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KerishDoctor Christmas/NewYear Giveaway (35 x 3-year Licenses)


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I would like to thank KerishProducts for this special Christmas/NewYear giveaway






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Kerish Doctor 2020 is a complete care solution for computer maintenance that utilizes the most promising developments in this area.

Due to its unique system, Kerish Doctor 2020 prevents Windows crashes in real time and also safely fixes registry errors.

The application regularly performs a maximally thorough and safe cleaning of your system to eliminate accumulated digital "trash", thereby increasing the efficiency of your computer in the best way possible.

Kerish Doctor 2020 protects your PC against malware and potential vulnerabilities and monitors computer settings that are important from the point of view of security.

The Smart Update system promptly updates the application's databases, which are constantly being improved by our experts. Thanks to this system, the software suite is becoming more effective every day, making our solution the most promising in its class.

For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP



What's new (Version 4.80 released on December 15, 2019)














  • Added component "Apps Live Optimization" to boost PC performance by optimizing CPU time between running processes
  • Added automatic cleaning of uninstalled software leftovers
  • Added cleaning of old downloads (ability to configure cleaning of old files in any folder)
  • Updated the "Installed Software" tool: added complete uninstall (including leftovers)
  • Added the ability to notify about the release of new software versions and help to update it
  • Added weekly report about performed work
  • Bug fixed


Kerish Doctor technologies


The cloud technology that underlies the assessment of the reputations of files, software, and other objects.
A unique system that can detect and prevent Windows crashes in real time.
The most advanced method for cleaning your computer of digital "trash".
This technology will unleash the full potential of your computer while you play.
Regularly updates the Kerish Doctor 2020 core and database when you access the Internet.
Ability to unblock the computer when you can’t do it yourself.
| Why Kerish Doctor |
Click the feature for details
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Connect with Kerish
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35 Licenses — 30 licenses + 05 licenses reserved
Giveaway Open To All
35 licenses to giveaway

Each valid for 3 years



Write, why you want to win a license of Kerish Doctor (Required)

Like/Follow Kerish Products on their social networks (Optional)

Share the giveaway on social networks, forums, etc (Optional)

PM me within 5 days of winners selection to claim your prize


Giveaway Ends 19 Jan


Good luck

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Kerish Doctor is the best & The All in One Windows Maintenance Solution

It has been serving me on my device since couple of years




God bless you all ynd your Family and nice X-Mas and Happx Nwe Year to all


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Had myself a new computer for christmas, googling around trying pimp it with softwares, this could actually really be pleasent for me to have! first time ive heard of it thou. sounds promising!

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This program regularly corrects errors and inconsistencies in the system registry. there are some problems with my driver's registry. so I also want to participate in this giveaway to solve my drivers problem.


Thanks to @khanyash for the giveaway.. and good luck to all my friends at nsane forums.

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Kerish Doctor is in my opinion a very well done all in one tool, and I have been using it since last year ,

and am very happy with it , and dont want to miss it on my systems - no Windows Errors after using !!!  
would be very happy if I could get such a license.


thx to khanyash for this great Offer 




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ok i want to clean up a sluggish start up computer and little issue with network...i though KerishDoctor might be handful with it and  most of all it free

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Kerish Doctor features Kerish Deblocker which can remove lock screen viruses even after the PC has been blocked, so I want to participate in this giveaway.

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I would like to win a license for this program, because in my opinion is the best and safe program to maintain the system in good condition.
Daily updates of the program is its great advantage.
That's why he wants to use it.

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why I want to win a license of Kerish Doctor  ?


Because this software is Safe, Fast, Efficient and Easy to use, . Never caused any problems on my Computer, so... it is essential to have !

PC Troubleshooting, Cleaning, Performance Optimization, and Anti-Malware.


If you are experiencing system crash issues or similar issues, no doubt Kerish Doctor is handy software.

This is yet another program designed to fix miscellaneous Windows problems through a refined engine and features not found in other software of its kind.

Kerish Doctor is an all-in-one solution for manual or automatic maintenance of Windows computers. The app prevents crashes, fixes system bugs, eliminates digital junk, optimizes performance and keeps your computer safe like never before!

Easy to use, it has a clear interface that goes straight to the point and is a great choice even for beginners.







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As most of us know what Kerish Doctor is capable of, I too have been a humble user and fan of this program for a couple of years now. I have chosen this program over many others for cleaning my machine off junks and trashes, improving performance and monitoring my pc. I am currently on a short-term license that's going to expire soon. I therefore, feel the need of a longer working license of this masterpiece so that I can take comfort having my pc tended by this superb app for a longer period of time. Merry Christmas to all fellow Nsaners!!! Great giveaway!! And I love this program!

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I'm a Kerish Doctor enthusiastic user for a couple of years.  My Kerish Doctor license will expire soon and I would like to win one of the licenses in order to continue to enjoy this reliable Windows maintenance software.

Thanks to @khanyash for this giveaway.

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I love Kerish Doctor and a chance to get a legal reg key woul be great, count me in the contest.

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Good software and keep getting better hope get a license thanks and wishing merry christmas and happy new year to all nsaner.

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Kerish Doctor - a complete solution for the care of the health of your computer in real-time, cleaning the digital "trash", to improve productivity, protect against threats and vulnerabilities, as well as a complete Windows system control
Kerish Doctor consists of several components working independently. Enable or disable certain components can be in the main application window. In the classic mode of operation all components are automatically disabled because the application components are designed to work in the background.


Thanks to @khanyash for this giveaway. 

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Why do I want to win a license of Kerish Doctor? 


I have used Kerish Doctor for years and love it. It finds broken links and hard disk trash and then cleans it that no other app I have ever used found. Recently, it corrected my Window's 7 "system restore" feature which had been messed up for two+ years.

It is a "must-have" software app. 


*Thank you Khanyash for the contest and a chance to win a 3 year license for this software.

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Sounds like one of the "safer" windows optimizers. Have heard the name before and had not looked into it very hard. Would love to have a chance to give this a try. Thanks for this giveaway.

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