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  1. Microsoft fixes Outlook crash issues when using Search bar Microsoft will roll out a fix for a known issue causing Outlook for Microsoft 365 to crash on systems where users attempted using the Search bar or Search Suggestions features. Starting February, users have reported encountering this bug on various online platforms, including Microsoft's community website and Tech Community, as well as Reddit. As Microsoft describes the issue, "if you attempt to use the “Search” bar within Outlook, the application will shut down." Redmond says that a fix has already been developed for this issue, with a fix being planned to roll out worldwide to all impacted users on Tuesday, July 13. To install the Outlook update addressing this known bug, you have to follow the instructions available on the Install Office updates support document. Unofficial workarounds While no official workarounds are available yet for Outlook customers affected by these crash issues, users reported that clearing out the local folder and recreating your profile should eliminate the bug. To do so, you will have to go through the following steps: Open the Run dialog using Windows + R. Open %appdata%\local\microsoft\outlook and delete everything in the folder. Go to Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles and delete the old Outlook profile. Create a new Profile and start Outlook. Others successfully mitigated the issue by rolling back to a previous Outlook version (the one released in May), not affected by this bug. The only step required for this is to run the following command from the Command Prompt: "C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun\OfficeC2RClient.exe" /update user updatetoversion=16.0.14026.20246 In June, Microsoft fixed another issue causing Microsoft 365 users to experience authentication issues when logging into desktop client apps like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Outlook. The company also addressed an Outlook bug that blocked users from forwarding or replying to emails bundling embedded hyperlinks pointing to long URLs. Redmond is currently also investigating an Outlook crash when using the 'Find Related' search feature in the Tasks Module and an issue where the follow-up flag status is displayed in sent messages incorrectly. Microsoft fixes Outlook crash issues when using Search bar
  2. JayDee

    Outlook Sync Issues

    Hello, I have outlook installed and running on both my personal and work PCs. The received email (Inbox) syncs perfectly with no issues but i am having a sync issue with the outgoing emails (Sent). Every time I send an email from my work PC, the email appears in the sent folder but does not appear in the sent folder on my personal PC and vice versa. Can anyone help resolve this. Thanks
  3. Outlook for Windows is getting suggested replies Microsoft introduced suggested replies for Outlook on the web in 2018, giving users the ability to quickly reply to email messages with AI-powered suggestions based on the contents of the email. The feature has since made its way to Android and iOS versions of Outlook, but users of the Windows desktop app were left in the cold. That's changing soon, though, as a new item on the Microsoft 365 roadmap indicates that the feature is now in development for Outlook for Windows. Similar to other platforms, suggested replies will show up to three suggestions for what you can say in response to a given message, including the ability to attach a file to the email. The feature is labeled as in development, but it's planned for release this month. In fact, if you're in the Office Insider Beta channel, you can already try the feature. You can also disable suggested replies in the app's settings. Meanwhile, suggested replies are also set to be available soon for government customers, according to another item on the roadmap. The feature is also in development, but planned for release in April. As is the case for regular users, the feature works in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and German. Chinese simplified is also supported, but only in China. Aside from Outlook, the roadmap also reveals some new features for Microsoft 365 apps and services, specifically Teams. A new file sharing experience, first announced in October 2019, is now rolling out, making it possible to share all kinds of files on Teams as links, complete with the usual controls you get when sharing links to a OneDrive file. You can choose who can view or edit the file, be it anyone with the link, only people in your organization, or those in the channel you're sharing the link on. This is in addition to a number of Teams features that were added to the roadmap in the past week, like breakout room timers and replies to specific messages. Source: Outlook for Windows is getting suggested replies
  4. Microsoft is investigating a web Outlook and Exchange Online outage that hit as Europeans began work on Thursday. Outlook online users around the world are reporting problems accessing the Microsoft service, adding to the woes Office 365 users experienced earlier this week. Microsoft at 9am CET, 3am ET, confirmed that users are having issues accessing Exchange Online accounts via Outlook on the web. Microsoft initially said users in India are the primary group impacted. However, the company later confirmed on the Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account that the issue is affecting users worldwide. Downloaddetector currently indicates the worst impacted regions include the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and India. There are also multiple user reports on Twitter from users in Europe who've been unable to access Outlook as the workday begins. This new incident follows a six-hour Office 365 failure earlier this week due to an authentication error that prevented users from signing into Office.com, Outlook.com, Teams, Power Platform, and Dynamics365. Microsoft was forced to roll back a recent change that impacted authentication operations for numerous Microsoft and Azure services. Microsoft's Office Service health dashboard also confirms that users of Outlook.com "may be unable to access their email". "We're collecting additional data from the affected infrastructure to aid in our investigation to determine the cause of impact," Microsoft said. Similar to the incident earlier this week, Microsoft said it is investigating recent updates it has made to its service to identify the potential source of the problem. However, there's no indication of when the issue will be resolved. "We're reviewing recent changes to our service to further determine the cause of impact. Users may experience problems with various Exchange Online protocols, including Outlook desktop, mobile devices as well as those dependent on REST functionality," Microsoft said. Downloaddetector indicates the worst affected regions include the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and India. Image: Downloaddetector Source
  5. Microsoft is currently experiencing a huge service outage involving its Microsoft 365, a cloud-based subscription service that provides access to the company’s Office apps and more. Microsoft 365 is available for everything from personal home use to businesses, enterprise, and even educational institutions. The number of people dependent on the service makes this outage particularly frustrating. The outage, reports of which started rolling in earlier today, has made it impossible for some customers to access Microsoft 365 services. In some cases, Microsoft says that certain services are now recovering, including Microsoft Intune, Exchange Online, and Outlook.com. As well, Microsoft says that its Teams, Forms, and OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online are healthy. As expected given the widespread impact of this outage, Microsoft mobilized quickly to fix the issue. Around 4PM ET today, the company said on its Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account that it had identified ‘a recent change that may have resulted in impact to’ these services. It reverted the change, which triggered a recovery process. In an update soon after, another tweet was published revealing that the investigation had linked the issue to ‘a network infrastructure change.’ With that reverted, Microsoft said that its telemetry ‘indicates’ that its 365 services are recovering now that the change has been reversed. The Admin Center is still inaccessible at this time and it’s unclear how long it may take to restore this service to a healthy state. Head over to the Microsoft Office Status website to keep tabs on the current progress in reversing this outage, or follow the Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account for real-time updates. https://www.slashgear.com/huge-microsoft-365-outage-takes-down-outlook-and-more-07641484/
  6. Microsoft’s Outlook email app is crashing suddenly for people worldwide Microsoft is investigating the issues Microsoft’s Outlook email app for Windows is crashing at launch for a large number of users around the world. Office 365 business users are reporting that Outlook launches and then crashes immediately, seemingly after a recent update. “We’re investigating whether a recently deployed update could be the source of this issue,” explains Microsoft in a Twitter status update. In another update shared on Twitter, Microsoft said it’s rolling out a fix for the issue that should reach all customers “over the next few hours.” Affected users should be able to log into Outlook on the web until the issues are resolved. IT admins over on Reddit are also testing a variety of workarounds to roll back the update that appears to have caused the crashes today. Update July 15th, 3:36PM ET: Added tweet from Microsoft about a fix. Microsoft’s Outlook email app is crashing suddenly for people worldwide
  7. Microsoft announces a bunch of new Outlook features for all platforms Microsoft has announced a whole bunch of features for Outlook on various platforms that are aimed at improving meeting controls, email management, and overall productivity through the tool for Microsoft 365 users. The updates also bring parity between the mobile, desktop, and web clients, for many of the features. While some features are new, some of them are hitting general availability and have been in testing with insiders. The company has listed the improvements in three major sections – “Spend less time preparing for meetings, Protect your personal time, and Manage your calendar to stay balanced”. The first section lists the improvements that are being made to improve efficiency when creating and preparing for meetings. One of the additions coming to Outlook on Android is meeting insights. The feature provides files, emails, and other information based on the meeting specifics to help users prepare for their meetings better, without having to collate all the data necessary. On the web, the feature lets users see meeting details right from within relevant emails and take actions such as add recipients, and update meeting details. On mobile, the company is adding a one-tap join experience, where users can directly join meeting invites for third-party services like Zoom and WebEx. When creating meetings, users can also set the invite to be an online-only event. Next up is the improvements to manage users’ time, listed under the ‘Protect your personal time’ section. The enhancements under this section include the ability to add personal calendars to work accounts on Outlook on the web. This will help users keep a tab on personal appointments right from their work calendars, negating the need to switch between accounts to view them. It is rolling out to all users starting today. Additionally, the suggested replies feature is also getting new capabilities that enable it to let users directly send availability for meetings based on queries in emails. The company has also detailed the ‘Send Later’ feature that lets users schedule the delivery time for an email to avoid sending communication at odd hours. The feature began rolling out last month to business customers. Outlook on the web and on mobile will now also let users snooze their email to appear at the top of the inbox later. Lastly, the company has listed the enhancements being made to let users manage their calendars. One of the features that is being made available on Android and iOS is the ability to create a task on Microsoft To Do directly from an email message. These will then sync with the To Do app and Outlook, letting users pick up the task from anywhere they need. On the web version of the service, users can highlight a part of a message and directly add it into a task with that verbiage as the heading, to make it easier to find. As part of the addition being made to manage tasks effectively, users can now pick up a task from To Do’s My Day list and drop it into the calendar to create an event on Outlook for the web. The email client is also receiving the previously-announced Cortana briefing email that helps users prepare for their day by providing a summary of the meetings and files attached in the invites. The web and desktop clients can also let users set meetings to end a few minutes early to be able to catch a break between two meetings. On mobile, users can also leverage Cortana’s Play my Emails feature that provides a readout of new email messages. It also allows for responding to emails and joining Teams meetings directly using voice commands. Lastly, Outlook users on the web and on Windows can set their available hours for meetings to ensure better time management. In times of the pandemic where users are increasingly moving to a remote work setup, these additions and improvements will surely help manage emails and lists better. Microsoft has not mentioned the exact availability and rollout schedule for most of the features, but it is safe to assume that they will begin being made available sooner. You can head to the blog post here to read through all the new features and links to more documentation. Microsoft announces a bunch of new Outlook features for all platforms
  8. Debilitating 'Outlook needs to close' bug linked to a bad Windows cumulative update Microsoft has acknowledged that a combination of the June 2-or-later version of Microsoft 365 (nee Office 365) and the June Win10 cumulative updates cause Outlook to disavow its PST files. The source of the problem seems to be a bug in the cumulative updates. Microsoft / lVcandy / Aleksei Derin / Getty Images Internecine conflict seems to be a recurring theme at Microsoft, but this one takes it to new levels. Somehow, somebody forgot to test the latest patched version of Outlook with the latest patched version of Windows. The result is an error message that makes Outlook inoperable. The official announcement appears on the Microsoft 365 support site: After updating to Version 2005 Build 12827.20268 or higher and starting Outlook you may see the following error prompt: The Outlook Team is investigating this issue with the Windows Team. We are not sure yet if the primary fix will come from Outlook or Windows. When we have more information on fix details we will add them here. Microsoft If you click OK, the ScanPST Inbox Repair Tool starts. Go through the repair process, reboot, and - surprise! - you get the error message again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. No telling how many hours have been wasted over the weekend on this one. The good news, though, is that your PST file is fine – and always has been. As best I can tell, the show-stopper bug only occurs on machines that: Use PST, not OST, files; Run Microsoft 365 version 2005 Current Channel release 12827.20268 (from June 2) or Current Channel release 12827.20336 (from June 9); And have installed the June 2020 Win10 cumulative update (KB 4557957 for version 2004, KB 4560960 for versions 1903 or 1909, or KB 4561608 for version 1809). Microsoft’s solution – published in that Microsoft 365 support article – involves manually editing the Registry to make Outlook disregard the bogus “corrupt” PST file on startup. In fact, the “corrupt” PST file isn’t corrupt at all. It’s just Windows messin’ with Outlook. If you don’t want to pummel your Registry, Diane Poremsky at Slipstick has an easy downloadable solution. The insider report I have says that the bug is actually in the June cumulative updates, but that it’ll be easier for Microsoft to fix the problem by working around it in a new Microsoft 365 Current Channel release. You might expect that the Office people aren’t particularly happy about this one. Tell me once again…, who tests this stuff? Solace for muzzled Outlook devs available on the AskWoody.com Lounge. Debilitating 'Outlook needs to close' bug linked to a bad Windows cumulative update
  9. The auto-complete feature in Outlook, automatically generates the address of the recipient, when you try to send an email message across. Now if after you update your Outlook version, you find your contacts missing from the Outlook Address Book, here is what you need to do to restore your address book in Microsoft Outlook. Contact information does not appear in the address book in Outlook This erroneous behavior mainly occurs because Outlook requires you to complete the steps before your contact information is available. Install the Outlook Address Book service. Mark your contact folder for use with your address book. Specify either an e-mail address for each item that you want to appear when you address messages. Re-install Outlook Address Book On the File tab, click Account Settings > Account Settings. In the Account Settings dialog box, on the Address Books tab, click New. If your Outlook Address Book is listed, click Close, and immediately go to ‘Mark your contact folder for use with your address book’ section. If your Outlook Address Book is not listed, click New. Select Additional Address Books, and then click Next. Under ‘Additional Address Books’ heading, you will find various options listed. Select the option that reads ‘Outlook Address Book’ and hit the ‘Next’ button. Once done, you will receive a message saying the address book that you added will not start until you click Exit on the File menu. Click OK> Finish > Close. Select the desired address book and Exit Restart Outlook to use the address book that you added. Mark your contact folder for use with your Outlook Address Book Select the Contacts folder from the side menu and then click the Folder tab in the Ribbon. Click the Folder Properties tab in the Ribbon as shown in the screenshot below. After that in the ‘Meeting Properties’ window that pops up, select ‘Outlook Address Book’ tab and check the box marked against ‘Show this folder as an e-mail address book’. Type a descriptive name, and then click OK. Specify e-mail address for each item you want to see when you address messages Go to the Folder list and select the Contact folder. Double-click the contact to open the item, and then search for the e-mail address field. If there is no e-mail address added, Outlook will fail to display this contact in your address book. As such, you will need to specify an e-mail address for the item you want to see when you address messages. source
  10. With access to a Microsoft Exchange Server account or an Office 365 Account, you can control the number of emails to be kept offline in Outlook. This post describes you how to configure your Outlook account to do so. Change how much email to keep offline in Outlook Outlook downloads all your tasks, contacts and calendar appointments from Microsoft Exchange Server to your PC. However, it should use services like Hotmail or Office 365 for this. If you have chosen to use the services of a different mail provider (Google or Yahoo), Outlook will not allow you to set the limit for the number of emails to be kept offline. Limit Exchange mailbox items to be synchronized in Outlook 1] Open your Outlook account and navigate to File menu. 2] Next, move to ‘Account Settings’ section and choose ‘Account Settings’ option from the drop-down menu. 3] Now, moving to the Account Settings window, select the account to change the default and then, hit the ‘Change’ button. 4] Instantly, a ‘Change Account’ will appear, showing you a ‘Use Cached Exchange Mode’ enabled under ‘Offline settings’ section. 5] If it’s not enabled by default, check the box marked against it. If not done, mails will fail to download on your PC. 6] After that, proceed to change how much mail you would like to keep offline in Outlook via ‘Mail to keep offline’ slider. 7] Currently, the time limits available are: 3 Days 1 Week 3 Weeks 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 5 years All Please note that the above limits (3 Days, 1 Week, and 2 Weeks) aren’t available for earlier versions of Office like Office 2013. 8] Select the desired period from the above options. For some reasons, if you are not able to change it then, you need to seek administrator privileges to make the changes. 9] If prompted after the changes made, hit ‘Next’. 10] You’ll need to restart your Outlook, so click ‘OK’ and close the Account Settings window. 11] Following this, Outlook may take a little while to update. It strictly depends upon the limit you’ve configured. Finally, when it is done, you’ll see a message at the bottom. source
  11. Outlook keeps asking How do you want to open this file In Windows 10, while opening a .WAV file attachment (voicemail files) or files of other formats such as JPG, PNG, Outlook 2016 displays ‘How do you want to open this file‘ message. At other times, even if you have marked the ‘Always use this app to open ….. files‘ checkbox, you may still experience the same problem. Running Outlook as Administrator doesn’t help either. Most Outlook users report this issue while trying to open JPG files. But this can happen with other file extensions like PDF or PNG as well. If Microsoft Outlook keeps asking you How do you want to open this file for JPG, PDF, PNG, .WAV, etc. file types, even when you have made your choice clear and selected the Always use this appcheckbox, then read further. How do you want to open this file – Outlook In Windows 10, many types of files can be opened via one or more programs. For example, you can open a photo with the Photos App or with Microsoft Paint, among others. As such, if you have set any of these apps as the default program to open JPG files, other apps like Outlook will keep seeking your permission and ask you How do you want to open this file? In this post, we are talking about JPG files as an example, but a similar process applies for other file formats as well. Can’t open JPG files in Outlook Try the following solutions and see if they fix the problem. 1] Set a default program Open Settings > Apps > Default apps. Here, scroll down and move to ‘Choose default applications by file type’ link. Now, scroll further to locate JPG and set the program you want to use. These posts will show you in details how to set Program defaults and how to set File Associations & Extensions defaults. 2] Using Registry Editor Create a system restore point first and then open Registry Editor and navigate to the following path address Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.jpg When found, right-click the .JPG folder and select ‘Delete’ option. Exit the Registry Editor and restart your computer. Hereafter, you should not see the popup appearing again and asking you to how to open jpg files. Fortunately, this solution works in many cases. If everything fails, uninstall Outlook and try reinstalling it and see if the problem is resolved. Source
  12. When it comes to email, calendar and contacts, Microsoft Outlook has long ruled the roost, but Google's G Suite combo of Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts is worth a second look. Thinkstock / Google / Microsoft Some people will tell you that social media, chat platforms and videoconferencing have replaced email as the most important means of communication in the workplace. Don’t believe them. Email remains the lifeblood of business and will do so into the foreseeable future. When it comes to email in the business world, there are two main products to consider: Microsoft Outlook and Google’s Gmail. Outlook has long been the standby in the workplace, but Gmail has been growing in popularity. Each has changed significantly over the years and continues to change. Because of that, you and your company may want to reconsider which you use for work today. To help you decide which is best for you, I’ve put them both through their paces. I’ve examined their basic interfaces; how you create, read and respond to messages; and the options for managing email. I’ve also compared Outlook’s calendaring functions to Gmail’s companion, Google Calendar, and Outlook’s contacts capabilities to Google Contacts. For this review I primarily worked using the desktop version of Outlook for Windows that is part of Microsoft Office 365, and I worked with Gmail in a web browser, naturally. However, it’s a multiplatform world, so I also tested both Gmail’s and Outlook’s mobile apps, the Outlook for Mac desktop client, and the web version of Outlook. Before we begin, a few notes about price. Gmail is part of Google’s licensed G Suite package for businesses, and it’s free for individual use. Microsoft Outlook is available as part of Microsoft Office, which has a variety of different iterations for personal or business use, and is available as either an annual subscription or a one-time purchase. Individuals can use the online version of Outlook for free, but its functionality isn’t as robust as the desktop client's. With all that in mind, let’s get started. <snip> Poster's note: This is a long, comprehensive and detailed multi-page article. Please visit the link below to view the full article. Poster's note 2: Sorry didn't realise, free registration required to view the rest. Source: Outlook vs. Gmail: Which works better for business? (Computerworld - Preston Gralla)
  13. Adding AMP to Outlook is a mine field waiting to happen Recently, Microsoft announced that it plans to follow Google’s lead in supporting the Accelerated Mobile Pages platform in email. While Microsoft following suit with Google and its adoption of Chromium in its web browsing development will ultimately be a net good for both the company’s engineering efforts and consumer experience going forward, going down the path of AMP advocacy in email may be an uncessary mine field that could eventually blow up in its face. A post on Tutanota expounds on all the hidden and not so hidden reasons users should be wary of AMP in Gmail. While many of those author’s negative assessments also apply to its adoption in Outlook, Microsoft will find themselves in an almost lose/lose situation when they begin rolling this out to both its potential enterprise and commercial users while simultaneously annoying its desired intersection prosumer crowd. Here are the points laid out by the article: News will be presented without branding: AMP is an attempt by Google to colonize free platforms such as web and email. Google should not be infrastructure. What does AMP actually do with your mailbox? No ad blocker will help if your emails are delivered through Gmail. Marketers and Google love AMP: Attempt to track you across platforms. Building fast websites is easy: AMP doesn’t magically make websites faster. Absence of trackers does. There’s a reason why email is still around: One of the best things about emails is that they are persistent. They don’t push advertisements into your face, they are always the same. Google is trying to fix something about emails, which isn’t even broken. Granting all of this, Microsoft doesn’t seem to prioritize its Outlook platform as a monetized advertising target in the same fashion as Google but Tutanota points two and five directly apply to the company’s split user base in a potentially negative way. Negatives for consumers Microsoft’s consumer Outlook product has historically been bad at filtering spam. Over the years, Microsoft’s Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail) platform has gotten better at filtering spam by putting more controls in the hands of its users, however, its own automated processes are still in question. With the introduction of AMP emails, a new type of spam is about to be hoisted onto already annoyed users with few current recourses for protecting their inboxes and ultimately exacerbate the PR struggle Outlook.com is facing when compared to its competition. As it stands, Ad blockers for Outlook, arguably struggle with delineation of Ads, promotions and spam as evident by the push toward ‘Focused’ and ‘Other’ inbox separation in the apps. AMP emails will be repackaged advertising elements intended to bypass ad blocker rules by disguising themselves as interactive web experiences from, ideally, reputable and Google/Microsoft approved partners (those who already participated in the AMP project.) The end around that AMP emails would take to land in someone’s inbox aren’t isolated to just the consumer platform of Outlook, but could be much more of nuisance and productivity killer for enterprise Outlook users. Negatives for enterprise Prior to the AMP HTML platform being introduced to emails, many enterprise users of email touted the efficiency and security of networking emails. WIth companies now free to embed website experiences into emails, some employees will undoubtedly find themselves lost in an email exploring the mini website in their reading pane. The dynamic nature of AMP HTML also puts into question the historical relevancy emails will retain in situations of validation, receipts, legal conversations and encrypted correspondence in a business setting. When referring to a email chain for context, AMP emails will now have moving parts that are updared in real time and remove the historical data being searched or relied upon. AMP HTML is a 50/50 proposition for the webs biggest advertising company, Google, which has built the mind share, the capital, and leniency to test this new platform in email. I don’t believe Microsoft currently has either the good faith or walking space with its Outlook.com or Outlook for Business platforms to pull off missteps in introducing AMP HTML to its platform. While Google builds inherent internet advertisement platforms into its software and services, Microsoft has not historically done so and has arguably stumbled when attempting to pivot in that direction. Microsoft does not have the same partnership with internet advertisers as Google which leads in both search engine market share and active email user base, so introducing AMP as a marketing effort in Outlook would seem to be a subdued affair for both entities. At the end of the day, Microsoft may be better served pulling an Xbox One circa 2014 and retrenching itself in all the previous benefits of email such as security, reliability, proficiency and pushing user advocacy by rebranding itself as a safe haven away from the superfluous tracking and advertising that will now be found in Gmail. Source
  14. Microsoft To-Do can now manage your flagged emails from Outlook Flagged emails from your work or school Outlook accounts can now be synced as tasks in To-Do. on Windows and the web is making it easier to keep up with your backlog of emails. In the latest update to the task manager, work and school accounts can now have their flagged Outlook emails automatically synced up to To-Do in their own task list. Upon updating to To-Do version 1.52, you'll see a prompt asking if you'd like to turn on the flagged email feature. Once enabled, you'll see a new list for flagged emails appear amongst your other lists. Any time you flag an email in Outlook with your work or school account, it will then automatically appear in the flagged email list as a task with the title and body text, along with a shortcut to open the email in Outlook. According to Microsoft's support document, you can have up to 10 emails flagged from the last two weeks at any given time. Once they're converted to tasks, you can add due dates, reminders, and otherwise interact with them as you would any other task. Source
  15. Microsoft is bringing better Outlook sync tech to the Mac Microsoft is bringing some much-needed improvements to its Outlook for Mac app. Starting this week, Outlook for Mac beta testers (in the Fast Ring) will be able to access a new design that comes with some significant performance improvements. Microsoft is bringing its sync technology that’s used on Outlook for iOS and Android and Windows Mail to Outlook for Mac. It means Office 365, Outlook.com, and even Google accounts will sync faster thanks to Microsoft’s cloud services. Microsoft is also tweaking the design of Outlook for Mac, and adding a lot of features that have been available on the web and mobile versions of Outlook. Reading and writing emails has been improved with single line views, a new mail compose UI, and even features like the ability to ignore emails. Collapsible panels have been added so you can customize the main view of mail and tweak the toolbar accordingly. You’ll notice that the ribbon looks like it has disappeared in Outlook for Mac. “Following the same design principles as the Office 365 user experience updates announced last year, the ribbon was updated in the new Outlook for Mac to be fully customizable,” explains a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. “In Mac environment, we refer to it as a toolbar – at this time, there are no plans to announce updates to the ribbon elsewhere on Office for Mac.” Microsoft has also added a new “My Day” view of your daily calendar next to the main mail screen. Microsoft has also moved the search bar to the top of Outlook for Mac, and integrated Microsoft Search into the results. That should mean search results are quicker and more relevant, and there’s even new filters to let you customize searches fully. It looks like Microsoft has paid attention and updated Outlook for Mac with a lot of improvements that Mac owners have been asking for. Microsoft is really trying to win over power users who use Outlook for Mac, and bring it closer to being level with the Windows and web variants. You’ll be able to try this new Outlook for Mac update in the Fast Ring this week by toggling “New Outlook” in the top right-hand corner, and Microsoft is planning more updates over the coming months. Update, November 4th 9:20AM ET: Article updated with Microsoft’s comment on ribbon design in Outlook for Mac. Source: Outlook for Mac gets a new design and big performance improvements (via The Verge)
  16. Outlook is the latest Microsoft Android app to pass 100 million installs on the Play Store The latest Microsoft app tom hit the 100 million install mark on the Google Play Store is Outlook, as was spotted by MSPU over the weekend. It joins apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Skype, OneNote, and SwiftKey in the club. Those apps have many more installations though, as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, and OneDrive all have over a billion installations, while OneNote and SwiftKey have 500 million. Microsoft's Frank X. Shaw noted back in April that Outlook has 100 million users on iOS and Android. However, that's counting users, while the Google Play Store is counting installations. It's also worth noting that the Google Play Store doesn't account for all Android devices. Amazon offers Outlook on its own app store, as do other vendors. The next milestone for Outlook to hit in the Google Play Store will be 500 million, since Google doesn't count anything in-between that and 100 million. Microsoft is always continuing to improve the product, as well as making deals with OEMs to get Outlook preinstalled. Naturally, it will also be preinstalled by default on the upcoming Android-powered Surface Duo. Source: Outlook is the latest Microsoft Android app to pass 100 million installs on the Play Store (Neowin)
  17. Encryptomatic PST Viewer PRO 2019 v9.0.1009.0 Unlimited Site License Edition Since 2006, PstViewer Pro™ by Encryptomatic® LLC is the premier Windows software tool for viewing and managing your Outlook emails, without Outlook. It works with any .pst/.ost file, from Outlook 98 to Outlook 2019/365. It is used to organize, discover, print, and convert emails even if they were created by different mail clients. In addition to Outlook .pst files, PstViewer Pro gives you access to many other email formats supported by dozens of email clients, including Thunderbird. Supported e-mail formats include PST, OST, MSG, EML, MHTML, Winmail.dat, and MBOX. PstViewer Pro can combine different email files into a single searchable email list. Don't fuss with multiple viewers or email clients when PstViewer Pro alone can let you view your messages. More than a decade of software development has been invested in PstViewer Pro. During that time, hundreds of malformatted email exceptions have been discovered in the while and incorporated directly into PstViewer Pro. That's why it is the most accurate email viewer on the market. PstViewer Pro has been built with a focus on rendering complex emails that include rich text with embedded graphics, and those that SmartArt with embedded charts, shapes and drawings. - Easy To Use - PST To PDF Conversion - Opens All Outlook PST Files - Searching PST Files - Open a Password Protected PST Home Page: https://www.encryptomatic.com/pstviewer/ DOWNLOAD: Features of this edition: Enjoy!
  18. Microsoft is asking Windows Insiders to schedule an anonymous call with Microsoft developers to discuss their experiences using OneNote, Outlook, or the Edge browser. These requests are being shown in notifications displayed on the desktop from the Feedback Hub. While using the latest Windows 10 Insider 20H1 build 18941, a Feedback Hub notification was displayed titled "Let's talk! Scan QR Code" that stated "Microsoft Engineer has a question for you: Talk to Microsoft engineers about your recent experiences using OneNote, Outlook, or Edge browser. See available time: https://aka.ms/InsiderNinjaCat. Schedule a call notification When you click on the notification, you will be brought to a Feedback Hub entry that contains the same information. While it does prompt you to leave a comment, Windows users should instead visit the listed URL, which in this case is https://aka.ms/InsiderNinjaCat. Feedback Hub Entry If you browse to https://aka.ms/InsiderNinjaCat, you will be brought to a Microsoft Research page that asks you to schedule an anonymous call with the Microsoft engineering team to discuss "your recent experiences with OneNote, Outlook, or Edge browser". This call will be used to get feedback from Microsoft customers. "We gather customer feedback through multiple channels such as the Windows Feedback Hub. We also like to talk directly customers - and that’s what our online user research sessions are all about. They provide an exciting opportunity to connect with the engineers who design and build our products. Hearing from you early in the development cycle helps our engineers make changes to our products and test them before release. Early customer interactions ensure we hit the mark with features. The time you spend with us today can improve our products for users around the world." Microsoft is currently scheduling calls on 7/30/2019 between 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM PDT. The page further states that the calls will not be recorded, it is completely anonymous, and each call should take approximately 5 - 10 minutes, but may go longer if necessary. "Each 1:1 conversation is expected to run 5-10 minutes, but may be longer if there is more to discuss. We are not recording or storing the content of this call." In April 2019, Microsoft had asked users to call in and discuss their experience using the Windows 10 taskbar. Source
  19. Microsoft details the new Cortana experience coming to Outlook for iOS app Microsoft today revealed the details about the new Cortana experience coming to Outlook for iOS users in the coming weeks. Here’s how you can access Cortana in Outlook app: New Ask Cortana microphone icon will be available when you press new event and message buttons on your Outlook Inbox and Calendar screens. Here’s how Cortana can help you in Outlook app: Cortana can help schedule new events and customize the event details on the screen with language that you use every day instead of tapping or typing. Example: “Schedule a Teams Meeting on Tuesday next week with Megan and Adele at 2 PM to discuss the launch.” You will be able to ask Cortana to change meeting recipients, dates, times and eventually the location based on your preferences for your meeting or focus time, all with your voice. For example, when creating a new event using your voice, you can say: “Schedule a meeting with Megan and Adele tomorrow at 2PM to discuss the Budget … Change it to 3PM … Change the title to 2021 Planning and add Nestor.” You will be able to ask Cortana to find specific events. You can also use your voice to search for events with specific people in your organization over a specific timeframe making it a more natural and efficient experience. The new message button on your Focused Inbox will give you the ability to ask Cortana to start a short message. For example, you can press the new message button and tap the mic icon to ask Cortana to: “Send an email to Adele about 2021 planning” – a new message will start to be created with your colleague as a recipient and the subject completed as “2021 planning”. In the coming months, Microsoft will make it easier to compose full, longer email messages by adding Dictate to Outlook for iOS. With a new microphone at the top of the message or conversation you have opened in Outlook; you will be able to do things such as: “Forward this to my manager” – Outlook will set up the message with your manager’s email address in the To: list where you can add more recipients and add a typed a comment. You will be able to open an email message in Outlook and if it is one you would like to listen to rather than read, you can choose to play the conversation from an option within the ellipses. Soon you will be able to ask Cortana to play messages from specific people, such as your manager or someone else in your organization and over a range of time, such as “last week” or “in January”. Based on the feedback it receives from Outlook for iOS users, Microsoft will bring this Cortana experience to Outlook for Android users in the coming months. Also, this Cortana experience will be available only in English for customers in the United States using Microsoft 365 work accounts. Source: Microsoft Microsoft details the new Cortana experience coming to Outlook for iOS app
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