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Microsoft To-Do can now manage your flagged emails from Outlook

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Microsoft To-Do can now manage your flagged emails from Outlook

Flagged emails from your work or school Outlook accounts can now be synced as tasks in To-Do.

on Windows and the web is making it easier to keep up with your backlog of emails. In the latest update to the task manager, work and school accounts can now have their flagged Outlook emails automatically synced up to To-Do in their own task list.


Upon updating to To-Do version 1.52, you'll see a prompt asking if you'd like to turn on the flagged email feature. Once enabled, you'll see a new list for flagged emails appear amongst your other lists. Any time you flag an email in Outlook with your work or school account, it will then automatically appear in the flagged email list as a task with the title and body text, along with a shortcut to open the email in Outlook.


According to Microsoft's support document, you can have up to 10 emails flagged from the last two weeks at any given time. Once they're converted to tasks, you can add due dates, reminders, and otherwise interact with them as you would any other task.





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