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Windows Terminal Preview version 0.7 introduces panes and other UI improvements


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Windows Terminal Preview version 0.7 introduces panes and other UI improvements


Microsoft has released the latest preview build of Windows Terminal, the new app that incorporates all of the command line-based interfaces available for Windows. The latest update brings the Terminal up to version 0.7, and it includes some welcome improvements to the UI.


The biggest change is the introduction of panes, which lets users split the Terminal window into more than one section. This means it's possible to have multiple command prompts open side by side and work on them simultaneously. Right now, it's only possible to open the default profile in secondary panes, but users will be able to choose the profile for each pane in the future.


The new update also brings the ability to reorder tabs in your Terminal window, and there's also a new ability to suppress the application title in the tab title. If you set a tab title, enabling this setting will make it so that you only see that as the descriptor for the tab. Finally, the border around the Terminal window is now thinner, and it will follow the theme color set by Windows 10 instead of just being black.


There's also a handful of bug fixes, including:

  • Line endings when pasting behave properly!
  • Alt+Arrow-Keys no longer print extra characters!
  • When you’re scrolled up, pasting now scrolls down to the prompt when using "snapOnInput"!
  • Quickly opening and closing tabs will crash less!

Cascadia Code, Microsoft's new font for coding, has also received some updates, adding support for Greek, Cyrillic, and Vietnamese. It also now ships in a couple of new variants, including one for powerline, called Cascadia Code PL, and one version that doesn't have font ligatures, called Cascadia Mono. You can check out the new release on the Cascadia Code GitHub page. Windows Terminal only ships with the standard version of the font.


If you'd like to check out the latest version of the Windows Terminal, you can do so here, or wait for the update to show up on the Microsoft Store.



Source: Windows Terminal Preview version 0.7 introduces panes and other UI improvements (Neowin)

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