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Android twice as stable as iOS


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The latest report coming out of mobile app management company Crittercism indicates that in looking at recent versions of the two most popular mobile OSs, Android and iOS, it’s the Google OS that’s actually the more stable one.

The study is done by measuring the crash rate of app across both platforms, which Crittercism has published in its first ever Mobile Experience Benchmark.


The report, which studied crash reports from 1 billion mobile users over a one month period, heartily dismisses the stigma that iOS is the more stable OS. While iOS 6, 7.0, and 7.1 crashed 2.5%, 2.1%, and 1.7% of the time, respectively, Android versions performed better across the board, going back to Android 2.3 with a 1.7% crash rate, and all versions since 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich had just 0.7% crash rates.

Crittercism says that tablet versions of apps tend to be less stable than their smartphone counterparts, an area where Android developers are lagging behind iOS ones. This means that Android should see even more of an improvement as more developers optimize their apps for tablet usage.

When it comes to actual devices, Samsung droids had the lowest crash rates among both tablets and smartphones, while the iPhone 5 surprisingly beat out the iPhone 5s as the more stable device.

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I dont believe this either... :unsure:

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Except when Android crashes it is worse.

On a non-JB phone, I get dumped to the Home Screen.

Worst case scenario with JB phone that adds crashes due to crap tweaks, you go into safe mode.

I've never had to force a reboot to deal with an iOS crash.

PS I call BS on Samsung being most stable as they stuff their devices with half baked gimmicky features that eat up your device storage and memory. I'd put my money on a stock Android device completely unraped by OEMs and carriers as being most stable.

we should be looking at what considerations they made before testing...

ofcourse rooted and jailbroken OSes crashes. but I think the rate at which Android crashes is higher as compared to iOS (All Stock).

Remember this was tested as per app comparison. Maybe it might depends on the Apps which was tested on both devices.

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No surprise, Android uses Java and abstraction layers IOS apps are native.

@ffi are you soo good in programming...?

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