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Drag Me To Hell - Pretty awesome horror/comedy movie. Sam Raimi returns to what he does best and doesn't disappoint! 9/10

In The Loop - Hilarious political satire. You might not like it if you don't like dry humor. 9/10

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the thing. 1982 ..

Fargo (1996) Remastered.    

Yep... there are people who do this  

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Pandorum 7.5/10 - Deeps space traveling! :w00t:

Epic Sunshine (2007) meets Sphere (1998)

Surrogates 8.5/10 - AWWWSOME! :w00t:

Reminds me of iRobot (2004) / Sleep Dealer (2008)

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Fanboys - Funny movie. You'll definitely like it if you are a Star Wars fan lol (obviously) 8/10

Bruno - The gayest movie ever and not in a good way. Has its moments but mostly it was disgusting imo and this is from someone who loved Borat. 5.5/10

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - Another great entry to the series and an improvement over the last. Simon Pegg was a great addition to the cast. 8.5/10

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I am really glad that you also liked the movie., floppyd1scours3 :)

I like all the animated movies like Ice age, Finding Nemo, Up, Madagascar ...and such...and Shrek was also fun. :D

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I am glad again, DKT, because i was a bit afraid that I might be the only one to like such movies..but they are clever and funny and the graphics are great.

I also like romantic comedies. :) How surprising. :D :)

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500 Days of Summer - Awesome romantic comedy movie. 9/10

Gamer - Weird, had some good action. Ultimately it's an ok movie if you have time to waste. 5.5/10

9 - 9 gets an 8 from me. Awesome visuals and a good, simple story. 8/10

Carriers - Pretty good movie, slow paced though. 7.5/10

Harry Brown - I love me a good revenge movie. Michael Caine is awesome. 9/10

American Pie: The Book of Love - Take it for what it is. 5.5/10

Surrogates - Great idea, terrible execution just like the show FlashForward. Bruce was great in this but even he couldn't save this movie. 6/10

Black Dynamite - Awesome spoof of black 70s movie. Michael Jai White was awesome. 9/10

Triangle - A great movie, plays with your mind. 9/10

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Couples Retreat - Has it's moments, but overall not good. Might be worth it if you've got some time to waste. 5/10

Law Abiding Citizen - Great movie up until the ending, sort of like The Knowing for me. I just didn't care much for the ending. 7.5/10

The Final Destination - The worst of the franchise. I love the first 3 movies, but this one really blew. The acting sucked, the dialog was lame, and I never really cared for any of the characters. Still it has some cool deaths and I'm sure it looks better in 3D. 4/10

The Invention of Lying - I personally loved it. Awesome concept, great acting, and hilarious in places. 8.5/10

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