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Microsoft can breathe again as Windows 10 sees significant uptake in users


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Future generations won't understand this slide


WITH LESS THAN six months until Windows 7 officially becomes an ex-operating-system, there's encouraging news for Microsoft from this months market share figures from Netmarketshare.


After a fairly stagnant few months, Windows 10 has seen a significant uptake in users, tantalisingly close to having half the market at 48.86 (3.07).


Perhaps more importantly for Microsoft, Windows 7, which started the year with over 40 per cent market share, has taken a big tumble to 31.83 (-3.55). The company will be hoping that the drop is coming from corporate customers finally getting the message that it's time to update.


Netmarketshare calculates these statistics based on all machines that connect to the internet during a given period.


Other versions of Windows have seen a less severe change. Windows 8.x has actually bounced slightly at 5.92 (0.72) with the vast majority on Windows 8.1. The original Windows 8 is now End of Life and has just 0.63 per cent of the desktop market.


Windows XP continues to be Microsoft's unflushable turd, with 1.68 (-0.13). If you're new to all this, Vista's market share fell out of the top 10 some time ago.


Apple desktops have seen a slight drop this month. The four most recent versions of macOS add up to 8.39 per cent (-0.02), with the vast majority on macOS 10.14 with 5.38 (0.07). As ever though, we remind you that with margins this tiny, we could well see it bounce back next month.


Linux stands alone, with a slight rise to 1.66 per cent (0.11).


Our calculations analyse the top ten operating systems, based on laptop/desktop use. If we remove that filter and look at all devices, including games consoles, maker boards and mobile devices, we see a very different story. The top five by version are Windows 10 (21.12), Windows 7 (13.76) iOS 12.3 (12.58) and Android 8.1 (8.18).


Accounting for fragmentation, Android is still the top dog operating system, but with a narrowing gap (39.11) followed by Windows (38.24), iOS (17.36), Mac OS (3.88), Linux (0.93) and sneaking up at the rear, Chrome OS has 0.17 per cent market share.


This month's figures also show a reassuring rise in security, with 85.37 per cent of data received from encrypted connections.




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50 minutes ago, steven36 said:

Windows 8.x has actually bounced slightly at 5.92 (0.72) with the vast majority on Windows 8.1


That "slight" bounce in Windows 8.x numbers is a nearly 14% increase in users, kind of impressive.

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1 minute ago, Karlston said:


That "slight" bounce in Windows 8.x numbers is a nearly 14% increase in users, kind of impressive.

Yes   as windows latest  said about it


. Windows 8.1 also increased its share in July as it jumped from 4.51% to 5.29%. If Windows 8.1 gains more users, it could surpass Mac OS X 10.14.



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