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Intel Adler Lake-S will support DDR5 according to new benchmark


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Intel Adler Lake-S will support DDR5 according to new benchmark

Intel i9-11900K CPU

(Image credit: Intel)


A new SiSoftware benchmark appeared online this week that purports to show DDR5 support for an Intel Adler Lake-S CPU as well as a new motherboard chipset and socket.


The benchmark, flagged by TechPowerUp, was posted to Twitter by @momomo_us and appears to show DDR5 support, which so far hasn't been confirmed by Intel. If valid, the benchmark is likely from a test system used by an engineer for either Intel or an OEM preparing for the release of Intel's 12th-generation Adler Lake-S desktop processors later this year.



The next generation of RAM, DDR5 will more than double the memory bandwidth of DDR4. Memory maker Adata is planning on releasing modules with 8,400MT/s compared to DDR4's rate of 3,200MT/s. The 8,400MT/s speed also represents the lower end of what DRR5 is capable of, with faster speeds to follow once the manufacturing process is refined.

Some good news for Intel on the desktop front

It has been rumored for a while now that Intel Adler Lake-S will support the next-generation of computer memory and both Adata and Samsung are fabricating DDR5 RAM as you read this, but so far its use has been limited to devices like the Samsung S21 Plus


The reason for this is that current motherboard chipsets don't support DDR5 RAM, so Intel is also introducing the new LGA 1700 socket, which motherboard manufacturers like MSI are already working on for release later this year.


Intel's silicon archrival AMD, meanwhile, isn't expected to start supporting DDR5 RAM until the release of their Zen 4 architecture sometime in 2022. If Intel releases a DDR5-supporting lineup of processors several months to a year before Team Red, then it would represent a solid advantage for Intel – something it could really use as of late. AMD ended Intel's 15-year dominance of the desktop CPU battle earlier this month when AMD processors edged out Intel's in desktop PC market share.


While exciting, it's also not something most of us will likely get our hands on this year regardless. The initial DDR5 RAM module are going to be selling at a premium and and will likely see use in servers and data centers before making its way down to the consumer market in any practical sense.


By then, AMD will likely have introduced Zen 4, limiting whatever advantage Intel has to first adopters and hardcore PC enthusiasts with a lot of money to burn.



Intel Adler Lake-S will support DDR5 according to new benchmark

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It's not just DDR5 memory alone that the upcoming 12th gen Intel processors will support, apparently also Intel has plans on debuting their future desktop processors with 16 cores, up from previous 10th gen i9-10900K with 10 cores (which is the highest at the moment for Intel processors).


According to the details, the alleged Alder Lake-S CPU being listed is a 16-cores, 32-threads CPU, with a supposed base and boost clock of 1.8GHz and 4GHz, respectively. Oh, and it even has 30MB of L3 Cache. Interestingly, the database also shows it being paired and running with 32GB of DDR5-4800MHz RAM, further confirming that the CPU does indeed support the yet-unreleased memory standard.

The leak is the first sign of Intel’s plans on releasing a CPU with a core count greater than 10-cores, just like it did with the Core i9-10900K. Moreover – and this has been mentioned several times prior – this is will be the first and proper time Intel can finally move forward with its 10nm die lithography, and finally put the already archaic 14nm to rest.



On a closing note, do note that this alleged 16-cores CPU seems destined for the general consumer market segment, and isn’t part of its Extreme CPU lineup, meaning that it also features an Iris Xe integrated GPU, which the database lists as running at 1.5GHz, along with 32 EUs and 256 Stream processors.

Source: https://www.lowyat.net/2021/230627/alleged-12th-generation-intel-cpu-with-16-cores-32-threads-leaks/

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