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Bookmarks Organizer 3.0 for Firefox includes whitelist functionality


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Sören Hentzschel released a new version of the bookmarks management extension Bookmarks Organizer for the Firefox web browser. Bookmarks Organizer 3.0 includes a new whitelisting functionality and other improvements.


Sören released the first version of the extension in 2017; Bookmarks Organizer is a WebExtension which means that it is compatible with all recent versions of the Firefox web browser. The extension filled the gap that the removal of Firefox's classic system for add-ons created as classic bookmark management extensions stopped working as a consequence.


Bookmarks Organizer runs scans on all bookmarks of the browser to find dead, duplicate, or redirecting links. Firefox users who run the extension may deal with the results in bulk or on a case-by-case basis.


Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 was launched in March 2018. The new version fixed some issues in the extension, introduced translations, and improved performance.

Bookmarks Organizer for Firefox

bookmark organizer 3.0


Bookmarks Organizer 3.0, released in December 2018, is a major new release; it features whitelist functionality to exclude certain bookmarks from the extension's scans.


Whitelist functionality is useful in certain situations; when resources that links point to are not available all the time, when redirects or other issues with bookmarks should be ignored, when resources require authentication, or when the scanning of a resource causes delays or issues.


Bookmarks can be added to the whitelist after scans and only if they are listed in the results. Just select the "add to whitelist" option next to the result to exclude it from future scans. The usual options to edit or delete bookmarks are available as well.


Some Mozilla domains were added to a skip list as these cannot be checked according to Sören for "security reasons".


Existing users of Bookmarks Organizer may notice that the number of bookmarks is updated automatically and right away when new bookmarks get added.  The reliability of checks for broken bookmarks was improved in the new version as well.


Bookmarks Organizer 3.0 includes several fixes and a Chinese version. The new version fixes a display issue that affected the visibility of the mass action buttons among other things.


I ran into a display issue for scanned bookmarks that I added during a browsing session. Bookmarks Organizer would not display the bookmarks in its listing; only the "deal with" options to remove bookmarks were displayed. A restart and rescan fixed the issue.

Closing Words and verdict

Bookmarks Organizer 3.0 is a well designed browser extension for Firefox; it is most useful to Firefox users who maintain medium to large sets of bookmarks.


Firefox users can run scans on all bookmarks to find dead, duplicate or bookmarks without name, and deal with those. The new whitelist feature of Bookmarks Organizer 3.0 is a welcome addition as it introduces an option to exclude certain bookmarks from scans by the extension


Source: Bookmarks Organizer 3.0 for Firefox includes whitelist functionality (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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This is the biggest bullshit I ever tested. What you see is only one example  for hundreds of potentially incorrect results



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