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Google Adds Personal Tab, Lets You Search Through Gmail and Photos


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Google has a new feature


Google is rolling out a cool new feature that allows you to perform searches through your personal data - from Gmail or Photos - straight from the search engine interface. 


First spotted by Search Engine Roundtable, this new "Personal" tab shows you content from private sources, including emails and photos you've taken and uploaded to the cloud. 


There's nothing particularly difficult to figure out about this new tab because it works just like any other tab on Google. You first have to type whatever it is you want to look for like "flowers," and switch to the "Personal" tab, which you can find in the "More" tab at the end of the line. There, you'll find any emails you have received featuring this word, as well as any pictures stored in your Photos account containing flowers. 


As mentioned, this is a tab that you'll have to look for specifically if you want to look through it, as it's not included among the main ones. 


Incoming to you 

The feature seems to be rolling out slowly to users all over the world and looks like a great and interesting addition. After all, who doesn't like to be able to search through their personal data so easily and from a single interface? 


The feature works on both the web and the mobile versions of Google, so you can enjoy it wherever you are and whenever it happens for you to need to find something in your personal data without opening up loads of extra apps or, depending on what device you're using, tabs. 


To alleviate any worries people may have, the company added a notice on this new feature which states that "only you can see these results." This, of course, should make anyone concerned with seeing their private photos in a Google box relax some. 



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Ok.. it is on my menu. If I hadn't seen this post, I might have never even be aware of it's existence. But now I'm not sure what is the best use I can give to this function. I made a search and it returned info from the content of MY gmail mailing. If I want to look for the content of my emails it might be more direct for me to open to gmail and make a search in my mailing. Well, presume it's a matter of methodology.

Presume it might be interesting for Google+ users but who uses Google+, the "walking dead" application of Google?

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