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TinyWall 3.0 for Windows introduces major changes


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TinyWall 3.0 for Windows introduces major changes

The developer of the third-party firewall for Windows TinyWall has just released version 3.0 of the application for all supported versions of Windows.


TinyWall 3.0 is a major release and the first release that acts completely independent from the built-in Windows firewall. As such, it is now possible to run TinyWall and Windows' built-in firewall side-by-side if desired.


Please note that TinyWall 3.0 does not support Windows Vista anymore and that 32-bit versions are not provided anymore either.


Existing users of TinyWall will have their firewall rules taken over from previous versions. The developer notes that other settings will be lost after the upgrade to the new version; users may need to modify the settings on first run after the upgrade to make sure everything is set up correctly on the device.


The installer includes several new options such as installing the program in a custom location.

TinyWall 3.0

tinywall 3.0


Independence from Windows Firewall is just one of the new features of the third-party firewall. The developer has integrated several new features in the application; here is the list of the most important ones:

  • TinyWall supports and handles UWP applications on Windows 10. Also, auto-detection of UWP apps.
  • Support for RAW and Promiscous-socket filtering to monitor and control apps that create raw network traffic.
  • Full Windows File Sharing support (File and Printer Sharing and Network Browser).
  • Improved boot-time filtering support which ensures that firewall rules are active right "from the start on the networking stack".
  • Ability to whitelist child processes of whitelisted executables automatically. The feature simplifies certain installations, e.g. when online installers are used to install software on a device.
  • Applications no longer disconnect when the firewall reloads.
  • Support for global exceptions (machine level).
  • Connection window doesn't need to be open anymore when registering blocked applications. Also, F5 to refresh connections and option to sort connections by timestamp.
  • Live update of traffic in System Tray menu.
  • Improved loading performance of Processes listing.
  • Improved batch whitelisting of connections and processes.
  • Autolearn ignores svchost.
  • Error logging added to graphical user interface.

TinyWall 3.0 is furthermore protected against code-identity spoofing attacks and checks for new updates over HTTPS exclusively.

Closing Words

TinyFirewall 3.0 improves the third-party firewall for Windows significantly. While it is necessary for existing users to check the settings after upgrading to the new version, it is a massive update that introduces major new features and protections.


You can check out the entire changelog of TinyWall 3.0 here.


Landing Page: https://tinywall.pados.hu/



Source: TinyWall 3.0 for Windows introduces major changes (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)


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