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Microsoft Quietly Adds New Notifications Options in Windows 10

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Microsoft Quietly Adds New Notifications Options in Windows 10

Muting notifications for a specific app


Microsoft has quietly added a couple of new notifications options in the latest Windows 10 preview builds as the company wants to make managing notifications a more straightforward process.

One reddit user discovered that starting with Windows 10 build 18917, which is a preview of Windows 10 20H1 due in the spring of 2020, the Action Center comes with a new “Manage notifications” option in the top right corner.

This new button, which is only available for a limited numbers of Fast ring insiders, most likely as part of an experimental release, launches the notification section in Settings and located at:

Settings > System > Notifications & actionsMore notification refinementsA second improvement for notifications makes it possible to turn off notifications and access notification settings for a selected app right from the Action Center.

While the same reddit post claims the feature was introduced in build 18917, I’m actually seeing the same option on a device that is currently running Windows 10 build 18912, also available for Fast ring.

However, it looks like only a number of devices are getting this feature, mostly because Microsoft is just conducting a limiting test before rolling it out to all insiders.

What you need to do is open the Action Center when a notification is waiting for input and right-click it to access more options. Beginning with this update, you should an option that reads:

Turn off notifications for [app name]

A new settings icon has also been added next to the notification, and this lets you fire up the Settings app to manage notification options for each app.

All these features should soon go live for all insiders and then be part of the final April 2020 feature update for Windows due in the first month of the next year.
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Windows 10 discreetly deploys new options for notifications



Microsoft has discreetly added new notification options in the latest Preview version of Windows 10 20H1. The aim is to simplify their management.


These new features have been discovered by a user on reddit. Windows 10 build 18917, a Preview version of 20H1, comes with a slightly modified notification center. It offers a new option "Manage notifications" in the upper right corner.


This new button launches the section dedicated to notifications in "Settings". It is located at this address

Settings> System> Notifications and actions


This change concerns only a limited number of users of the Windows Insider program's fast ring. It is very likely that this is an "experimental" version.


Windows 10 and notifications.


A second improvement allows you to disable or access the notification settings for a selected application directly from the Notification Center.  However, this advance has been available for some time. It was observed under Windows 10 build 18917 but also under build 18912. Here again, not all users of the quick ring are concerned. Microsoft performs selective tests.


the source: https://bit.ly/31ErU9V

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