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  1. Intel wants ATX12VO standard to be more popular with cheap Alder Lake-S motherboards Some Alder Lake-S motherboards with ATX12VO standard? Intel expects broader support of a new power-efficient ATX12VO standard with Alder Lake-S, but neither motherboard nor power supply manufacturers are eager to participate. ATX12VO connector vs 24pin on ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4SR motherboard, Source: Linus Tech Tips The “Single Rail Power Supply Desktop Platform Form Factor ATX12VO” power standard is meant to increase the power efficiency of regular
  2. The Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) is a software application that allows you to fine-tune the settings of your K- or X-SKU processor. Using its various frequency, voltage, and other controls, you can fully customize your configuration in terms of power consumption and computing performance. Intel XTU is available for download at the Intel® Download Center and can be loaded on any Intel® system with a 2nd generation or newer Intel® Core™ processor and a chipset that supports overclocking. In a joint effort between Intel and HWBOT, we present version 5.1, a fully integrat
  3. Intel is using machine learning to make GTA V look incredibly, unsettlingly realistic Imagine playing the game inside a photo One of the more impressive aspects of Grand Theft Auto V is how closely the game’s San Andreas approximates real-life Los Angeles and Southern California, but a new machine learning project from Intel Labs called “Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement” might take that realism in a unsettlingly photorealistic direction (via Gizmodo). Putting the game through the processes researchers Stephan R. Richter, Hassan Abu Alhaija, and Vladl
  4. Intel says it has solved a key bottleneck in quantum computing The breakthrough could lead to tightly integrated quantum chips. Marieke de Lorijn Intel just took a significant step toward making quantum computing more practical. The company and QuTech say they've demonstrated the first instance of high-fidelity two-qubit control using its Horse Ridge cryogenic control processor. Quantum computers normally run into an interconnect bottleneck by using room-temperature electronics to steer a refrigerated quantum chip — the demo showed that Horse Ridge could a
  5. Alleged details on Intel's Xe HP "Arctic Sound" leaked, may fail to live up to the hype Back at Architecture Day 2020, Intel outlined its roadmap (image above) for its Xe (Gen 12) graphics architecture. Among the several variants of the Xe is Xe HP, which will be used to build next-gen Intel server and data center GPUs. Today a report has surfaced (via igor'sLAB) which claims it has the alleged details of those upcoming server GPUs that Intel is designing. It was first leaked in February 2020 (via Digital Trends) that going forward, Arctic Sound, as well as
  6. Intel's 11th-gen H-series CPUs are finally ready for powerful gaming laptops They're up to 19 percent faster than 10th-gen chips. Intel When Intel announced its first batch of 11th-gen H-series mobile processors at CES, we were a bit surprised. Unlike the typical "H" processors, they weren't meant for the most powerful gaming laptops. Instead, those first CPUs were aimed at ultraportable gaming systems. You know, the sort of machines only meant for basic 1080p performance, which didn't really need more than four CPU cores. Now, Intel is finally ready to
  7. AMD is biting at Intel's server market share with its largest gains in over a decade Intel is still holding the fort in mobile and desktop, but Epyc chips are snapping at Xeon's dominance in the datacentre. (Image credit: AMD) The first few months of 2021 have been absolutely massive for AMD and Intel. According to the latest report from Mercury Research, the first three months of 2021 saw the largest yearly increase in shipments of CPUs in a quarter of a century, and second only to the final moments of 2020 in terms of raw volume. You'd be perhap
  8. Intel's discrete DG2 graphics card is 'right around the corner' Is there room between AMD and Nvidia for another GPU manufacturer? (Image credit: Intel) Intel's discrete graphics card offering, its Xe HPG DG2, could arrive sooner than we all thought. According to a tweet from Pete Brubaker, Game Developer Relations engineer at Intel, the chip giant is looking for a Senior Game Developer Relations Engineer to support DG2, and in that tweet, Brubaker mentions, "DG2 is right around the corner!" Pete Brubaker @p
  9. Alleged slides containing all details of Intel's upcoming Tiger Lake-H leak Intel announced its 11th-gen mobile chips from the Tiger Lake family earlier this year at CES. However, back then, the company only unveiled a portion of the full Tiger Lake lineup, an overview of which can be seen in one of today's leaked slides (above) from a new report by HD Tecnologia. The report allegedly has all the leaked slides which are seemingly from the launch presentation of Intel's entire Tiger Lake-H lineup unveil next week. At CES, Intel announced the quad-core Tiger
  10. Intel CEO seeks $10B subsidy to build a chip factory in Europe AR could provide more precise tools for intricate manufacturing. Image Credit: Model N (Reuters) — Intel wants 8 billion euros ($9.7 billion) in public subsidies towards building a semiconductor factory in Europe, its CEO was cited as saying on Friday, as the region seeks to reduce its reliance on imports amid a shortage of supplies. The pitch is the first time Pat Gelsinger has publicly put a figure on how much state aid he would want, as Intel pursues a multibillion-dollar drive to take
  11. Intel's new driver fixes Cyberpunk 2077 glitches but it is still unplayable Intel today has released its latest DCH display driver bringing the version up to The driver fixes glitches related to graphics rendering in a few titles like Cyberpunk 2077, although the company has noted the game is still not playable as according to its internal testing, Intel's Iris Xe graphics only gets around 20fps. So it is safe to assume that the slower UHD Graphics will struggle even more. It also resolves some display problems on 8K
  12. More Intel Alder Lake details leak, up to 16 core Alder Lake-S, W680 chipset Intel's Alder Lake is the company's upcoming 12th gen 'Core i' series processor lineup and over the last few months, leaks related to it have been pouring in. Adding to the list of leaks is today's new information that we get regarding the Alder Lake-S processors. HXL on Twitter, who is a known leaker, has posted what appears to be an Intel roadmap for current and upcoming Workstation processors. The roadmap has Alder Lake-S on it listed as an entry-level workstation or a high-end
  13. Intel announces its Ice Lake Xeon Scalable processors Today, Intel is introducing its third-generation Xeon Scalable processors, which are made for data centers and anything else that requires that level of complexity in computing. A key new feature is that they come with AI acceleration using DL Boost. In fact, Intel says that these are the only data center chips with baked-in AI. Compared to the previous generation, Intel is promising 74% better AI performance. The new Xeon Scalable processors are from the Ice Lake family, meaning that they're built on a
  14. Intel reposts driver with support for Rocket Lake UHD 750 and 730 chipsets Intel released the DCH graphics driver a month ago, but it lacked support for Rocket Lake, specifically for the the UHD 750 and 730 chipsets. Lisa Pearce, Director and VP of Intel’s Architecture, Graphics and Software Group, posted a few updates on Twitter on Friday concerning the missing support in Intel's latest Graphics driver, and stated that a new driver would be posted by "Monday AM", however it seems that the driver refresh got pushed up
  15. Intel forgot to release graphics drivers for their 11th-gen Rocket Lake CPUs Even Intel doesn't give a damn about Rocket Lake... What just happened? Somehow, inexplicably, Intel failed to publish drivers for Rocket Lake’s integrated graphics ahead of the processors’ launch last week. They haven’t provided an excuse yet, probably because there isn't any: by all accounts, Rocket Lake’s integrated graphics is a clone of old hardware and doesn’t need updated drivers – just certification. Intel’s graphics drivers are usually available on their downloads web
  16. Intel's Iris Xe DG1 GPU Is Seemingly Slower Than The Radeon RX 550 New school versus old school Asus DG1-4G (Image credit: Intel) The first benchmark (via Tum_Apisak) of Intel's Iris Xe DG1 is out. The graphics card's performance is in the same ballpark as AMD's four-year-old Radeon RX 550 - at least in the Basemark GPU benchmark. If we compare manufacturing processes, the DG1 is obviously the more advanced offering. The DG1 is based on Intel's latest 10nm SuperFin process node, and the Radeon RX 550 utilizes the Lexa die, which was bu
  17. Intel invests $20 billion into new factories, will produce chips for other companies The company also plans to outsource some of its own chip production starting in 2023 Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Intel has a new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, and he’s not wasting any time to make some big changes. At the company’s “Engineering the Future” announcement today, Gelsinger announced plans to outsource more of Intel’s chip production to third-party foundries; a $20 billion investment into two new fabs in Arizona; and a new branch of the company called Inte
  18. Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake Desktop & Mobility CPUs To Offer Up To 20% Single-Thread Performance Increase & Twice The Multi-Threaded Uplift An official Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU slide has been leaked by Videocardz which confirms the next-gen desktop & mobility lineup offering up to 20% single-threaded performance increase. The Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs are expected to launch in the second half of 2021, replacing Intel's 11th Gen Rocket Lake Desktop and Tiger Lake Mobility chips. Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs Offer Up To 20% Single-Threaded &
  19. Intel teaser hints long-awaited Xe HPG gaming GPUs may be revealed on March 26th DG2 could be coming soon Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Intel’s upcoming Xe HPG “DG2” discrete gaming GPUs might be close to a reveal. The company has teased a “Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt” for March 26th at 12PM ET / 9AM PT. The website was hidden in a binary sequence segment Intel stuck in its GDC 2021 presentation that briefly teased the upcoming graphics card. Wccftech has managed to decode the message: the IP address for the aforementioned scavenge
  20. Intel details its 11th-gen 'Rocket Lake' processors with new core architecture After months of teasing and even being forced to tip its hand on a release date, Intel is finally detailing its 11th-generation desktop processors, codenamed Rocket Lake-S. While they're still built on a 14nm node, there's quite a bit that's new, including a new architecture with up to 19% IPC (instructions per clock cycle) improvement. They also come with all-new integrated graphics. Called UHD Graphics 750 but using Iris Xe architecture, Intel is promising up to a 50% boost ove
  21. Intel's Raja Koduri Teases Xe HPG GPU Development Board Intel continues to bring up its Xe GPUs. (Image credit: Raja Koduri/Twitter) A star engineer, Raja Koduri is one of the Intel executives who tends to reveal development progress of upcoming products via social media. A couple of months ago, he announced that the first GPU based on Intel's Intel's Xe HPG architecture had powered on, and this week, he seemingly teased the bring-up process of Intel's upcoming entrant into the best gaming graphics card race. From 2012 to 2021 - same Inte
  22. A jury says Intel owes $2.18 billion for infringing a zombie chip company’s patents VLSI Technology rose from the dead to sue Intel may owe quite a bit of cash to a semiconductor company that hasn’t existed for 20 years. A Texas jury has asked Intel to pay $2.18 billion for infringing two patents owned by VLSI Technology, according to Bloomberg. VLSI seemingly rose from the dead in 2019 specifically to sue. The last time it was an independent company was in 1999, when Philips purchased the semiconductor design fi
  23. Intel Paid Out $800,000 Per Year Through Bug Bounty Program Over 230 Vulnerabilities Patched in Intel Products in 2020 Intel patched 231 vulnerabilities in its products last year, roughly the same as in the previous year, when it fixed 236 flaws. The chipmaker on Wednesday published its 2020 Product Security Report, which reveals that nearly half of the vulnerabilities patched last year were discovered by its own employees, and the company claims that a vast majority of the addressed issues are the direct result of its investment in product security assurance.
  24. Intel confirms that its desktop Rocket Lake processors will ship this month If you're in the market for a new Intel CPU but you're holding out for 11th-generation, it's no secret that you won't have to wait long. The company has already said that Rocket Lake-S is coming in the first half of this year. But the family of desktop CPUs is coming earlier than that, apparently. A retailer already accidentally started listing the products, which led to Intel begrudgingly giving up the release date. The Rocket Lake-S family of CPUs is going to be release
  25. Intel to bundle Hitman 3 with its Rocket Lake CPUs A decent game bundle and strong availability could be the key to a successful launch for Intel Rocket Lake. (Image credit: Intel, IO Interactive) Intel appears to be looking at unleashing a Hitman 3 games bundle. At least that's the case according to @momomo_us on Twitter. The tweet covers the terms and conditions document that goes alongside the promotion and includes plenty of existing chips as well as the 11th Gen CPUs that are set to be officially unveiled by the end of the month.
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