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Found 15 results

  1. Reckless DMCA Takedown Purges Legitimate Websites from Google Search The homepages of several legitimate organizations, including Live Nation Asia and Living Map, have been removed from Google search results. This is the result of an extremely reckless DMCA takedown notice that also targeted NASA, the BBC, and the UK Government. Over the past few years, copyright holders have asked Google to remove billions of links to allegedly pirated content. Most of these DMCA notices are pretty accurate but occasionally mistakes are made
  2. Google search on mobile is getting a redesign The changes are intended to simplify how search results look Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge Google is redesigning how search results look on mobile, the company announced in a blog on Friday. “We wanted to take a step back to simplify a bit so people could find what they’re looking for faster and more easily,” Aileen Cheng, who led the redesign, said in the blog. The redesign will have larger and bolder text that’s intended to
  3. Google revealed a change to its mobile search results pages yesterday that is already being rolled out to all users of the search engine. Google Search is the world's most popular search engine and while it lags behind in some regions, it dominates most. The design refresh of the mobile search results pages aims to better guide customers "through the information available on the web". Google notes in the announcement that the new design puts a "website's branding [..] front and center" so that customers "better understand where the information is coming from".
  4. Microsoft Brings Google Search to Its Android Keyboard Microsoft has just released an update to the SwiftKey app on Android that allows users to set Google as the default search engine instead of Bing. The software giant originally rolled out support for search engines in SwiftKey in 2018, technically making it possible for users to search the web without leaving the current app. With a search box integrated right into the keyboard, it’s pretty much a breeze to search for anything online, but Microsoft originally limited this feature to its very own Bing search en
  5. Google 'profile cards' will let you control what people see when they search for you Google is bringing public profile cards to everyone (Image credit: Shutterstock) Google's 'knowledge panel' cards appear at the top of the results page when you search for well-known people. Perform a search for Barack Obama, for instance, and you'll see a summary of information pulled in from Wikipedia, some key pieces of information, links to social media profiles, and more. Now it seems that Google plans to give everyone a similar pro
  6. Google now highlights featured snippet text within a page once you open it Google is making a new improvement to the featured snippets in its search results. If you're unfamiliar, featured snippets are a special kind of search result, which appears in a box at the top of the list, and presents a snippet of the text in the webpage above the link to it. As reported by Search Engine Land (via The Verge), Google has now added support for a new feature, which will highlight that snippet text on the full webpage, should you choose to open it. What's more, Google w
  7. Google’s controversial Scroll to Text Fragment feature in Chrome 80 doesn’t work unless you enable a flag. The Text Fragment Anchor which allows linking to a specified word or text on a web page could be available to everyone out of the box with Chrome 81 release, meanwhile, Google which has taken part in the feature’s field trial has shown interest in using it in search results. Google Search is now already using it for featured snippets as we spotted. The feature in question allows users to link to specific content on a page. The chromium team itself mentioned the Sc
  8. Google is testing dark mode for Search on the web through a Chrome flag on Android Google recently began rolling out a dark theme to the Google app on Android. The theme helps with cutting down the brightness in the app when users view it in the dimly lit conditions and was a nifty addition for those that prefer that theme. However, the search giant has also been working on bringing a dark mode to the Google.com website’s search results page. Interestingly, a code change (spotted by 9to5Google) in Chromium last month suggested that the dark themed webpage would be t
  9. Microsoft’s Edge browser is crashing if you have Google set as default search There’s a temporary workaround Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Microsoft’s new Edge browser started randomly crashing when users typed into the address bar tonight. The issues appear to have affected Edge users who have selected Google as the default search engine. Microsoft investigated the problem and now says it’s believed to have been resolved. Microsoft recommends turning off Search Suggestions in
  10. The Blurred Lines and Closed Loops of Google Search Seemingly small design tweaks to the search results interface may change how and where people find information online. January 13 was a fairly eventful day, at least for pre-pandemic times. Cory Booker dropped out of the presidential race. LSU trounced Clemson in the college football national championship game. Attorney general William Barr asked Apple to unlock an iPhone. And Google pushed out a seemingly tiny tweak to how it displays search ads for desktop computers
  11. Google is improving 10 percent of searches by understanding language context Say hello to BERT Google is currently rolling out a change to its core search algorithm that it says could change the rankings of results for as many as one in ten queries. It’s based on cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) techniques developed by Google researchers and applied to its search product over the course of the past 10 months. In essence, Google is claiming that it is improving results by having a better understanding of how words relate to each other in a sente
  12. Google to stop indexing Flash for search With browser makers already putting the kibosh on the once-popular multimedia format, Google search is about to deliver something of a coup de grace. Rob van der Meijden (CC0) Google on Monday announced that it will soon stop indexing Flash content for its search engine, effectively throwing an invisibility cloak over that content. "Google Search will stop supporting Flash later this year," Dong-Hwi Lee, an engineering manager, wrote in a post to the company's Webmaster
  13. Google acknowledges the controversial redesign of its search results on desktop A couple of weeks back, Google redesigned the search results for its desktop website. According to the firm, the new layout was meant to mimic the ordering of search results on the mobile version of the website. Most significantly, the changes allowed the inclusion of favicons next to display results and the removal of color overlays. This meant that advertisements and traditional search results were displayed inline with little to distinguish between the two. As expecte
  14. It’s not just you: Google added annoying icons to search on desktop The company says the goal is to make clearer where links will lead Google added tiny favicon icons to its search results this week for some reason, creating more clutter in what used to be a clean interface, and seemingly without actually improving the results or the user experience. The company says it’s part of a plan to make clearer where information is coming from, but how? To give you an idea of how minimal the change is, here’s what it looked like when Google made the same twe
  15. Google recently received a takedown notice, sent on behalf of FIFA, asking the search engine to remove several allegedly infringing sites. FIFA hoped to limit the availability of pirated World Cup streams but Google decided not to take any action. In part, perhaps, because not all reported sites were offering pirated content. With hundreds of millions of viewers from all over the world, the FIFA World Cup in Russia is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. During these weeks, fans are most concerned with the performance of their favorite te
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