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  1. The Best Gmail Settings You Might Not Have Used Yet Almost all of us have an account. Most of us use it every day. But if you peel back the curtain a little, you'll find some powerful tools buried underneath. Illustration: Sam Whitney Gmail is one of the most powerful and most popular email services available, and there’s a reason why. However, many of its best features are buried in the app’s dense settings pages. You’d be forgiven for missing some of the many powe
  2. How to free up space on Gmail quickly Customers who use Google's email service Gmail do get 15 Gigabytes of storage; that is a lot of space, but it is shared between multiple Google services including Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. Google started to push its subscription-based service Google One in recent time. Customers who subscribe to it get increased storage and some additional benefits. Google customers who don't want to pay the company for extra storage may run into space issues eventually, especially if the account is used actively. One optio
  3. Google has finally added iOS’s privacy labels to Gmail Strangely, the labels didn’t come with an update Screenshot: The Verge Google has finally added Apple App Store privacy labels to its Gmail app, almost a month after we ran an article wondering what was taking so long (via MacRumors). The app is the second major Google app to get the labels, after they were added to YouTube when it was updated earlier this month. So how does it look? Well, that’s up for you to decide. The app apparent
  4. Searching your Gmail inbox just became much less traumatic Gmail update helps you rifle through your inbox more efficiently (Image credit: Shutterstock) Google has released an update to its email service Gmail that should help users locate specific messages more efficiently. In a blog post, the company details a tweak to the Gmail search function, which will now also collect results linked with email aliases, often used to create shared inboxes. “When you search for an e
  5. 42% of Gmail scams targeted American users, Google finds Gmail on the laptop screen illustration, Getty Images Who you are, where you are and how you experience online life are all major factors in whether you’re targeted for phishing and malware campaigns on Gmail, a joint Stanford University-Google study concluded. The examination of 1.2 billion email-based phishing and malware attacks against Gmail users found that the risk of getting hit correlated at least in some significant measure to age, country, frequency of Gmail usage and past breach exposu
  6. Gmail on the web now lets you resize the Chat and Rooms sections Google recently introduced a major overhaul for Gmail for G Suite (now Google Workspace) users last year that merged video, chat, email, files, and tasks under a single roof. The integrated workspace experience allows you to access your chat conversations within an organization as well as your shared files and tasks. Today, Google announced a new update for Chat and Rooms for Gmail on the web. The new experience now lets you resize the Chat and Rooms sections in the left-side navigation of Gmai
  7. You can now view detailed contact information right within Gmail's side panel Google announced today a new update for Gmail that brings more information about users' contacts to the side panel. The latest change is rolling out to Gmail for enterprise, education, nonprofit, and personal users. The new update adds the Contacts tab to the side panel. This allows you to view your contact's team, manager, office or desk location, email history (if any), and contact information like their phone number. You can view these pieces of information by clicking “More inf
  8. Google is making it easier to disable Gmail data collection for smart features Google has announced that its Gmail service will soon provide a new setting to let users decide whether they want their data to be used in order to enable smart features across Google services. The ability to disable these smart features was already available, but with the new experience, it should help users more easily understand when they're disabling data collection and processing by Google. Google has added some smart features to Gmail over time, such as smart compose and the tabbed
  9. What is the best way to bulk delete or archive Gmail emails? I'm using several work and home Gmail accounts, and manage them using Thunderbird for the most part. I started to use the Gmail application on my Pixel 3a device recently for a throwaway account just to see how it worked. One of the main issues that I ran into was that I could not figure out how to speed up bulk operations. While it is possible to select one or multiple emails and run archive or delete operations on them, or use swipe gestures to deal with individual messages, it is not possible to select mul
  10. Gmail mistakenly removed the button that lets you triage loads of emails at once, but it’s coming back Update: Google says it was “removed unintentionally” If you’re not the inbox zero type — and I’m definitely not — you might sometimes rely on Gmail’s “Select all conversations that match this search” option to read, archive, or delete hundreds or thousands of messages at once. Except we can’t do that anymore, and neither can a number of angry Gmail users we’ve spotted. The
  11. Gmail for Android gets a handy shortcut to add email recipients Google is making it easier to add a recipient to a mail on Gmail for Android using a handy shortcut. On Gmail on the web, it has been possible to add a recipient to a mail while composing it by simply using the "+" or "@" symbol and then typing their name. This method would automatically add them to the recipient list of that mail. Now, Google is rolling out similar functionality to Gmail for Android. While composing an email, you can simply add a recipient by using
  12. Google Could Remove SwiftKey Access to Gmail Next Month Google has started reaching out to users to warn that some apps could lose access to services powered by their Google accounts as part of a new privacy policy update that comes into effect on July 15. One of the apps that could thus be blocked from accessing services like Gmail could be none other than SwiftKey, one of the top mobile keyboard apps on Android and iOS. Microsoft-owned SwiftKey seeks permissions that are no longer allowed by Google, and unless the app is updated before July 15 to compl
  13. Google is pushing a big redesign to the mobile Gmail app on Android and iOS. The update was announced yesterday, and after spending some time with the new app, we're going to comb through the finer details and see what has changed between New Gmail and Old Gmail. For now the release is only out on Android, but like the old Gmail design, it should look identical on iOS. If you're on Android, you want Gmail version 9.x (the old design is Gmail 8). If the Play Store isn't serving you the update and you're into sideloading, APKMirror has a safe download. The iOS version is still wendin
  14. Gmail becomes first major email provider to support MTA-STS and TLS Reporting Google rolled out MTA-STS and TLS Reporting support for Gmail servers today, April 10, 2019. Google announced today that Gmail has become the first major email provider to support two new security standards, namely MTA-STS and TLS Reporting. Both are extensions to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), the protocol through which all emails are sent today. The purp
  15. Google announced recently that an update of Gmail's right-click menu functionality will land in February 2019. Gmail's right-click menu is not particularly useful at this point in time as it provides only a handful of options. Right now, the only options provided are delete, archive, mark as unread, and move to tab. Gmail users have to select emails and wait for other options to appear at the top of the screen to activate them. Often used actions such as reply or forward, snooze or label, are found there only. Google announced the change on the G Suite Updat
  16. You might not suffer from Inbox withdrawal for much longer. Google has assuaged Inbox fans by incorporating some of the defunct app'sfeatures into Gmail, but some of the best additions might still be on the horizon. Reddit user moodio shared an apparent leakshowing a test version of Gmail for Android with reminders, pinned messages and category bundles (which help you deal with multiple messages at once). You might even see a quick "mark all as read" button so that you don't have to methodically select every message. Moodio stressed that this was "very early," an
  17. How to enable and use Gmail’s AI-powered Smart Reply and Smart Compose tools Time-saving tools for writing on the go Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Leading up to Gmail’s 15th birthday this week, Google has been adding a lot of productivity and machine learning tools to its email service. (It may also be trying to make up for the disappearance of its Inbox email app, but that’s an argument for another day.) New additions this week include a way for Gmail to write email subject lines for you and schedule an email to send at a later time.
  18. When it comes to email, calendar and contacts, Microsoft Outlook has long ruled the roost, but Google's G Suite combo of Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts is worth a second look. Thinkstock / Google / Microsoft Some people will tell you that social media, chat platforms and videoconferencing have replaced email as the most important means of communication in the workplace. Don’t believe them. Email remains the lifeblood of business and will do so into the foreseeable future. When it comes to email in the business world, there
  19. New Gmail feature will let you easily schedule emails Google’s e-mail service Gmail has turned 15 and to celebrate the tech giant has introduced a handy new feature. Users can now schedule emails to send at a particular time within Gmail. “Just write your email as you normally would, then schedule it to arrive in your recipient’s inbox at a later date and time,”
  20. How to hide Google Meet on Gmail's web interface Companies like Microsoft and Google use their popular products to push new products regularly. Microsoft promotes the new Edge browser in Windows, and Google has a track record of pushing its Chrome browser on its web service. If you use Gmail's web interface, you may have noticed the new Meet section in the sidebar. Google Meet is a real-time meetings product that is available as an application and on the web. Meet is one of the apps designed to substitute Google Hangouts. It may make sense for some us
  21. Leaked Gmail redesign integrates Chat, Meet, and document collaboration in one place Collaborate with colleagues without leaving Gmail Image: Tahin Rahman Google seemingly has a big Gmail redesign in the works that could let you collaborate with colleagues, work on Google Docs, and talk over Google Meet all without leaving Gmail. Leaked images of the redesign were spotted on Google’s website for the Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir event by Twitter user Tahin Rahman (via Android Police).
  22. How to get rid of promotional emails using Gmail Unsubscribe from and trash all those unwanted messages We all know how it goes: one day you look at your Gmail account, and you’ve got several thousand emails. Why be surprised? It’s all too easy to subscribe to dozens of company promotions without realizing it. If you buy anything online from a new service or retailer, you will be subscribed. If you want to read an article from a source that demands registration, you will be subscribed. If you sign a petition or give money to a charitable caus
  23. Gmail and Google Meet get major security boost New updates will help further protect remote workers and students online (Image credit: Google) Google has announced a number of new updates that provide even stronger security in Gmail, Meet and Chat in an effort to better help people working from home stay secure. In order to keep Gmail's entire ecosystem secure, the search giant has announced the pilot of its new Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standard. The BIMI pilot will enable orga
  24. Meet integration with Gmail begins rolling out for Android users Google announced back in June that it will begin integrating its Meet conferencing service into its Gmail app for Android and iOS. While the rollout of that capability for the iOS version of the app began last week, the search giant has announced that the Android rollout begins today. With the integration, users will be able to easily join video conferences right from Gmail on Android. The dedicated Meet tab will let users check their schedules and join a meeting, create a new meetin
  25. New Gmail experience with Chat, Rooms, and Meet tabs rolling out to G Suite customers Google has started rolling out the new Gmail experience with dedicated tabs for Mail, Chat, Rooms, and Meet for its G Suite customers. The company is bringing all its various services under Gmail to allow users to get work done without ever having to leave the Gmail app on their Android device or on the web. The four new tabs Mail, Chat, Rooms, and Meet are aimed at providing G Suite customers with an integrated workspace experience. The Mail tab will allow users
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