discuss their experiences using OneNote, Outlook, or the Edge browser. These requests are being shown in notifications displayed on the desktop from the Feedback Hub.




While using the latest Windows 10 Insider 20H1 build 18941, a Feedback Hub notification was displayed titled "Let's talk! Scan QR Code" that stated "Microsoft Engineer has a question for you: Talk to Microsoft engineers about your recent experiences using OneNote, Outlook, or Edge browser. See available time: https://aka.ms/InsiderNinjaCat.



Schedule a call notification


When you click on the notification, you will be brought to a Feedback Hub entry that contains the same information. While it does prompt you to leave a comment, Windows users should instead visit the listed URL, which in this case is https://aka.ms/InsiderNinjaCat.



Feedback Hub Entry


If you browse to https://aka.ms/InsiderNinjaCat, you will be brought to a Microsoft Research page that asks you to schedule an anonymous call with the Microsoft engineering team to discuss "your recent experiences with OneNote, Outlook, or Edge browser". This call will be used to get feedback from Microsoft customers.


"We gather customer feedback through multiple channels such as the Windows Feedback Hub. We also like to talk directly customers - and that’s what our online user research sessions are all about. They provide an exciting opportunity to connect with the engineers who design and build our products.


Hearing from you early in the development cycle helps our engineers make changes to our products and test them before release.


Early customer interactions ensure we hit the mark with features. The time you spend with us today can improve our products for users around the world."


Microsoft is currently scheduling calls on 7/30/2019 between 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM PDT. The page further states that the calls will not be recorded, it is completely anonymous, and each call should take approximately 5 - 10 minutes, but may go longer if necessary. 

"Each 1:1 conversation is expected to run 5-10 minutes, but may be longer if there is more to discuss. We are not recording or storing the content of this call."

In April 2019, Microsoft had asked users to call in and discuss their experience using the Windows 10 taskbar.



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