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  1. Opera adds support for Apple's M1 processor and custom shortcuts Opera Software has announced that its namesake browser now natively supports Apple’s M1 processor. According to the firm, M1 support makes Opera run two times faster compared to the previous version of the browser. The latest version of Opera also lets users create custom keyboard shortcuts to more quickly access various browser features. Last November, Apple released several new Macs that ship with the new Apple M1 CPU, which is ARM-based. With the shift from Intel’s processors, Apple had to ship a
  2. Opera Touch for iOS Gets Rebranded to Just 'Opera' on Its 3rd Anniversary, Revamps UI Opera Touch on iOS has now been rebranded to just Opera, retaining its classic design with some visual changes. Opera for iOS brings forward the clean and minimalistic design of its predecessor Opera has revamped its Opera Touch browser for iPhone and iPad models to commemorate its third anniversary on the platform, and rebranded it to just 'Opera' in the process. With the update, the browser gets a modern UI that keeps the minimalistic style and core functionalities of its
  3. Opera for Android 61 launches with media player and WebSnap Opera has announced the availability of Opera for Android 61. The new update includes an integrated media player that removes the need for third-party media players as well as WebSnap, a tool that lets you snap the current page and add doodles, text, and emojis before sending the picture to your contacts. The built-in QR code scanner has also been made easier to access. The headline feature is this update is the integrated media player. According to Opera, it providers users with a “smooth media exp
  4. Opera browser gets Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music support Opera Software released a new version of the company's Opera desktop browser to the public today. Opera 72.0 Stable is all about music, or more precisely, integrating some of the most popular music services directly in the browser. Opera users may control music playback directly from the sidebar, and Opera Software believes that this is more comfortable than having to control playback from a browser tab or a standalone application. The integration uses Opera's sidebar implementation tha
  5. Opera adds sidebar Music Playback to Opera Browser for Spotify, Youtube and Apple Opera Software released a new Developer version of its Opera web browser yesterday. The new version introduces support for music playback from the browser's sidebar. Opera Developer is the cutting-edge development version of the browser. Features are introduced in the browser first before they land in Beta and Stable versions. If you do like to play music in your browser, you may have noticed that it usually involves juggling between different windows,
  6. Opera browser gets improved sync and other new features Opera Software released a new version of the company's mobile web browser for Google's Android operating system and a new desktop version of the web browser today. The main reason for the simultaneous launch is that the company improved the synchronization feature that syncs data between the Android version and desktop versions of the Opera browser. Sync setup has been simplified significantly, as the entire process is now handled by scanning QR codes on devices and without having use an account to pair devi
  7. https://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera/desktop/56.0.3051.104/win/ https://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera/desktop/56.0.3051.104/win/Opera_56.0.3051.104_Setup.exe https://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera/desktop/56.0.3051.104/win/Opera_56.0.3051.104_Setup_x64.exe
  8. https://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera/desktop/57.0.3098.102/win/ https://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera/desktop/57.0.3098.102/win/Opera_57.0.3098.102_Setup.exe https://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera/desktop/57.0.3098.102/win/Opera_57.0.3098.102_Setup_x64.exe
  9. With Opera Mini v42.0.2254.139274 Beta [AdFree] you can save data while browsing the internet and get to your favorite content faster Opera Mini is the best browser for Android, versions 2.3 and up, on both phones and tablets. It’s fast, free and beautifully designed. The new Opera Mini has been redesigned with a lighter look and made more intuitive to use. Ditch buttons and swipe to navigate the web. With less clutter and less hassle, Opera Mini’s updated look gives you a superior browsing experience. ► Save data Use up to 90% less of your mobile data compared to other web brow
  10. Opera 63.0 Stable is out: here is what is new Opera Software released a new version of the company's desktop web browser Opera to the public on August 20, 2019. Opera 63.0 improves the browser's private mode among other things. Opera users may run a check for updates with a click on Menu > Update & Recovery. The browser should download and install version 63.0 automatically at that point or list the update so that it can be installed. The new Opera 63.0 can also be downloaded from the Opera website. The new version of Opera improves private mod
  11. Block Opera from opening a New Tab Page on Start I have configured all my web browsers to restore the last browsing session whenever they are launched on a system; that's handy as it allows me to continue where I left off, and to keep a number of sites open in the browser without having to worry about losing them or having to restore them through other means. The Opera web browser supports session restore as well but for some time now, I noticed that the browser would always open a blank page next to all the tabs from the previous session. While that
  12. Opera users who run any recent version of the web browser -- Stable, Beta or Developer -- and either the native ad blocker or a browser extension that blocks advertisement, may have noticed that ads are no longer blocked by either solution on search results pages. Opera users with content blockers enabled may notice that advertisement is displayed as if no content blocker was enabled in the browser on search results page. Opera made no mention of the change in recent Opera changelogs. Developers find information about it on Opera's Dev website: Opera implements
  13. Opera for Android 50 Released with Improved Ad Blocker, Picture-in-Picture Mode Opera for Android has officially reached version 50, and this new release comes with lots of improvements, including a refined ad blocker and a brand-new picture-in-picture mode. First and foremost, the new Opera version now allows users to configure special ad-blocking rules per each website. Previously, the application only came with general filters that were applied to every page you loaded, and this approach wasn’t the most convenient for users who wanted to whitelist specific website
  14. Opera for Android 51 Now Available with Built-in Free VPN Opera is one of the first browsers that brought a free VPN service to the desktop, and now the company is bringing it to Android as well. Opera for Android 51 thus allows users to browse the web securely by easily connecting to a VPN server, all right from within the browser. Opera says the built-in VPN does not create any logs, so information about your online activity isn’t stored on a server. “This means that the VPN servers do not log and retain any activity data, all
  15. Fintech biz's financials hit a high note... as in bank notes Those who remember Opera for its freeware browser may be saddened to note its ever-increasing dependency on fintech revenues, judging from financial figures it shared last night. Opera's full-year sales jumped 94 per cent from $172m in 2018 to $335m in 2019, we're told, with the stand-out being its online money-lending service, which rose from $1.7m in the fourth quarter of 2018 to $71.9m in the fourth quarter of 2019 – that's more than half of total Q4 sales. Sales for the final quarter of 2019 thus increased 158
  16. The mysterious case of the Opera Autoupdate folder in Downloads If you are using the Opera web browser on a Windows device, you may have noticed that the browser is creating a "opera autoupdate" folder in the Downloads directory or in other locations. Opera adds a scheduled task on Windows during installation the checks for new versions regularly to update the browser if a new version is available. Ideally, this works without the creation of the aforementioned folder. I checked on two systems running different versions of Windows 10 and both systems h
  17. Opera for Android 59 advances online payments Opera has announced the availability of Opera for Android 59. The new update comes with a handful of new features including a Payment Request API, improvements to site settings, and other smaller improvements which many won’t even notice but should provide for a more polished browsing experience. The most notable addition to this upgrade is the Payment Request API. The firm said that as more shopping moves online, the need for standards such as the W3C-recognised Payment Request API will increase. This
  18. Opera 56 for Android launches with improved reader mode Opera Software released Opera 56 for Android today; the new version of the mobile browser comes with reader mode improvements, configurable address bar buttons, and tab restoration improvements. The update is already available and should be pushed to Android devices automatically that have automatic updates enabled. New users can download the web browser from Google Play by following this link. Opera 56 for Android Opera Software highlights three main features that are new or impr
  19. How to turn off Opera promotional notifications on the desktop When you install the Opera web browser, you may get promotional notifications on the desktop from time to time. I recently received a "Welcome to Opera" notification on a Windows 10 system stating that Opera's built-in ad-blocker improved the page loading time by up to 90%. The prompt had a "try now" and a "don't show again" option, and a close button attached to it. I only ever saw Opera advertising features of its own products using the notification system. Since I'm no fan of desktop no
  20. Opera 68 for the desktop gets Instagram support Opera Software has released a new version of the company's desktop web browser. Opera 68 for the desktop is now available for all supported operating systems. The new version introduces native support for Instagram on the desktop, some smaller changes, fixes, and the upgrade to a newer Chromium version. Existing Opera installations will be updated automatically to the new version. You may select Opera Menu > Update & Recovery to run a manual check for updates from within the browser. The new Opera
  21. Opera 58 for Android out with automatic notification blocking Opera Software released Opera 58 for Android with automatic notification blocking, improved speed dial actions and form improvements today to the public. The browser may not show up yet on Google Play for everyone at the time of writing. Opera Software notes that the release is not as big as previous releases due to the current situation in the world. Still, Opera engineers managed to integrate three new features in the mobile browser. The first addresses notifications and the constant abus
  22. Opera 57 for Android: improved offline pages and data saving controls Opera Software launched a new version of the company's mobile web browser for Google's Android operating system today. Opera 57 for Android introduces several improvements and new features including improved data saving controls, options to customize the storage location for offline pages on the device, faster Speed Dial access, and more. The update is available on Google Play already; users who use Google Play may check the list of updates in the Store to pick up the new version of the mobile Opera
  23. Opera Software tests Cloudflare DNS over HTTPS in Opera 65 Opera Software released a new beta version of the company's Opera web browser on October 17, 2019 to the public. Opera 65 Beta includes support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH), a privacy and security feature that encrypts DNS traffic to prevent spying and common attacks such as spoofing or pharming. Opera 65 Beta is already available. Existing Beta installation should receive the new version automatically thanks to the integrated automatic updating system. Opera Beta downloads are also linked on the official blog post
  24. Opera 54 for Android: new theme, Bitcoin support Opera Software released a new version of the company's main web browser for Google's Android operating system on October 22, 2019. The new Opera 54 web browser features a new theme and comes with support for Bitcoin and TRON virtual currencies among other new features. The update is already pushed via Google Play at the time of writing. Opera users may check the Apps and Games section on Google Play to force the update to take place immediately. The new version loads a theme selection interface on first
  25. Opera introduces new workspaces feature in Opera 67 Opera Software introduced a new feature, called Workspaces, in the latest developer version of the Opera web browser for desktop operating systems. Opera 67 Developer comes with built-in support for Workspaces, a feature that resembles virtual desktops and also Firefox's container feature to a degree. The main idea behind Workspaces is to separate websites and web apps into different groups. Opera users could use a workspace for work-related activity, one for social media, and another for shopping or entertainment. Un
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