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Windows 10 October Update Is Barely Being Installed: Here's Why

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Microsoft had hoped that its Windows 10 October Update would deliver a range of important updates to its operating system. But now months since its release, the software has failed to gain traction with users.



According to new data from AdDuplex, an ad company that monitors Windows 10 versions by analyzing desktop PCs and the operating systems they're running when they hit advertisements, just 6.6 percent of all Windows machines are now running the Windows 10October 2018 Update. While that's up from 2.8 percent of machines in November when AdDuplex released a similar study, it's far below previous operating system builds.


When Microsoft released the April 2018 Update, for instance, it was running on half of all Windows computers in May.


The adoption problem appears to be caused by the rampant problems the October 2018 Updatehas suffered since its launch. Soon after its release, users reported that the software was deleting their data without their go-ahead, prompting Microsoft to quickly issue a fix. Meanwhile, some users reported problems with getting iCloud and iTunes to work.


And now months later, there are reports that some PCs appear unable to be updated to the October 2018 Update, even if someone wants to move ahead with it.

Still, Microsoft continues to tweak the update to ensure it's working and is planning more updates for 2019. So, while the October Update might have been a misstep, it's likely future updates will ramp up the adoption rate.



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