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Sky Fighters

i give it 9/10 because I love airplanes, and this movie is all about jet fighters and other airplanes...

Just watch this movie on youtube.... its just a little taste


Ohoi :pirate:

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the thing. 1982 ..

Fargo (1996) Remastered.    

Yep... there are people who do this  

the invention of lying

was pretty cool for me , lie everything in life there is a start , and he sparks it :D

Good performance by Ricky Ger

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The Damned United - Brilliant! Michael Sheen ones again proves that he is a terrific actor and one of the best actors of this generation. Great supporting cast as well. I'm not a fan of football, but the film was still great. 9.5/10

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District 9 - Finally got around to seeing it. I absolutely loved it. IMO, the lead actor deserved a Best Actor nomination and this once again proves why the Academy is crap for the most part. I'm buying it on Blu-Ray ASAP. 10/10

Star Trek - Also finally got around to watching this. I was hesitant to watch it b/c I had never seen anything related to Star Trek, but I was completely blown away. The story was easy enough to understand and the effects were awesome. The acting was great by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto and the cameo by Leonard Nimoy was pretty cool too. I'll probably get around to watching the original movies as well. Another movie I'll be grabbing on Blu-Ray. 10/10

Fantastic Mr. Fox - If you love Wes Anderson's movies, you'll probably love this too. Great voice acting and some beautiful stop-motion sequences during the movie. I was laughing out loud through most of the movie. 9/10

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Pretty funny flick. Worth a watch. 7.5/10

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The Fourth Kind - Just an ok movie. Didn't really hold my interest and didn't really work for me. Has it's creepy moments, but the whole "this was real part" was just some huge bullshit. 5/10

Edge of Darkness - It's great to see Mel working again. I really liked it, but I like revenge movies in general. The best part is towards the end: "I...am a United States Senator!" - "By what standards?". Fucking badass. 8.5/10

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief - Love the books, so this is biased b/c the movie deviates from the book too much. It might worth checking out if you've never read the books. 5/10

17 Again - Don't really like Zac Efron's whole High School Musical crap, but surprisingly I really liked this movie and Efron in it. 8.5/10

Singin' in the Rain - I don't like musicals, but this is just a great movie. Hilarious and great chemistry b/w the actors. 10/10

Slammin' Salmon - I've loved Super Troopers, Beerfest, and even like Club Dread. Therefore I was bound to love this as well. Hilarious if you like the aforementioned movies. 9/10

The Sixth Sense - I had never fully seen the movie before and I knew the whole twist thing, but I still loved watching it. 10/10

Shutter Island - Great movie. Love the twist(s) in the movie, although the first was expected. 9/10

The Hunger - Absolutely terrible vampire movie, for me at least. Didn't hold my interest at all, although I liked David Bowie. 3/10

Sherlock Holmes - I like Guy Ritchie's movies and I liked this. 9/10

Pandorum - Great sci-fi flick that's worth checking out. 8.5/10

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500 Days of summer : enjoying , pretty much tell the whole story of everything between a girl and boy

just in one second , i felt bad , how re-actions and results get change too much , in a severe WAY


how hitler lost the war : old enough , but yummy , the fact that hitler could easily won every War , but What mistakes can do ?! turn u into a Loser

nice documentary 8/10

The descent 2 : i dont know, good flick but nothing changed since the first one i give it 7 , for some bloody actions :D

THE HURT LOCKER : Is really the amazing movie so far , it deserved the Oscar winning , gimme anything real , and take Ur oscar , against Sci-Fi movies


Night at Rodanthe 2008 : something Cool about this movie , The Ending was Something i didnt expect

again how the world could change ;) 8/10

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Don't Mess with the Zohan - Stupid but Funny

Twilight and Twilight-New moon - Never planned on watching them because everyone was always on me to watch them but a friend recommended them and not blindly either. They weren't actually half bad.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen- Very interesting and very epic.

Probably like 50 others, however, I don't feel like racking my brain with a migraine =P

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District 9 - I don't know why but watched it to the end even though I don't feel like this movie is a good one. 4/10

Old dogs - Hilarious comedy ;) 9/10

Twilight: New Moon - Liked the book but movie is just... well it's just there - that's all ;) 4/10

Bruno - Yeah I know it's old but never watched it. Really odd movie. I was amazed that Universal Pictures released this. The humour here it's kinda weird but was funny for me. 6/10

Transformers : Revenge of the fallen - Amazing FX. Some of the moments are really epic yet there are many funny scenes. For me it's better than 1st transformers since it doesn't have so much pathethic moments "when the hero needs to choose, he's choice will determine life of millions" ;) 8/10

Currently I'm preparing to watch Gamer, Taken , and Terminator: Salvation :)

Any additional recommendations ?

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dont forget Shutter island ;)

i watched it's complicated and you know , i love it , it's really complicated , i know the story has been told before

but everytime u look at it , it's really complicated when u have some many things to figure out in ur life

it's all about choices

Funny , with a line to get , 8/10 pretty descent for a comedy/drama Combo

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Date Night - insanely funny without that trendy humor everyone's into from Judd Apatow/Seth Rogen films

Shutter Island - Movie would have been good, but the climax did a poor job of transitioning, imo.

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Virtuality - 6.5/10

it's like Moon.2009 + Sunshine.2007 together. only with a very lousy ending.

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Iron Man 2 - Don't feel like writing a long review so here it is. It's not as good as the first one, but I still thought it was awesome. If you go see it in theaters, stay after the credits. 9/10

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Solomon Kane = 9.0/10

Plot: A mercenary who owes his soul to the devil redeems himself by fighting evil.

The ending is kinda predictable.. ;)

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Dear John 2010 (Full HD)..... 8/10

well , it's quite a romance , :wub:

the story between a tough army guy and sweet polite girl

on the beach :D

it took her two weeks to fall in love with him , and Two months to write him a msg about her engagement to someone else (i've never thought he could be the one )

Love it , especially , when he knocked down the goodbye as he was leaving

Next thing you know , he's given her Man his father's legacy :rolleyes: Wow

that's it for me

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Robinson Crusoe (1997 film) - 8/10.

Saw it today. A good reminder of the story books read in childhood. Pierce Brosnan and William Takaku acted very well.

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The Final Countdown (1980 film) - 8/10

It stars Martin Sheen and Kirk Douglas. It's about a Navy nuclear aircraft carrier with 102 aircrafts and 6,000 men, that was transported back in time (1941) just hours before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour. It puts the captain (Kirk Douglas) in a situation where he can change history by preventing the bombing of Pearl Harbour or just watch and do nothing. One of the amazing things about this movie aside from the plot is that the flying sequences by the jets were not fake, unlike movies these days which are mostly CG.

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