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Nsane site upgrade (1st Oct 2020)

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Things look great, sleek, shiny and clear....and a nice modern appearance. Well done!! Probably I'm banned now for posting in the wrong place!!

Yes you are banned. I will make sure of that myself later on today.  

@Matt Very nice job thanks chief 👍    

On 10/2/2020 at 8:55 AM, wolfie said:

Nice work, but how do I get back to dark mode? I'e forgotten how I set it originally...


There's a "Theme" drop-down list bottom left centre on all (I think) pages.


No Dark theme yet, but the Nsane Light (Default) theme helps a bit.


There are two Dark modes...


First, choose Nsane Light (Default) on Theme menu at bottom of pages.


Then select one of two dark Styles to apply, instructions in my post here .


EDIT: Edited for changes since posting.

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10 minutes ago, Karlston said:


There's a "Theme" drop-down list bottom left on all (I think) pages.


Correct mate although using Edge mine is center of page using IPS default FYI Nsane light is not working 100% for me.


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Where's the "mark as read" button...

The only one present is "mark site read" but not only a thread , it mark all the nsane pages in all the forum as read.

Not as yesterday...help plz !!



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Is it possible to have more than one name streaming options saved, so one can switch from one name to another.

I saved a streaming option name as “Everthing” to be show.

Like to have another streaming option name “I posted in” and change from one to another been “Everything” the default name.

Tried but not worked for me.



Thanks @Matt, like everything new it takes time to find the new ways to use It and we should forget the all ways to do it and look forward for the new ways.


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I am Overwhelmed 

i can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles
A hundred miles, a hundred miles
Nsaneforums with you my time flies .😍
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