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Xbox One news: Microsoft working on surprise new hardware for Xbox One X and Windows 10?

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New Xbox hardware

New Xbox One hardware coming soon? (Image: MICROSOFT)

XBOX ONE news this week includes reports of Microsoft’s plans to offer surprise new hardware to Xbox One X and Windows 10 gamers.


Microsoft is rumoured to be working on all kinds of new hardware for their Xbox gaming brand.

Having lost out to Sony PlayStation in terms of sales, it appears the company are focused firmly on the future.

This reportedly includes some surprise new hardware plans for their Xbox One X and Windows 10 platforms.

Many fans are starting to look at what will be coming next regarding console gaming.

There are hopes that the next Xbox will be announced in 2019, followed by a massive launch in 2020.


And if this does come true, you can probably expect Sony PlayStation to do the same with their PS5.

But it also sounds like Microsoft are not finished upgrading their current line of Xbox One consoles.

So what could be coming next in 2019 for the Xbox One X and Microsoft Windows 10 gaming platforms?

Recent Xbox One news suggests that Microsoft will be reviving their Kinect features in a familiar format.

New 4K-capable webcams could be released in the future for Xbox One and Windows 10


New accessories for existing consoles and PCs would certainly help beef up Microsoft’s hardware sales.

When the company released new controllers for their Xbox One consoles, it was hailed as a success and sold out immediately.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if the same happened with new Webcams coming to the market.

Thurrott reports that 4K-capable webcams are in development at the tech giant and would help replace the Kinect, which was ditched earlier in the Xbox One’s lifecycle.

It would allow players to sign-in into their console by moving in front of the camera and would not be limited to just one person.

It sounds like Microsoft will be releasing two different webcams, one for Windows and another for Xbox One.

The PC version will reportedly bring Windows Hello facial recognition to any PC, providing a further layer of security and accessibility.

Windows Hello works not only for logging into a machine but also for websites and apps which use the program.


While Android and Apple's iPhone X offer facial recognition in varying forms, Windows Hello represents a potentially more advanced solution thanks to the high-end depth-sensing cameras and possible third-party fingerprint hardware that can be used.


Windows 10 Webcams


A new webcam for the Xbox One and Xbox One X would just be the latest new accessory launched for the Microsoft consoles.

The company recently launched support for keyboard and mouse in 14 games.

The biggest games that support this feature so far is Fortnite and Warframe, with more expected to be announced in 2019.

DayZ and Warface are expected to be the next games to add keyboard support, while players can also try it out on War Thunder and Vermintide.

The first official wireless mouse and keyboard is being launched by tech company Razer, later this year.

However, while the new feature is pretty accessible, there are a few notable drawbacks.

This includes not being able to use a mouse on Home or within the Xbox user interface while navigating the dashboard.

You will also need to use your controller to configure your mouse, as settings do not support mouse interaction.

Expect to hear more from Microsoft on their future hardware plans in the coming months, some of which will affect the Xbox One and Xbox One X.




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