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A2DP sink feature returns to Windows 10


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A2DP sink feature returns to Windows 10

The A2DP sink feature was last available in Windows in Windows 7, with Windows 8 and earlier versions of Windows 10 lacking the capability.  Before, the feature let you use your PC as a Bluetooth audio output device, but Microsoft has since removed “sink” capabilities.


This change forced many users to switch to alternative, universal drivers which act as a sink.  Fortunately, Microsoft has now brought the feature back to Windows 10.




In related news, Windows 10 version 2004 has received certification for Bluetooth 5.1, which promises improvements like faster connectivity and reduced energy consumption.  This is thanks to the GATT caching enhancements.  The update will also include general performance improvements.


Windows 10 20H1 development has been finalized, and Microsoft is all set to release the update in April or May.  Before its release to the Release Preview ring, the company will first issue the final security fixes.


Microsoft will also enable support for Bluetooth 5.2 features in preview builds of an upcoming Windows 10 update.  After the update, Windows 10 will support Enhanced Attribute Protocol (EATT)- an improved version of Windows 10 will support Enhanced Attribute Protocol (EATT),  The main changes include improved user experience and reduced end-to-end latency.  The 20H2 update is due for release in 2020.


While Windows PCs are not usually used as Bluetooth speakers, the capability may be important if Microsoft makes another attempt at a Windows-powered smart speaker or other IoT device.


Via WalkingCat



Source: A2DP sink feature returns to Windows 10  (MSPoweruser)

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