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Opera 68 for the desktop gets Instagram support


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Opera 68 for the desktop gets Instagram support

Opera Software has released a new version of the company's desktop web browser. Opera 68 for the desktop is now available for all supported operating systems.


The new version introduces native support for Instagram on the desktop, some smaller changes, fixes, and the upgrade to a newer Chromium version.


Existing Opera installations will be updated automatically to the new version. You may select Opera Menu > Update & Recovery to run a manual check for updates from within the browser. The new Opera 68 Stable is also available as a download on Opera Software's website.

Opera 68



Opera 68 introduces support for Instagram in the browser's sidebar. Opera Software launched the sidebar some time ago as a way to quickly access browser features and also some web services such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Basically, what happens is that Opera loads the mobile web version of the service in the sidebar so that users may use it from within the browser.



The new Instagram icon is visible in the sidebar after the upgrade to Opera 68. A click opens the interface; you get a sign-in prompt (or sign-up) to use the service in Opera. It is probably a good idea to click on the "pin" icon to make sure that the interface stays on top while you use the application.


Opera Software notes that the entire Instagram Web interface is at the user's disposal after sign-in. Instagram users may check their feeds, message, watch, comment, or use direct messaging.


Opera users who don't use Instagram or don't want to use it in Opera can remove the icon with a right-click and toggling Instagram in the selection menu. Other icons can be added or removed from the sidebar as well using the method.


Opera 68 introduces a new icon in the top right corner of the browser UI. The new magnifying glass icon opens the new search in open tabs feature of the browser. Opera users who prefer the keyboard may use the shortcut Ctrl-Space to display the search interface. Opera lists the open tabs and a search field at the top that filters the tabs based on the input.


Tabs can be selected with the keyboard, mouse or touch then to jump directly to the tab in the browser.




The feature searches across all open windows -- with the exception of private windows -- of the browser and includes all tabs that match the query regardless of window they are open in. Users who open lots of opens regularly may find the feature useful to locate tabs quickly.


Opera Software introduced a new Tab highlighter in the last stable version (Opera 67). The update to Opera 68 improves the feature by adding an underline to each duplicate tab in the browser. The developers added a new close duplicate tabs option to the context menu as well.


Opera 68 makes changes to how secure and insecure pages are highlighted in the browser. Secure pages are highlighted with a grey padlock icon to the left of the address bar (company name won't be displayed). Insecure pages are highlighted with a grey warning sign.



Source: Opera 68 for the desktop gets Instagram support (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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