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Nvidia is launching a new Pascal-based card, the GT 1010


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Nvidia is launching a new Pascal-based card, the GT 1010

Don't expect shortages of this one




In brief: Nvidia is quietly preparing a new graphics card, but it’s not the elusive RTX 3080 Ti or RTX 3050—it’s the Pascal-based GT 1010. Almost five years have passed since the architecture used in 10-series cards such as the GTX 1080 launched, and team green is still squeezing life out of the Maxwell successor.


The GT 1010 was first reported by YouTube channel Dapz after a user spotted it on a driver download page. An Nvidia rep confirmed the card’s existence, adding that it had not yet been released.



You’re not going to be playing Cyberpunk 2077 on this product. Based on the 14nm Pascal GP108 GPU found in the GT 1030, a third of that card’s 384 CUDA cores have been disabled in the GT 1010 (256 cores).


As per TechPowerUP, the GT 1010 also features 2GB of GDDR5 with a 64-bit memory interface and 41.1 GB/s bandwidth. The GT 1030, for comparison, comes in both GDDR5 and DDR4 versions. Power-wise, it has a TDP of 30W and a suggested PSU wattage of 200W.




The GT 1010 is based on the same GP108 GPU as the GT 1030 (above)

The GT 1010 is more of a display card designed for home theatre PCs, home servers, etc., and looks to be replacing the older Kepler-based GT 710. No word on a MSRP or when it will be released—or if it’s OEM systems-only—but at least the GT 1010 should be one of the few Nvidia cards in stock.


We recently heard that Nvidia is considering new crypto-mining specific graphics cards. Restarting the CMP line could alleviate the current shortages, which are exacerbated by the rising price of crypto and miners building multi-GPU rigs.



Source: Nvidia is launching a new Pascal-based card, the GT 1010

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NVIDIA To Quietly Introduce Pascal-Based GeForce GT 1010 Into Market



NVIDIA very recently and quietly announced a new GeForce graphics cards into the market, but it isn’t the rumoured powerhouse RTX 3080 Ti or entry-level RTX 3050. In fact, the card in question here is a GeForce GT 1010, a Pascal-based GPU that is located at the base of the entry-level spectrum.


The GT1010 was reportedly first discovered by YouTuber Dapz, who allegedly spotted the card on a driver download page. It didn’t take long before NVIDIA itself confirmed its existence but also said that the card had yet to be released. While it wasn’t explicitly mentioned, it’s clear that the card is aimed at consumers building HTPCs and home servers, and not gamers.



That brings us to the technical specifications of the GT 1010. GPU-wise, the card is built around the GP108 architecture, has 2GB GDDR5, a 64-bit memory bus, 256 CUDA cores, 16 TMUs, 16 ROPs, and a maximum boost clock of 1468MHz. As for power consumption, the card should have a TDP of 30W and a recommended PSU of 200W.


At the time of writing, there is still no official pricing, but sources are expecting the card to cost no more than US$70 (~RM283) when it becomes available.


Source: NVIDIA To Quietly Introduce Pascal-Based GeForce GT 1010 Into Market (via Lowyat.NET)

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