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  1. Nvidia might throttle crypto performance of the rumored RTX 3080 Ti The GPU may use the same hash rate limiter as the RTX 3060 (Image credit: Future) Nvidia will reportedly throttle the cryptomining performance of the upcoming RTX 3080 Ti in order to ensure the graphics card ends up in the hands of gamers. That’s according to a tweet posted by @kopite7kimi, which claims Nvidia will be implementing the same hash rate limiter that debuted with GeForce RTX 3060 for its next Ampere GPU, the R
  2. How Nvidia is tackling cryptomining so more gamers can get RTX cards Nvidia insists that RTX is for Gamers (Image credit: Nvidia) It's no secret that it's almost impossible to find an RTX 3000-series graphics card right now. An army of bots is scouring the internet retailers buying up a lot of the available stock while desperate gamers fight over what's left behind or trying their luck with systems like Newegg Shuffle. While profiteers online are a much bigger problem than cryptominers -
  3. Nvidia really needs to refresh its entire Ampere graphics card lineup Opinion: Whether it's Super cards or not, we need new Nvidia GPUs (Image credit: Future) Earlier this week, Nvidia announced that it's going to be limiting the cryptocurrency mining performance of the RTX 3060 in a bid to diminish miners' demand for the upcoming graphics card. It remains to be seen just how effective this is going to be, but it's a step in the right direction, and Nvidia really needs to take it further.
  4. Nvidia says it won’t nerf the Ethereum mining performance of existing GPUs Also, Nvidia insists its mining GPUs won’t reduce the supply for gamers Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge This morning, Nvidia announced that it would artificially reduce the performance of its upcoming $329 GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card when it comes to one specific task: Ethereum cryptocurrency mining. As weird as that news might sound, it was music to the ears of some gamers — who have been trying and failing to get their hands on graphics car
  5. The Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti might actually release after cancellation rumor Could the 20GB RTX 3080 and 16GB RTX 3070 be real? (Image credit: Future) The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti has surfaced in rumors occasionally since the launch of Ampere in September 2020, but the mid-range graphics card may have got its juiciest leak yet. This latest leak was spotted by German game outlet GameStar, where it pointed out a store listing for a Lenovo Legion T7 gaming PC equipped with an Nvidia GeForce RTX
  6. Qualcomm objects to Nvidia’s $40 billion Arm acquisition KEY POINTS Qualcomm has told regulators around the world that it is against Nvidia’s $40 billion acquisition of British chip designer Arm, according to sources familiar with the matter. The company has told the Federal Trade Commission, the European Commission, the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority and China’s State Administration for Market Regulation that it has concerns about the deal. The FTC’s investigation has moved to a “second phase” and the U.S. regulator has
  7. NVIDIA confirms GeForce RTX 3060 launches on February 25th NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 non-Ti officially launches on February 25th NVIDIA has now confirmed to the press that its next graphics card from the Ampere series will launch in more than two weeks, on February 25th. The date has already been known thanks to the previous leak from Wccftech. NVIDIA this morning has sent over a quick note revealing the release date for their next GeForce desktop video card, the RTX 3060. The mainstream(ish) video card, previously revealed at CES 2021 with a late Februa
  8. Nvidia is bringing back old RTX 2060 and GTX 1050 Ti GPUs to deal with global chip shortage The lower-end cards are older but could at least help satisfy some of the video card demand PCWorld has confirmed that Nvidia is planning on releasing stock of GTX 1050 Ti and RTX 2060 GPUs to its board partners in an attempt to deal with the stock shortages and sky-high prices of its newer 30-series cards. At the moment, it’s not just new cards that people are having trouble getting their hands on — it’s any modern graphics card at all.
  9. Nvidia's $40 Billion Arm Acquisition Is Under Scrutiny Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) As expected, Nvidia’s $40 billion acquisition of Arm is nowhere near a done deal. The EU and UK are ready to start investigating the merger, reports The Irish Times. Sources familiar with the matter told the publication that the deal will be thoroughly investigated, and could either be passed unconditionally or with concessions. The investigation comes in response to concerns that the deal will give Nvidia monopolistic power over current Arm licensees.
  10. Nvidia is requiring laptop makers to be more transparent about RTX 30-series specs A move that will make it easier to shop for a gaming laptop with a new Nvidia graphics chip Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge Nvidia is now requiring, not just encouraging, companies selling laptops with its new RTX 30-series graphics chips to be more transparent about the kind of power people can expect. Nvidia tells The Verge these companies will have to disclose specific clock speed stats and total graphics power on online product pages — all of which tells people
  11. NVIDIA Gamers Face DoS, Data Loss from Shield TV Bugs The company also issued patches for Tesla-based GPUs as part of an updated, separate security advisory. NVIDIA has newly disclosed three security vulnerabilities in the NVIDIA Shield TV, which could allow denial of service, escalation of privileges and data loss. The NVIDIA Shield TV is a set-top gadget that acts as a hub for the smart home, streams PC games from a gaming PC to a TV; and allows local and online media playback and streaming. Android games compatible with Android TV are
  12. New report alleges that Nvidia is reviving the RTX 2060 lineup According to a report from Overclocking.com, Nvidia is purportedly re-introducing the RTX 2060 lineup, ie, both the RTX 2060 and the 2060 SUPER. The media outlet states that multiple AIB partners of Nvidia have said the same thing which lends some credibility to this rumor. Bizarrely, the new RTX 2060 and its SUPER counterpart will allegedly be priced at EUR 300 and EUR 400, respectively, the latter of which is actually a bit higher than the recently announced RTX 3060's reference MSRP. Both AMD
  13. Nvidia is launching a new Pascal-based card, the GT 1010 Don't expect shortages of this one In brief: Nvidia is quietly preparing a new graphics card, but it’s not the elusive RTX 3080 Ti or RTX 3050—it’s the Pascal-based GT 1010. Almost five years have passed since the architecture used in 10-series cards such as the GTX 1080 launched, and team green is still squeezing life out of the Maxwell successor. The GT 1010 was first reported by YouTube channel Dapz after a user spotted it on a driver download page. An Nvidia rep confirmed the card’s existence
  14. Nvidia could create new cryptomining-specific graphics cards The CMP line will be restarted if demand is there TL;DR: The situation with the RTX 3000 graphics cards is dire. Not only are we dealing with their general lack of availability, but there's also the recent tax on Chinese imports pushing prices up. Into this mix is the skyrocketing value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, creating mode demand. But Nvidia is contemplating a plan that could address the latter issue: Ampere-based cryptomining cards. Fears that RTX 3000 shortages ar
  15. Nvidia DLSS support is coming to Outriders, Call of Duty: Warzone, and more Nvidia Reflex is also coming to Overwatch and R6 Siege In brief: Nvidia's all-digital CES keynote kicked off today, and it was a pretty exciting one. The biggest reveal was the new GeForce RTX 3060, but the company also announced that its RTX, DLSS, and Reflex technologies will be coming to several existing and upcoming titles. Let's delve into those a bit below. We'll start with the games that are only set to receive DLSS (and not RTX or Reflex), of which there are currently t
  16. NVIDIA hints at RTX 30 laptop graphics launch on January 12th Your gaming portable is about to get a speed boost. NVIDIA You might not have to wait much longer to get a taste of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 series in your laptop. Tom’s Guide points out that NVIDIA has shared a not-so-subtle teaser for its mobile RTX 30 graphics ahead of its January 12th CES event. You only get fleeting glimpses, but the brief clip shows both a laptop and what’s clearly a portable-oriented GPU. Store listings for RTX 30-equipped
  17. UK watchdog begins investigating Nvidia's $40bn takeover of Arm Competition and Markets Authority examining deal to buy UK-based chip firm Britain’s competition watchdog has launched an investigation into the $40bn (£29.5bn) takeover of the UK-based chip designer Arm by the US company Nvidia. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has called for interested parties to submit views on the contentious deal before the launch of a formal investigation later this year. Arm Holdings, which employs 6,500 staff including 3,000 in the UK, is a global l
  18. Nvidia may be preparing to release the RTX 3080 Super and RTX 3070 Super Are RTX Super cards incoming? (Image credit: Nvidia) Nvidia is preparing to release two new high-end SKUs in the next couple of months, pointing to the possibility of new RTX 3080 Super and RTX 3070 Super cards to augment Nvidia's lineup of next-gen GPUs. The GPU SKUs, first flagged by kopite7kimi, are the latest possible GPUs to come to Nvidia's growing lineup of Ampere graphics cards. While the names of the new SKUs are not known
  19. Nvidia in 2021: Ampere's continued domination Will Nvidia keep winning in 2021? (Image credit: Future) In 2020, Nvidia had an absolutely amazing year, finally launching its Ampere graphics architecture, both for data centers and for PC gaming. It was a massive improvement over what older cards like the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti could offer, even hinting at what an 8K graphics card can look like with the RTX 3090. In a lot of ways, Nvidia is only getting started with Ampere, especially when you consider we still don't h
  20. Lenovo lists Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050, 3050 Ti, and RTX 3060 ahead of the official launch We are just weeks away from CES 2021 where Nvidia is rumoured to announce its new additions to the RTX 30 series family. Ahead of the official launch, Lenovo has listed the upcoming GPUs on its website. First spotted by VideoCardz, the webpage lists the RTX 3050, 3050Ti and the RTX 3060 GPUs. According to the listing, the RTX 3050 will come with 4GB GDDR6 VRAM and will support up to [email protected] over HDMI and DisplayPort (DP). The card will also have 1x DP 1.4a, 1x HD
  21. Nvidia in 2020: year in review Ampere made a very impressive entrance – but not without issues (Image credit: Future) In the consumer space, Nvidia’s year has been dominated by one big launch: that of the RTX 3080. There were two sides to the coin in this case, the first being the incredible power and performance uplift provided by these GPUs, which was quite frankly startling. But the flipside was that this astonishing feat was tainted by severe stock issues and failing to meet customer demand for these graphics cards by a long shot.
  22. Nvidia's $40 billion Arm acquisition may have a speedbump Could be just the first of many (Image credit: Nvidia) US competition regulators have demanded more documents from Nvidia amidst calls by its rivals to block its acquisition of Arm. Arm’s business model involves licensing chip designs to several hundred other companies including many that compete directly with Nvidia. These competitors claim the takeover will put them at a disadvantage as it would allow Nvidia to directly affect their operations
  23. Nvidia's next-gen GPUs may honor British mathematician Ada Lovelace Lady Lovelace might be the next Nvidia GPU namesake (Image credit: Nvidia) Nvidia might be delaying its latest multi-chip GPU, codenamed Hopper, to bring a new single-chip GPU architecture series to market first that will apparently honor the pioneering British mathematician Ada King, Lady of Lovelace, who is credited as writing the world first computer program in 1843. Codenamed Lovelace, the forthcoming GPU architecture will feature Nvidia's latest 5nm
  24. “Demand will probably exceed supply”: Nvidia explains RTX 30 shortages It's not just wafer shortages at Samsung, though that's a factor. First image of article image gallery. Please visit the source link to see all images. Speaking at the Credit Suisse digital financial services conference, Nvidia Chief Financial Officer Colette Kress addressed and partially explained the recent shortages of the company's new RTX 30-series graphics cards like the GeForce RTX 3080 and 3070. She confirmed that wafer shortages at chip supplier Samsun
  25. JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Intel Corp’s Habana Labs business said on Wednesday it would take time to gain market share from Nvidia in cloud and data centre computing but its deal this week with Amazon Web Services (AWS) was a solid first step. Intel in December bought Israel-based artificial intelligence firm Habana for about $2 billion, seeking to expand its AI portfolio to bolster its data-centre business. Habana’s Gaudi AI training processor, launched in June 2019, has faster processing speeds to compete with similar products from Intel rival Nvidia.
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