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KeePass 2.48 update includes an upgraded password database file format


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KeePass 2.48 update includes an upgraded password database file format


The developer of the password manager KeePass released an update to KeePass 2.48 recently. The new version of the versatile includes a new version of the password database file format that KeePass uses to store passwords. KDBX 4.1 introduces several new features, for example group tagging or disabling the password quality estimation feature to exclude passwords from password quality reports.




KeePass 2.48 won't use the new format by default at this stage, mainly because of waiting for KeePass ports to add support for the new format before enabling it in all cases.


The new format will be used if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • A group with a tag exists.
  • An entry for which password quality estimation has been disabled exists.
  • A custom icon with a non-empty name or a last modification time exists.
  • A custom data item with a last modification date exists.


In other words: the new 4.1 version of the password database file format will be used if one of the new features of it is used.


The new features introduce new options for users. KeePass supported the tagging of individual entries already, and the new group tagging feature extends the tagging functionality to group. Searches will return tags in individual entries and groups now once the new database format is used.


The option to exclude entries from password quality estimations is also useful, for example when sites don't allow users to pick secure passwords. These weak passwords would always be flagged in password quality reports, and the new feature allows users to exclude these from the reports. Reports can be generated by selecting Find > Password Quality.


KeePass 2.48 remembers the previous parent group of an entry and includes a new option called "move to previous parent group" which movies the entry back to its previous parent. It is useful for accidental operations, e.g. the moving of entries to the recycle bin.


The last modification time of custom icons and custom data items is remembered as well in KeePass 2.48; synchronization uses the information, e.g. to determine if a custom icon needs to be deleted.


Additional information about the new KDBX 4.1 format is available on this help page.


The new version of KeePass improves the importing of LastPass CSV files, used to migrate from LastPass to another password manager.


The full changelog lists several improvements, such as improved tag handling and custom icon handling performance.


KeePass 2.48 is available as a portable version and installer.

Closing Words

KeePass is my favorite password manager: it is local only by default but with options to add synchronization and to use other clients or extensions to improve accessibility if required. It is evolving, but without the introduction of changes that alienate part of its userbase.


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