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Google Chrome will display error codes on crash pages


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Google Chrome will display error codes on crash pages

Google is working on integrating error codes on error pages that the Chrome web browser displays when something goes wrong.


Google Chrome, like any other desktop browser, displays error pages when things go wrong. Error pages may be displayed if connections to sites cannot be established, when a tab crashes, or when there is a problem with the security of the connection.


The error pages may provide information on the error but that is not always the case. The dreaded Aw, Snap, "Something went wrong while displaying this webpage" for example does not reveal any useful information.


It is up to the user to figure out what happened and how to resolve the issue.


Google has implemented a change in the latest Chrome Canary version that may improve error troubleshooting. The browser displays an error code on the error page that may provide further information on the issue or may be of assistance when someone else is looking at fixing the issue.




The error code is displayed underneath the error message. Chrome users may load chrome://kill, an internal page that simulates an error, to see how it looks.


Not all error codes may reveal actionable information. While error codes such as "out of memory", "wait timeout", or "result code hung" may be useful, there are error codes such as "SIGFPE", "SBOX_FATAL_MITIGATION", or "STATUS_CALLBACK_RETURNED_WHILE_IMPERSONATING" that most users won't find helpful at all.


The entire list of error code strings is available on the Chromium website. A public list of descriptions or explanations for each of the error codes is not available at the time of writing.


Chromium users may load chrome://crash/ to display a list of recent crashes of the web browser.


It is unclear at the time of writing if all or most Chromium-based web browsers will follow Google's lead and display the error codes. Some, like the Canary version of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser, already display these codes as well.



Closing Words

Additional information about errors and issues that help troubleshoot problems are always welcome. The error codes that Chrome will display are for the most part not helpful to home users who try to find out why something did not work out as expected.


It may help support engineers and people on Google's official support forum when it comes to figuring out why something produced an error.



Source: Google Chrome will display error codes on crash pages (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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These browsers be pushing  out experiments even too  Enterprise  users so you know  Home version users are exposed  to 10 times more bugs . At lest if you use virgin Chromium you don't get experiments  unless you use beta or dev that why they have  beta and dev  versions . They so hard up for beta testers anymore  they to  have expose  the end user to bugs trough there shady services .


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