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Microsoft plans allow Windows 10 users to pause updates up to 35 days

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Microsoft plans allow Windows 10 users to pause updates up to 35 days






Microsoft is almost done with Windows 10 v1903 and the rollout is planned to start sometime next month. While the update is supposed to bring a lot of new features and changes, there is one feature everyone might have missed.


It looks like Microsoft might finally allow Windows 10 Home users to pause updates for a maximum of 35 days. Currently, Windows 10 Home users can pause the update for a maximum of 7 days. The change was first spotted by a user on Reddit (via HTNovo) after he installed the latest Windows 10 Insider Build on their device. The Redditor claims to have clean installed the latest Insider Build on their device post which the pause updates option changed from 7 days to 35 days.


Microsoft hasn’t released any official comment on the change so one can only assume that it’s temporary and might change before the update is finalized. In any case, we don’t recommend users to defer Windows Updates and with Microsoft implementing automatic rollback in case of update failure, there’s no good excuse to pause Windows Updates.






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