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Microsoft once again warns of Adobe Flash removal from Edge by the end of the year


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Microsoft once again warns of Adobe Flash removal from Edge by the end of the year



Adobe Flash is going away at the end of the year, and it's been a long time coming. Adobe first announced the end of life in July 2017, and every major browser vendor is committed to exorcising Adobe's legacy product from its browser by the end of the year. Microsoft published an update today promising to do just that, even though it made the same promise a year ago.


Microsoft was clear that it's removing Flash from all three of its currently shipping web browsers by the end of the year, including Internet Explorer 11, Edge Legacy, and Edge Chromium. After 2020, users that need to access Flash will have to jump through some hoops, as you'll have to use a plug-in in IE mode. Adobe is making this available for business users, and Microsoft won't support it; it's just another third-party plug-in.


At some point in early 2021, all supported versions of Windows are going to get an optional update called, "Update for removal of Adobe Flash Player", and it will be made recommended later. In fact, you'll be able to grab the update from the Update Catalog this fall if you want it before the end of Flash support. And then next summer, all APIs, group policies, and interfaces that are for managing Flash will be removed from Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer 11 via a cumulative update.


Flash Player has been disabled by default on all modern browsers for some time, so if you haven't run into any compatibility issues this year, this change will happen and you won't even notice.



Microsoft once again warns of Adobe Flash removal from Edge by the end of the year



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On 9/7/2020 at 10:49 AM, halvgris said:

both edge and adobe flash is and always have been obsolete since html 5 etc which replaced it years ago.


Edge is still around but using the new Chromium engine - the upcoming Win10 20H2 release will permanently replace the "old" Edge (aka Spartan or legacy Edge) with the Chromium version


as for Flash, let it be put out of its misery by end of 2020


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