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Samsung is working on a pretty nice screen recorder for their PCs


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Samsung is working on a pretty nice screen recorder for their PCs

We lamented the other day that there was no built-in screen recorder in Windows 10, a feature which is now nearly standard on mobile platforms.


Samsung must have heard, as Alumia reports the company is working on a pretty nice screen recorder app for their Windows 10 laptops.


The app, simply called Samsung Screen Recorder, should be good enough for most basic user needs.










Once launched, the app will feature an always-on-top app bar which will let you:

  • Start screen recording
  • Take a screenshot
  • Launch a webcam window
  • Launch the app settings

You can select the screen to record (useful for a dual-monitor setup), select a webcam as the source, and adjust the following parameters:

  • Video resolution of the recording (up to a low quality of 720 × 480)
  • Audio On / Off (and audio source selection)
  • Yes / no display of the cursor icon during recording and associated click effects
  • Select the folder where to save the recordings
  • Image format selection of screenshots (PNG, JPEG, TIFF and BMP)
  • Quick keyboard input customization
  • Other information, app usage guide, etc.

Recording will start after a 3-second count-down timer.


The app is currently in testing in the Microsoft Store and when released will unfortunately only be available to Samsung laptops. Thankfully Microsoft is working on a Powertoy (Video Gif Editor) with similar functionality, but likely fewer features. Read more about that here.

via Softpedia



Samsung is working on a pretty nice screen recorder for their PCs

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