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  1. Quick Tip Today am gonna show you how you can download your favorite Android Apps directly from Google Play Store. From the Play Store, search for your favorite app, copy the link with the app id visit apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/ Paste the link and click generate download link. Wait for some seconds as your download link is been generated. After some few seconds, your link should be ready for download. eNJOy!!! source: thetechblog
  2. I have started this sub-section for Android Games to keep Android mobile games free from applications / themes. All nsane members are requested to post Games here. If admins as requested creates a sub-forum for it at any stage, this thread will be merged later. For posting guidelines, please refer to this post: //www.nsaneforums.com/topic/220597-guidelines-and-templates/ PS: Admin, thanks for listening to Android sub-forum request.
  3. We can't say that the future of Ubuntu for Android ever looked particularly bright, but we were enamored with the concept. You'd walk around by day with a standard-issue Android phone in your pocket, but when you docked it to a keyboard, mouse and monitor, you were greeted with a full Ubuntu desktop experience. Well, Canonical has decided to put the project out to pasture apparently. Buried away in a recent bug report (now hidden from public view) was the fact that "Ubuntu for Android is no longer in development," and thus its landing page should be taken offline. Though some responses fro
  4. The LG G Wear has a new video out today and it shows the watch in its full glory. The video itself doesn’t reveal anything that we didn’t already know but it’s cool enough and keeps the excitement going for the smart wearable’s summer release. The watch will be available in two colors – stealth black and champagne gold – and its metal body will be water resistant. LG dubs the G watch display as “always-on”, so we’re intrigued to see what really stands behind those words and how would the battery endure. The watch is rumored to double as the first Google Nexus smartwatch and unconfirmed in
  5. Oracle Corp won a legal victory against Google Inc on Friday as a U.S. appeals court decided Oracle could copyright parts of the Java programming language, which Google used to design its Android smartphone operating system. The case, decided by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, is being closely watched in Silicon Valley. A high-profile 2012 trial featured testimony from Oracle's chief executive, Larry Ellison, and Google CEO Larry Page, and the legal issues go to the heart of how tech companies protect their most valuable intellectual property. Google's Android
  6. Only yesterday, we caught a glimpse of Motorola’s upcoming budget Moto E smartphone, which is expected to be showcased at a special event on 13th May. Now, we can take an even closer gander at the handset thank to a leaked press image, and having been impressed by what we saw a short while ago, our opinion on this forthcoming release hasn’t changed a jot. The lower quarters of the smartphone market are set for a major shake-up in the coming months. Only recently, chip maker ARM suggested that a handset would be arriving later this year that would finally hit the elusive $20 benchmark, redefini
  7. The HTC B2 that we reported on a few days back is in the news again thanks to a newly leaked image. Like last year’s HTC Butterfly S, the HTC B2 features front-facing BoomSound speakers and red outline around the edged hints to the same glossy back that we saw on last year’s model. While the specs on the HTC B2 and the rumored HTC M8 Ace are expected to be the same and the basic outline of the phones is nearly identical, there are a few subtle differences which show that the M8 Ace and B2 are two distinct handsets. We don’t know when the HTC M8 Ace will be hitting the market, but we suspec
  8. smallhagrid

    Easy rooting for dummies ?

    Disclaimer: I am an old guy with messed up hands and not very good with touch screens, so I've resisted the whole idea for as long as possible, but finally events beyond my control have resulted in my getting a cheap Android phone. Having said that, as a (long, but part-time...) Linux user I know that having root access can be very helpful. Specifically with regards to Android apps it is also obvious that many require root access. So I've started looking at info about rooting and found references to the XDA dev forum right away that is way more complicated than my old brain can get itself arou
  9. Despite a leak of its source code, an Android program aimed at compromising online bank accounts is still commanding $5,000 per copy, one of the highest prices seen for a type of malware, according to research from Symantec. Symantec and RSA published details on their blogs on Tuesday about iBanking, which is being used by two Eastern European cybercrime groups to intercept one-time SMS passcodes used for logging into bank accounts. IBanking is notable for its wide range of features and defensive measures that thwart analysis by security researchers. It can steal just about any information on
  10. Due to circumstances beyond my control I needed a smartphone and now have one made by LG. There are things I need help with and searched for places at which to ask, and those I found are not producing any helpful info at all for me.... I did post in the Android App thread here once or twice, but with ~87 pages in it and stuff being added all the time posts just get buring in that single thread. (Makes me wonder if this place would do well to add an area just for Android-related threads...?) Would the helpful folks here suggest where I might make Android queries that may bring some helpful repl
  11. According to our favorite leaker out there, Evleaks, it appears that the LG G3 is going to have a metal back, as well as having a removable battery. So for those of you that are in love with HTC’s metal backing on the One M7 and the One M8, well the LG G3 appears to have it as well. Which means no more fingerprint magnet, on the LG G2, which was the biggest complaint amongst most people. Now we also have a removable battery here, which is great. But in that same picture, we see the micro SIM card slot. If you look closely, it looks like there is a microSD card slot above it as well. As fa
  12. geeteam

    Hidden Android Secret Codes

    How well do you know your Android device? Here are some of the hidden Android secret codes. Since most hidden menus are manufacturer specific, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work across all Android smartphones, but you can try them out nevertheless on your Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony and other devices. Be advised, though, that some of these can cause serious changes to your device’s configuration, so don’t play with something that you don’t fully understand. You can find more of these spread across the internet, and they’re usually very handy to have, even if just to show off your geekine
  13. geeteam

    HTC One Mini 2 Image leaks

    The ever resourceful @evleaks just supplied us with the first credible image of the upcoming HTC One Mini 2. And yes, HTC One Mini 2 will likely be the official name of the device, common sense be damned. Just like with the 2013 One Mini, HTC is repurposing the design of the flagship One, down to the three available color options, gun metal, silver, and gold. While the plastic rim around the device is still present, it’s much less visible then on last year’s compact One version. Other notable changes include the different arrangement of the front sensors and the rounded speaker grills. We
  14. On stage at Facebook's F8 developer conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg just announced that Facebook's users will soon be able to sign into third-party apps anonymously without revealing their personal details. "Some people are scared of pressing this blue button," Zuckerberg said of the "login with Facebook" icon. "If you're using an app that you don't completely trust or you're worried might spam your friends, you're not going to give it a lot of permissions." Anonymous login solves all of this by hiding your personal information from developers until you've used it and are comfortable handing t
  15. A couple of months after most of its competitors unveiled their flagship phones for 2014, LG is ready to follow suit. The Korean company has issued invitations to events in six cities across the world on May 27th and 28th, with San Francisco, New York, and London holding simultaneous gatherings for the launch of a new product. Seoul, Singapore, and Istanbul will follow the next day. It's not explicitly named, but there can be little doubt that this will be the new G3 Android smartphone. LG acknowledged it plans to release the G3 within the second quarter of 2014 in its earnings report fil
  16. It’s been a little while since Motorola brought us anything new, other than the announcement of its upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch. While there’s still a lot of unknowns for Motorola as its prepares to transition to a new owner, it appears that we’ll be getting a look at what’s next from the company on May 13th. The news of the upcoming announcement comes straight from Motorola’s press invite (seen below), and hints that their next handset will be “Made to last. Priced for all.” The announcement event will take place in London during the morning hours. So what kind of device are we looking at he
  17. LG is going to launch the G Watch this June with a pricetag of €199 in Europe (probably $199 in the US). LG France has confirmed the information to the news outlet Lesnumeriques. It’s almost certain that the G Watch is going to be the base for the first Google Nexus smartwatch, which too will run the recently announced Android Wear OS. The G watch’s display is going to be always on and packs a resolution of 280 x 280 pixels. Last week, LG uncovered a new Champagne Gold color to join the Stealth Black, which was showed at the official announcement of the watch. The G Watch is also
  18. With a post on its official blog today, Google is giving an update on its self-driving car initiative, showing that the latest goal is to improve driving on city streets. Google's self-driving car project has already driven thousands of miles without a hitch, but until recently has primarily focused on simple highway driving. As anyone who has driven through a busy city core before knows, there are new and drastically more difficult to handle situations in the city than on an open road. Pedestrians, bicyclists, traffic revisions, railroad tracks and downright bad drivers all throw additional
  19. A leaked video demo reveals the HP Slatebook 14 – an Android-powered laptop with a 14″ 1080p touchscreen. It’s not a hybrid (detachable tablet + keyboard dock) like the Slatebook X2, nor is it a dual-boot device, it’s pure Android. The specs are a bit unclear, but the video is promising a slim and lightweight design. Without the need for a second battery behind the screen like on the Slatebook X2, this new device should be thinner than 20mm. It’s positioned as an affordable device, though so we shouldn’t expect anything too cheap. The body seems to be made of polycarbonate and will
  20. Unlike BlueStacks, Youwave & Others which merely runs Android apps, this free utility gives you a fully operable Android experience on a Windows or Mac system, and can even sync with your existing Android device. Here's how to get started: Step one: Download and install Andy. Start it, You'll need to approve a Windows firewall request the first time you run it. Step two: After about a minute of "booting," you should see an Android Welcome screen, same as if you'd just booted a new tablet. (Andy currently runs Android 4.2, aka Jelly Bean.) Use your mouse to click Start (unless your system h
  21. This free utility brings Jelly Bean to Windows and Mac so you can run apps, play games, and more. There are lots of great reasons to use an Android emulator. Perhaps you're thinking of ditching your iPhone in favor of, say, a Google Nexus, but want to test-drive Android first. Or maybe there's an app that would be convenient to run on your PC, like Messaging or WhatsApp. Heck, maybe you just want to enjoy the Clash of Clans on a larger screen. Whatever your plans, Andy should be able to accommodate them. Unlike BlueStacks, which merely runs Android apps, this free utility gives you a fully ope
  22. The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, passed by Congress late last week, was signed into law by President Obama on Friday, making it fully legal to unlock mobile phones in the United States. The new law undoes a decision made by the Library of Congress in 2012 to not renew an exemption in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and thusly made it illegal for consumers to arbitrarily unlock mobile devices. Almost immediately, petitions and new bills started to get drafted and indeed, a bill was proposed over a year ago to “fix” the DMCA, but nothing happened despi
  23. Hi Guys, It seems most of you might not be aware of this wonderful app made by Breez called LocalAPK which allows you to organize your APK files on your Windows PC. I just encountered an issue with it and I need some quick help here. I did a system clean up and unfortunately it removed the shell registry file which allows your PC to notice the APK file extension on Windows. I don't know how to explain this further, but I need someone to get me the shell extension registry file for both Install and Uninstall for Windows x86 Architecture. Am on Windows 7 Ultimate x86 (32 bit) Here is a screensh
  24. Yesterday a Samsung executive revealed that the company was working on a smartphone built using “new materials.” The smartphone being referred to is likely to be Galaxy Alpha, which was expected to launch next week. Now however, the folks at AllAboutSamsung claim that the launch has been postponed to August 13, and have also leaked a set of specifications for the device. According to the publication, the Galaxy Alpha (codenamed SM-G850F) has been spotted on AnTuTu benchmarks. The smartphone is said to feature a 4.8-inch 720p display, an Exynos 5433 octa-core processor, Mali-T628 GPU a
  25. geeteam

    Sony Xperia Z3 benchmark leaks

    Today's leak however gives us a glimpse at the internals of the Sony D6603, or the Xperia Z3, as its common name goes. The GFXBench benchmark database has an entry showing not only the score the device achieved, but also the hardware used. The Xperia Z3 seems to have the same hardware as the Xperia Z2 - starting from the 5.1-inch 1080p screen, moving through the Snapdragon 801 chipset with 3GB RAM, down to the 20MP camera on the back. What remains to be seen is what possible feature would Sony use to differentiate its new flaghsip. Of course, we are yet to learn more about the new compact ph
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