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  1. I've been using Microsoft Authenticator Beta app for a while on my Android phone, today I received an update and now the app works as a system-wide password manager (Password filler), for all websites and apps. This should work on IOS too. Links to Google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.azure.authenticator&hl=en_US&gl=US And App store. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/microsoft-authenticator/id983156458 (remember you have to enroll in Beta for now until this is rolled out to the public) Q: How are my pas
  2. By Kate O'Flaherty Microsoft Edge has been busy launching a barrage of new features over the last few months as it looks to beat Chrome in the browser wars. This momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing, because Edge has just launched a set of stellar new features that could be especially attractive to business users as the work from home trend continues. First up is an update to the PDF experience, with the ability to add notes to your PDFs, which is due to launch next month. This also includes a functionality that allows users to navigate through large
  3. Microsoft Edge finally lands on Linux in October Preview Microsoft Edge fror Linux version will be available next month (Image credit: Microsoft / Windows Central) The revamped version of Microsoft Edge is set to be released on Linux in October, so there really isn’t long to wait now – at least for the initial test version. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed that the preview version of Edge for Linux will be out next month and users will be able to grab the browser either from the Edge Insider website or via the native
  4. A look at Microsoft Edge 87's Sleeping Tabs feature Microsoft plans to introduce a feature called Sleeping Tabs into the company's Microsoft Edge 87 web browser.The feature is designed to reduce the browser's resource usage by unloading background tabs automatically. The feature is available as an experimental flag in the browser currently; you need Microsoft Edge 87 at least, which is currently available as a Canary channel version. A total of three experimental flags are available that enable and customize the sleep mode of the br
  5. Microsoft is working on a fix for 'Error code 6' crash on Microsoft Edge for Mac Microsoft has acknowledged an issue on Microsoft Edge for Mac that is causing the web browser to crash with 'Error code 6'. Earlier this week, users took to Microsoft Answers forum (via Techdows) to report the issue with Edge on macOS Catalina. According to users, Microsoft Edge started crashing after updating to Safari 14. The browser crashes after opening a new tab, settings, and even Edge extensions, with the error, "The page is having a problem. Try coming back to
  6. KB4576754 and KB4576753 are installing Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 version 2004 and older Last month, we reported that Microsoft is working on a cumulative update that will replace the Classic Edge with the new Chromium-based Edge. And now, the company is now doing exactly that with Windows 10 KB4576754 and KB4576753 cumulative update. KB4576754 and KB4576753 are installing the Chromium Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 version 2004, version 1909, version 1903, version 1809. Microsoft has labeled KB4576754 and KB4576753 as quality updat
  7. Microsoft Edge gets the ability to generate unique passwords for the users Microsoft has added another highly requested feature that should help users when creating a new account on any website. With the latest Edge updates, users can now take the browser's help to generate strong and unique passwords for different websites, as spotted by Techdows. The feature is currently limited to Edge Canary and Dev builds, but if you are using one of those then you can just visit a website and click on create a new account to try the feature out for yourself.
  8. Minor Edge Dev build 87.0.637.0 out now with one new feature and a few fixes Microsoft released the first Edge 87 build to the Dev channel last week, bringing a few new features such as the downloads option prompt, table of contents for PDFs, and more. Along with version 87 making it to the Dev channel, version 86 was also promoted to the Beta channel last week. Today, the firm has released a minor update to the Dev channel bumping up the build to 87.0.637.0. Though this is just the second release of a major new version, there is just one new feat
  9. Microsoft once again warns of Adobe Flash removal from Edge by the end of the year Adobe Flash is going away at the end of the year, and it's been a long time coming. Adobe first announced the end of life in July 2017, and every major browser vendor is committed to exorcising Adobe's legacy product from its browser by the end of the year. Microsoft published an update today promising to do just that, even though it made the same promise a year ago. Microsoft was clear that it's removing Flash from all three of its currently shipping web browsers b
  10. New Microsoft Edge gets open/save/cancel prompts for downloads The new Microsoft Edge web browser that is based on Chromium handles downloads differently than the classic version of Edge. When you start a download in the new Edge currently, you will notice that it is either downloaded directly to the designated downloads folder or that a file browser window is opened to pick a folder for the download. The response of the browser depends on the downloads setting. By default, files get downloaded automatically and without user prompt. If you enable "Ask where t
  11. Microsoft takes the fight to Chrome with improved password protection in Edge Password warnings are becoming more prominent and useful (Image credit: Shutterstock) Microsoft is introducing a new security feature to its Edge web browser that will let users know if any of their passwords have been involved in a security breach. While this is not an entirely new feature, the way in which warnings are displayed is changing. Should Edge's Password Monitor tool determine that a password has been compromised, the warning will n
  12. Microsoft releases Edge Dev build 86.0.622.3 as the final Edge 86 build It's that time of the week again. If the Dev channel is your preferred flavor of Microsoft Edge, an update is on its way to you. This time its build 86.0.622.3, and what makes this one interesting is that it's the final Edge 86 build in the Dev channel. Microsoft says that there may be some bug fixes, but aside from that, we should see Edge 87 starting next week. Also, that means that Edge 86 is on its way to the Beta channel soon. Since Edge 85 hit the Stable channel last wee
  13. Edge 85 now out, brings PDF markup tools, Collections improvements, and more Microsoft aligned its Chromium-based Edge browser’s release with that of Chromium itself earlier this year. This meant that the development and major version releases align with that of the project that the browser is based on. The company then posted the release schedules for the stable and Beta versions of Edge. As expected, the Redmond firm is now releasing Edge version 85 (build 85.0.564.41) to the stable channel, just a few days after Chrome 85 became available. Earl
  14. Microsoft lists the new features being added to Edge this month Microsoft has published a blog post in a new “What’s New in Web Experiences” series of posts. The firm says that it will post updates every six weeks – aligning with the stable version of Edge browser’s release. Edge 85 is expected to be offered to users in the stable branch this week. The post not only lists the features that will make it to the Chromium-based offering from Microsoft, but also adds updates from other web-based cross platform offerings. The first in the list includes
  15. Windows 10 update will debut another huge copy-and-paste change Windows 10 will change the way links are in a subtle but important way. (Image credit: Shutterstock / tanuha2001) Microsoft has unveiled a new feature for its flagship web browser Edge that will change the way links are copied and pasted. The new Link Format feature, which will be introduced in an upcoming Windows 10 update, allows users to choose whether a URL copied from the address bar is pasted as a link or in plain-text. To paste a URL
  16. Microsoft announces end of support for Edge Legacy, Microsoft services dropping IE11 In January of this year, Microsoft formally introduced the new Edge browser based on the Chromium engine. It introduced a bunch of new features compared to the previous UWP-based version, now known as Edge Legacy, such as support for Chrome extensions, profiles, and more. Naturally, the new version of Edge is set to eventually replace Edge Legacy, and Microsoft has said that Windows 10 version 20H2 will ship with the new browser for the first time. Today, Microsoft announce
  17. Microsoft’s ‘can’t uninstall Microsoft Edge’ support page is hilariously telling The company is clearly aware some customers are trying to revolt Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge Look, I’m sure that the new Microsoft Edge is a fantastic web browser. I’m looking forward to trying it someday. But Microsoft, I have a piece of advice for you: if so very many Windows users are googling “Can’t uninstall Microsoft Edge” that you feel the need to utterly own that search result by making it th
  18. Everyone’s least favorite web browser will soon be impossible to uninstall Microsoft Edge will remain on Windows devices, whether you like it or not (Image credit: Microsoft) The new Chromium-based version of web browser Microsoft Edge will soon be impossible to uninstall from Windows devices. The new Edge browser was launched in January, replacing the outdated HTML-based version now known as Edge Legacy. Until now, Microsoft has opted for a phased approach to the rollout, but will soon push the new browser to all users.
  19. Microsoft’s Edge browser is crashing if you have Google set as default search There’s a temporary workaround Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Microsoft’s new Edge browser started randomly crashing when users typed into the address bar tonight. The issues appear to have affected Edge users who have selected Google as the default search engine. Microsoft investigated the problem and now says it’s believed to have been resolved. Microsoft recommends turning off Search Suggestions in
  20. A look at Microsoft Edge's new Quiet Notifications system All modern web browsers support notification APIs that allow sites to push short messages to user devices once the request to accept notifications from that particular site has been accepted by the user. What has been designed as a way for sites to keep users informed, e.g. of new events, auctions that are running out, new articles or tips, has turned into an Internet-wide overload of notification prompts and notifications; many serve no other purpose than to push advertisement to user systems.
  21. Microsoft publishes the release schedule for its Edge browser Microsoft has published the release schedule for its Edge browser, showing the targeted weeks that it plans to release the browser in the Stable and Beta channels. It goes up to Edge 89, which is slated for release in the Stable channel the week of March 4, 2021, while that will roll out to Beta the week of February 1, 2021. The two channels are a month apart, and they're updated every six weeks, so there are two weeks between when a new Stable version rolls out and when the next one is
  22. Microsoft is aiming to make notification request prompts less annoying Today, Microsoft announced a change that it's making to its Edge browser that should make notification requests a lot less annoying. The change that will make them less annoying is, well, that they're just not going to happen anymore. By default, notifications will be turned off until you turn them on, and this is live with Edge 84. Instead, you'll see the notification bell in the address bar with a red mark on it that indicates that notifications are blocked by default. If you
  23. Microsoft brings multi-tasking improvements to Edge and Windows 10 As more and more work takes place in web browsers, there is an increasing demand for tabs to operate just like apps. In the latest dev versions of Windows 10 and Edge Microsoft has added the ability for tabs to show up in the Alt+Tab pop-up and Taskbar Preview. Browser tabs in Alt + Tab In the latest version of Windows 10, Microsoft has updated Alt + Tab to show your browser tabs to show up right alongside your apps. This makes switching between open tabs as seamless as switchi
  24. Microsoft Edge gets dedicated option to launch site in Internet Explorer Mode Even though Microsoft is pushing its new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser on Windows 10 and other versions of Windows, it is still maintaining classic Edge and the even older Internet Explorer browser. Main reason for keeping Internet Explorer alive is compatibility, especially in the corporate world. Edge is without doubt the better choice in most scenarios, but some sites may refuse to load in the new browser; this can be caused by sites using Internet Explorer sp
  25. Edge 84 begins rolling out with Collections, PDF improvements, and more Microsoft has begun rolling out version 84 of the Edge browser to users in the stable channel. The release comes just two days after Chrome released version 84 to the desktop. The Redmond giant aligned the release of its browser with that of Chrome since both are built on the same open-source platform. While Edge 83 was a major update that brought extension sync and dynamic profile switching, Edge 84 brings a bunch of small yet useful features relating to Collections, PDF impro
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