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Found 11 results

  1. Password Manager KeePass 2.47 has been released A new version of the versatile password manager KeePass is now available. KeePass 2.47 introduces new features, improvements and fixes, and is already available as a download from the developer site. You can run the installer to upgrade existing installations of the password manager without losing any data. Note that KeePass installs into the c:\program files\ folder by default for new installations as of this version and no longer in c:\program files (x86). Select Help > About KeePass to display the version
  2. AuthPass is an open source, cross-platform password manager that supports KeePass database files KeePass has been my favorite password manager for many years. One of the things I like about it is that it has many alternative programs that you can use with its encrypted database (KDBX file) format. AuthPass is an open source, cross-platform password manager that supports KeePass 2.x databases (KDBX 3.x). The program displays a large startup screen that prompts you to get started with an existing database, or start fresh. If you want to load a KDBX fi
  3. https://sourceforge.net/projects/keepass/files/KeePass 2.x/2.41/KeePass-2.41-Setup.exe/download https://sourceforge.net/projects/keepass/files/KeePass 2.x/2.41/KeePass-2.41.zip/download https://keepass.info/news/n190109_2.41.html
  4. The following tutorial walks you through the steps of integrating password security checks in the KeePass password manager. The checks use the latest Have I Been Pwned database of leaked passwords and everything is run locally so that you don't have to worry about leaking password hashes over the Internet. KeePass is an excellent desktop password manager that stores its databases locally by default. It is a feature-rich password manager that has been audited in 2016. Have I Been Pwned is an online service to check whether one of your online accounts has been compromised
  5. KeePass 2.43 Password Manager released A new version of the password manager KeePass was released on September 10, 2019. KeePass Password Safe 2.43 is an update for the 2.x version of the password manager that introduces new features and improvements. KeePass should notify users that the new version is available if update checks have not been disabled. Users may download the new version from the official repository and install it over the existing installation. The application is available for Windows officially; ports are available to use the passwor
  6. Password Manager KeePass 2.44 is out The developer of the password manager KeePass, Dominik Reichl, released KeePass 2.44 today after releasing the KeePass 1.38 update last week. KeePass is a well-designed and audited password manager that is used locally by default. Options and plugins are available to sync the password database between device and better integrate the password manager in web browsers. Not all users want or need these and the optional nature of these features makes KeePass a good choice as it offers the best of both password managemen
  7. Strongbox Password Safe is a free, open-source KeePass client for iOS Many privacy/security conscious users, including myself, prefer to use KeePass. After all a free, actively supported, open-source application, that stores your logins in an encrypted database on your local storage is hard to beat. Strongbox Password Safe is a free, open-source KeePass client for iOS which I personally prefer to use . iOS used to have a ton of great KeePass clients, but a lot of them have been abandoned for over 2 years. A new app called KeePassium
  8. https://master.dl.sourceforge.net/project/keepass/KeePass 2.x/2.39.1/KeePass-2.39.1.zip https://master.dl.sourceforge.net/project/keepass/KeePass 2.x/2.39.1/KeePass-2.39.1-Setup.exe https://master.dl.sourceforge.net/project/keepass/KeePass 2.x/2.39.1/KeePass-2.39.1.msi Changes from 2.39 to 2.39.1: File transactions: improved access control list (ACL) restoration. File transactions are not used anymore when attempting to write to a local file that does not exist yet (to ensure a correct default ACL). The option to minimize the main window after performing aut
  9. KeePass 2.40 Changelog: https://keepass.info/news/n180910_2.40.html Download Page: https://keepass.info/download.html
  10. Like many or all users nowadays, I have too many passwords to remember, since I don't use the same password between services. I was looking for a service to securely store my passwords, and I have read in many sites about LastPass. I'm testing this service right now and it's awesome, really good, but, I can't help thinking how and where my passwords are being stored, who can access them, are the service/servers secure against attacks, if the service goes offline for maintenance or problems, how can I login in my accounts? And many others questions... So, I'm here to listen a word from you guys
  11. rudrax

    How to work with KeePass

    Seems like KeePass is the lightest password manager available and like most of the open source apps, it's also not "instal and go" kind. It's needs to be configured. I want to use this as a browser password manager for firefox. So, I need help of the guys who is using it successfully. I've tried the tutorial in this http://keepass.info/help/base/firststeps.html link but I'm getting an error with firefox.
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